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Anker Solar Generator 767 Review

Solar power has become more popular in recent years, mostly in response to power crises around the world. Power supplies have become more erratic for people around the world because of various reasons, and it’s easy to find yourself suddenly without power and helpless.

Anker SOLIX F2000 Portable Power Station, PowerHouse 767, 2048Wh GaNPrime Solar Generator with 2×200W Solar Panels, LiFePO4 Batteries, 4 AC Outlets Up to 2400W for Home, Power Outage, Outdoor Camping

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You don’t have to be helpless with the right equipment, however, and that’s where products such as the Anker Solar Generator 767 come into play. This powerful solar generator allows you to keep the lights on and your devices charged during even the worst power outages.

There are many uses for this generator in general, and we will go over many of these as we proceed. We will also cover some of the drawbacks and things to keep in mind with this generator to help you decide if it’s right for you, so let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with.

Overview Of Anker Powerhouse 767 Solar Generator

The idea behind the Anker Powerhouse 767 Solar Generator is fairly simple in concept. It is a power source that can be charged in a few different ways. Then, you can be prepared for power outages or trips to places with no power outlets and power most of the devices and appliances in your home.

The included solar panels can also help to make you more self-sufficient and move towards off-grid power. This is something we have previously looked at in this guide on achieving off-grid power.

To get a better look at the Anker Powerhouse 767, you can check out this video overview provided by Anker.

Importance Of Having A Solar Powered Backup Generator For Home Use

You could go many years of your life not ever needing a backup power source if you’re lucky. Some very lucky people may go through their entire lives not needing one, but this is becoming more and more unlikely. As instances of natural disasters, supply chain disruptions, and rising costs impact power supplies, anyone can find themselves in a suddenly dark house without notice.

This can really impact you and your family, making a family disaster plan essential.

We have previously covered how to prepare for extreme heat waves and blackouts, and a generator such as this can be really helpful in these situations.

A backup solar power generator is something you hope to never need, but you’ll be glad to have one on hand if you are hit with one of these outages.

Top Uses For Anker Powerhouse 767 Power Station

The beauty of something like this solar generator is that you could use it for many different things. Perhaps the main use would be to use it purely as an emergency backup when power outages occur.

In the past, we have seen how these kinds of products can be useful for general emergency preparation.

You could also use it for other purposes as well. For example, it could be used to help you power your devices on a camping trip, or you could use it to help lessen your electricity bill each month.

It’s really up to you how you use it, and it can depend on the situation at hand.

About The Brand

Whenever you purchase a product, you’re probably hoping that the brand that made it has knowledge and experience about what they’re creating. Luckily, this is certainly the case when it comes to Anker.

They started in 2011 making batteries and chargers, and now they are a leading name in the portable power market. They’ve come to be known for their quality products and expertise in this field.

Key Features And Benefits

  • 10 Year LifespanThe Anker 767 has some of the most innovative technology to ensure that the generator will be good to go for 10 or more years, even with persistent use.
  • 2400W To Power 12 DevicesWith this generator, you will have 2400W to power your devices, and there are 12 ports of various types to cater to a wide range of different devices and appliances.These ports include an RV port, 4 AC ports, 3 USB-C charging ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 car outlets that can be used simultaneously.
  • Adjustable And Weather Proof PanelsThis set comes with 2 Anker 531 solar panels that can be used to charge the battery. These panels can be adjusted to various angles for optimum sun coverage, and they are weatherproof so that you can use them in all kinds of weather conditions.
  • 5-Year Full WarrantyFor extra peace of mind, you have a worry-free 5-year warranty if you run into any problems.


The generator itself looks fairly simple with a sleek dark color scheme. It’s relatively small and weighs around 87 pounds. The ports have all been arranged intuitively, and you can view various specs regarding the operation of the generator using the small screen built in.

Setup And Installation

Setting up the Anker 767 is really easy, and you can merely connect the solar panels that are included and start charging it up. Once you have charged up the generator, you can then use it to power and charge your devices.

For more information, check out this guide on how to use a solar generator to get you started.

Performance And Reliability

The 767 has proven to be robust and reliable, and even if you do run into any issues you can contact Anker for assistance or make use of the 5-year warranty. Under normal circumstances, you should experience very few issues with this generator.

The customer reviews attest to this. On the Anker product page, the kit has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating, and it has a 4.3 rating on the Amazon product page. This shows that most people had a positive experience with the product, which is always reassuring.

Technical Specs

The rated capacity for the generator comes in at 51.2V 40,000mAh/2048Wh, and the AC input voltage is 120V~ 12A Max, 60Hz, or 1440W Max when charging.

In terms of the solar panels, they have a rated power output of 200W, and their size is 23.70 × 83.85 × 0.78 in when unfolded.

Customer Service And Warranty

As mentioned before, you shouldn’t run into too many problems with this product, but if you do then you have a few options to contact Anker directly. On their contact page, you will find methods for contacting them via email, phone, and live web chat in the US.

This means that you can easily and conveniently get help no matter what your problem may be. You also have that 5-year warranty that we mentioned, so it’s good to know you won’t be left on your own if you run into any issues.

Pros And Cons


  • High CapacityYou have high capacity for power storage, so you can run and charge many different devices and appliances simultaneously.
  • Different Charging MethodsYou can charge the Anker 767 with the included solar panels or with a power outlet for faster charging.
  • Included Solar PanelsHaving the solar panels included makes this kit much more convenient.
  • Various PortsYou have various ports on the generator which means that very few devices won’t be compatible.


  • HeavyThe generator is fairly heavy at around 87 pounds, which could make it less portable for some people who may have difficulty moving around heavy objects.
  • Solar Dependant On WeatherThe solar panels may be less useful for people who live in places with little to no sunlight coverage.
  • High PriceWhile we feel the kit is worth the asking price of $2899, it is quite a premium price that may be out of some people’s budgets.

Final Thoughts- Anker Powerhouse 767 Review

Overall, when it comes to an alternative power source that’s good for home use, it’s hard to get much better than the Anker Powerhouse 767. It has decent energy capacity, multiple ways to charge it, and all the ports you could hope for.

It would be perfect for people who experience frequent power outages, enjoy camping or want to generate their own power in a more environmentally friendly way. No matter what your uses may be, the 767 has you and your family covered.

We would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a solution to their power needs, as it is great as a backup power source or for a more self-sufficient way of generating your own power.


How To Use Anker Solar Power

If you wish to charge the battery with solar power, you merely need to attach the included solar panels and place them under direct sunlight.

How Efficient Are Anker Solar Panels?

With decent sunlight coverage, you can charge the battery with the two included panels in around 5.7 hours. This will vary depending on sunlight intensity, placement, and whether you’re using the generator.

What Can An Anker Solar Charger Power?

The Anker solar charger should be able to charge most smaller devices and appliances as long as they don’t exceed the voltage of the generator. Some larger devices like a fridge can also be powered, but the more power they consume the faster the battery will be drained.

You can find a more comprehensive list of how long you can power certain devices and appliances on the Anker product page.

Can A Solar Charger Power A Space Heater?

This would depend on the space heater and whether it exceeds the voltage of the generator.

How Long Will A Solar Generator Power A Refridgerator?

Anker estimates that a 360W fridge can be powered for around 10.5 hours on a charge.

How Should I Store And Maintain The Anker 767 Power Generator?

You should store the generator somewhere cool and dry where it’s less likely to be damaged when it’s not in use. It should also be checked and cleaned occasionally to make sure it will be ready to go when you need it.

Is Anker 531 Solar Panel (200W) Waterproof?

The solar panels are waterproof and weatherproof, making them perfect for various weather conditions.

Do Anker 531 Solar Panels Charge On Cloudy Days?

The efficiency of the solar charging will be affected if it’s a cloudy day. It can dramatically increase the time needed to charge the battery.