At Emergency
Batten Down Dialogues: Self-Reliance & Survival with Bob Newman
Alexa Phillips
Alexa Phillips

Alexa Phillips is a contributing content creator, writer, and strategist for Batten.

Welcome to Batten’s Batten Down Dialogues podcast, where we cover a wide range of informative and eye-opening security topics, stories, and insights that will make you rethink your state of security. 

In this week’s episode, Alex Stroud, Batten’s Head of Product, chats with Bob Newman, former Navy Seal and Batten’s industry expert for emergency preparedness, about self-reliance and survival. Additionally, they also discuss the tools and skills you need to be safe and how you can also keep your community safe. 

This week’s episode starts by discussing what it means to be a leader and how critical leadership skills are in crisis scenarios.

Then, we pivot to talking about how parents can prepare their children to be more proactive in self-reliance. 

Lastly, we finish with insightful tips and recommendations that anyone can use to be well-prepared for the unknown. 

I try and find a happy medium. I don’t want my kids to be fearful of the environment or be afraid of the possible outcomes. I want them to be confident and self-sufficient on their own and can take care of others if needed.

—Bob Newman 

Key Takeaways 

In a world full of unknowns, we often find ourselves worrying about a situation that we don’t have control over. The good news is that we are all capable of becoming better prepared. Although a crisis can happen at any time, taking steps to be proactive can help you and your family always be prepared. From stocking up on products and making plans to being prepared on the go, we can help ourselves and others mitigate risk.  

Leadership and self-reliance are necessary at home or in the office during unforeseen circumstances. However, bad leadership can also bring more difficulty to a situation that is already challenging. Take time to empower those around you through training, assessing skills, listening, and offering solutions. 

It is crucial to trust your instincts, addressing stress or worry you may have with proactiveness. Although unseen challenges are never easy, we learn not only how to help ourselves but how we can also help others.

Bob’s Tips for Self-Reliance

  • Prepare your children to be proactive. Workshops are a great way to teach your kids the skills needed in a crisis. Keep the workshops engaging so that the information will resonate with them. Instead of overloading them with information in one long workshop, conduct several workshops over time. Mix things up by touching on different skills in each one.
  • Always have extras. Whether it is food, water, batteries, or candles, one is never enough. Make sure to always have multiple in stock, and always be on the lookout to give to those in need. For example, create a simple emergency kit of supplies so that when disaster strikes, you’re ready. The Batten Marketplace is a great place to stock up on these essentials. 
  • Listen to yourself. Pay attention to your instincts when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones. Stay informed and be ready to step up and take action in unforeseen times. 

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