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Batten Down Dialogues Podcast: Preventative Cybersecurity with Diane Kisner

Welcome to Batten’s Batten Down Dialogues podcast, where we cover a wide range of informative and eye-opening security topics, stories, and insights that will make you rethink your state of security. 

In this episode, Alex Stroud, Batten’s Head of Product, chats with Diane Kisner, co-founder of Total Digital Security

This week’s episode discusses common cybersecurity fears many of us have regarding our data. 

Then, we pivot to hearing about stories of money-moving cyberattacks that clients of Diane’s have faced in the past. 

We finish with some cybersecurity fears and what Diane thinks you can do to increase your cybersecurity education and how you can layer tools to prevent hacks better.

In my view, you can’t have enough protection, whether it’s device security or home security. The more you have, the better off you’ll be in the long run —Diane Kisner.

Our Take

When it comes to cybersecurity, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about implementing cybersecurity practices—that it’s expensive, you need to be technical savvy, it only applies to work devices, and more. However, because of the rise of cyberattacks, it’s become more accessible than ever for individuals (or someone on behalf of an individual) to implement cybersecurity practices. 

What’s more, there is a growing emphasis on cybersecurity education to ensure you are taking the necessary steps and using the right tools to achieve total personal cybersecurity. And while you might have to adapt continually, you can begin somewhere to create a foundation on which to build up your cybersecurity. 

Lastly, you shouldn’t wait until you get hacked to implement cybersecurity best practices. Instead, start taking preventative measures now so that if and when the time comes, your data is protected. That said, in order to have adequate cybersecurity, consider taking a layered approach by using several tools, products, and services to make sure you are fully protected. 

Our Tips 

  • Layer your cybersecurity. One tool or product isn’t enough to achieve total cybersecurity. Instead, consider a layered security approach to make sure you are covered from all angles. For example, use a password manager, two-factor authentication, a private browser, and anti-virus software. 
  • Don’t wait until you’ve been attacked to implement cybersecurity practices. Even if you haven’t experienced a cyberattack, consider taking preventative measures with your data. You don’t want to have an incident happen only to realize it could have been entirely avoided if you had taken some time to implement some accessible cybersecurity practices. 
  • Privatize your email. According to Diane, your email is the first entry point for hackers to get their hands on your data. Consider looking into creating a private email, especially if you find yourself sending and receiving sensitive information over email. 

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