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Best 4K Monitor for Security Cameras

Any film or gaming enthusiast will tell you that the higher the resolution of your screen, the better your experience. Screen technology moves rather quickly, and while 1080p resolutions were once the benchmark, 4K resolutions have eclipsed that, becoming more the norm.

However, having a high resolution isn’t just for film and gaming fans, as it has other practical uses. It can be advantageous to have a 4K monitor for security cameras, but which one should you choose?

Is it worth bothering with getting a higher-end monitor for your security camera? The answers to these questions and more will be answered by the end of this overview, and you will have a few options to consider for your security setup.

Overall best pick:

SVD 27-Inch Professional 4K UHD LED Security Monitor

$163.00  in stock
as of July 22, 2024 2:48 am

Quick View: Best 4K Monitor For Security Cameras

  1. SVD 27-Inch Professional 4K UHD LED Security Monitor
  2. SAMSUNG 28-Inch 4k UHD LED-Lit Monitor
  3. LG UHD 27-Inch Monitor (27UL500-W)

Why Monitors Matter In A High-Definition Security Camera System

When watching films or especially gaming, having a high-definition monitor makes sense. You want your movies to be clear and your games to have the best visual fidelity and response times possible, but why does it matter with security systems?

There are a few reasons why you want a good monitor for your setup. The whole point of having a security camera is so that you can have eyes in places where you’re not present.

This could be so that you can monitor a situation as it’s happening, or so that you can identify someone who broke into your house. If the footage is blurry and grainy, you won’t be able to make out a person’s face or see what they stole for insurance purposes.

For further reading on our recommendations for security cameras, check out this article we created.

The importance of a 4K monitor in a high-definition security camera system cannot be overstated. As we push the boundaries of what’s possible in home security, the ability to review footage with four times the detail of standard HD becomes invaluable. Whether it’s identifying a face in a crowd or catching the subtle signs of a security breach, a 4K monitor ensures that your security system is equipped to meet the challenges of modern home protection.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

Specifications To Look For When Buying A 4K Security Camera Monitor

-Response Time

Response time is an important feature to have, no matter what you’re using your screen for. It can affect clarity, and that’s why you want to have the lowest response time possible. This will make it easier to see what’s happening, especially if there is a lot of movement on the screen.

-Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is another feature that has had more attention in recent years. For a while, 60hz was the standard for most decent monitors and TVs, but now 120hz and beyond is becoming more the norm.

In gaming, a higher refresh rate allows for faster, smoother framerates, and the same is true for your security footage. It will be much smoother and easy to view if you have a higher framerate. 60hz is the minimum you should consider, but if you can get 120hz or higher then that’s even better.


No one wants to spend a fortune on a fancy gadget just to have it fail in a year or two. That’s why you want to invest in technology that has a good lifespan.

For example, your eyes may be drawn to an OLED screen with its rich blacks and vibrant colors, but those screens can be prone to images burning into the screen if an image is left on it for too long.

Considering video footage can be on the screen for hours at a time, you want to avoid screens that can be damaged by that kind of footage.

-Power Usage

Top technology often drains electricity quickly, so that is something to consider, as your monitor could be on practically permanently. Keeping power usage as low as possible is good for the environment and your electricity bill.

-Panel Type

The panel of your TV is also something to consider. Different ones will have benefits and drawbacks, and these can depend on what you’re using them for, too.


As we mentioned, 4K is becoming more of the norm for screens these days. 4K suggests a pixel count of 3840X2160, offering way more clarity than other standard resolutions.

The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of your image.

What Is The Best Monitor For Security Cameras?

1) SVD — Most Versatile & Best Overall CCTV 4K Monitor

Last updated on July 22, 2024 2:48 am


The first monitor we are looking at is the SVD 27 Inch Professional 4k monitor. Each of the monitors we’re covering has its benefits, but this one is our overall pick for the best choice, for reasons we will go over now.

Key Features

-27 Inch Display

As the name suggests, the monitor has a decently sized 27-inch sized display. This is perfect for security footage, as it will ensure that the image is big enough to see without stretching it out too much.

-4K 3840 X 2160 (UHD LED)

The TV has a regular 4K display output with a resolution of 3840X2160. This would be perfect for higher-end cameras and would allow for crystal-clear images.

-Compatibility with multiple video formats

Compatibility is another thing you want to be aware of, as it would be pointless to have a monitor and a camera that don’t play well together. Luckily, this TV has a wide range of compatibility with different formats.

-Works with Full HD TVI/CVI/AHD

The TV will be compatible with full HD, TVI, CVI, and AHD formats as well, ensuring even greater compatibility.

-3x HDMI and 1x DisplayPort (DP) Video Inputs

The TV has 3 HDMI input ports with 1 display port input. This will be perfect if you intend to use the screen for purposes other than security footage.

-50,000 Hour Rated Lifespan — Ideal For Non-Stop Security Monitoring

Earlier, we mentioned how the lifespan of a screen is an important issue, especially for security footage that will be on all or most of the time. This screen has an up to 50 000 hour lifespan, meaning you can have it on constantly without worrying too much about it.

-Can Be Wall Mounted

This TV has the option for wall mounting, which gives you lots of options for where to place your TV for your setup.


The performance of this TV is really solid. It features high resolution, low response times, and plenty of ports so that it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Reviews on Amazon are all mostly positive, as the vast majority of people were really satisfied with this screen for their security setups.

Build And Design

The screen has a functional, no-nonsense design to it, which is fine as this will primarily be aimed at security footage capture. It may not look fancy, but it has a sturdy build that keeps all attention on the screen itself, as it should.

Pros And Cons

The positives of this TV are much more numerous than its flaws. As we have seen, it has a great quality screen with all the features you would hope for in a good screen.

One downside would be that it does not feature a built-in speaker, so you will need to buy one if you want sound output.

2) SAMSUNG — Best For Capturing Fast-Moving Video


Samsung is one of the top names in technology in general, and you can always rely on them to produce quality products using the best tech. The SAMSUNG U28R550UQNX is our next pick for a high-quality security camera monitor.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons we chose this particular screen.

Key Features

-28 Inch Display

This monitor has a slightly larger screen than the previous one at 28 inches as opposed to 27. Either one is perfect for security footage viewing.

-4K 3840 X 2160 Resolution (UHD)

The monitor again features an impressive resolution of 3840X2160. This is perfect for crystal clear clarity.

-60Hz Refresh rate (HDMI 2.0)

As we mentioned earlier, you want at least 60Hz when it comes to refresh rates, and this one meets that standard, making it perfect for smoother footage playback.

-AMD FreeSync and 1ms (GTG) Response Time

The monitor incorporates AMD’s FreeSync technology and features an impressive 1ms response time. This means that you will be able to view faster footage without blurring or screen tearing.

-1 Billion Color Support

The 1 billion color support of this monitor ensures a wide range of color capabilities, meaning the picture will be clearer and even more accurate.

-HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, 3.5mm Audio Out

In terms of ports, you have HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, and a 3.5mm Audio output for speakers or headphones.


The monitor provides excellent, reliable performance as we have come to expect from Samsung. On Amazon, it has an impressive 4.3 out of 5-star rating from 1654 reviews, meaning most people were really impressed with what they experienced.

Build And Design

Once again, we see a sleek design that prioritizes functionality over stylishness. As always, this is fine for this kind of tech as you want the focus on the screen and not the monitor as a whole.

Pros And Cons

When it comes to benefits, we would say that the main benefit of this monitor is its low response times, making it ideal for faster footage in motion.

Drawbacks are limited, but some users weren’t impressed with the stand and the limited mounting capabilities of the monitor.

3) LG — Best Overall Display Quality & Definition


Lastly, we have the LG UHD 27-Inch 27UL500-W. LG is another top tech brand, and we chose this one for its excellent image quality and definition.

Now, we shall see why we chose it by checking out some key features.

Key Features

-27 Inch Display

Once again, we have a great 27-inch display, putting it in line with the other monitors we have seen.

-4K 3840 X 2160 (UHD LED)

We also have the standard 4K resolution here at 3840 X 2160.

-HDR 10’s Industry Standard For High Dynamic Range

HDR support is included with this monitor, meaning you will have a more accurate representation of light and color changes, ensuring more accuracy.

This is also great if you will also be using the monitor for movies or gaming.

-HDCP 2.2 support

Included HDCP 2.2 support will make streaming high-quality 4K footage possible in its best form possible.

-60 Hz Refresh Rate

We once again have a 60Hz refresh rate, meaning smooth footage for all formats.

-Can Be Wall Mounted

You can also mount the LG easily on your wall for more options for your security setup.


As you would expect from LG, performance is excellent. The rating on Amazon shows an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars from 3636 reviews, which is an excellent rating that showcases the kind of quality we’re dealing with.

Build And Design

As we’ve come to expect, the build of the TV is entirely screen focused. It won’t catch the eye of visitors as a fancy piece of tech like a Playstation 5 would, for example, but once again the focus should be on the screen anyway.

Pros And Cons

Overall, this is an excellent option for any security setup. You have the capacity for clear, smooth footage that will be compatible with the best cameras.

The only downside would be that it would not be ideal for gaming or high-definition content. The refresh rates are perfect for security footage, but just acceptable for other content.


Why should I use a monitor instead of a TV?

Monitors are designed to have lower input lag and faster refresh rates than TVs, making them great for security footage.

Do You Need A 4K Monitor For 4K Security Cameras?

While you can use a lower resolution screen with your 4K camera, you won’t get the benefit of your higher resolution camera, as it will output to your TV’s lower resolution.

Is a 4k monitor worth the extra money?

4K monitors have become a lot more affordable lately, and even when they’re pricier it’s definitely worth the extra cost. Once you have seen 4K imagery, it’s hard to go back to anything lower.

How Do I Connect My External Camera To My Monitor?

This can vary depending on the camera, but it will usually be through a cable or sometimes even via an app. You’ll want to consult the instructions for your camera to see how you connect it.


In this overview, we have seen 3 TVs that all provide a great experience. With JVC, we had a great overall monitor that would work for most people. Samsung gives us better visuals, while LG excels at higher-speed footage.

No matter what you go with, any of these would be fantastic options to get the most out of your security camera setup.