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Best Battery Pack For Backpacking

Backpacking is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy a break from the fast pace of life, work, and social media. While a trip can be a nice chance to unplug, we don’t have to completely give up our devices when backpacking. Besides, backpackers rely on their mobile phones and other devices for navigation and emergencies.

A battery pack can be the best solution for keeping your devices charged on the go. So, in this review, we will be going over some of our top choices for the best battery packs for backpacking.

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing a battery pack, you should consider aspects like weight, capacity, and efficiency.
  • We will take a look at some of the top brands including Anker and QuadraPro to show you the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  • In choosing this list, we looked at trusted brands and products that would have something good to offer even if there are some drawbacks.

How To Choose A Battery Pack For Backpacking

When choosing a battery pack for backpacking, or for any other purpose for that matter, there are a few aspects you should consider. We will cover some of the main things to look out for before we begin the list of our chosen products.


The weight of a battery pack is certainly something to consider, especially if it will be used for hiking or backpacking. If it would be sitting on your desktop, never moved, then the weight would not be something to worry about.

However, when hiking or moving about the weight can be important as it will take up space in your luggage as well as slow you down. That’s why a good balance between weight and capacity is worth looking out for.


Size is another aspect that you should consider in addition to the weight of the battery pack. As mentioned earlier, the battery pack will take up precious cargo space, and this space is at a premium when you need to have your most useful tools on you.

A battery pack that will take up a smaller amount of space is certainly something you would hope for when backpacking.

mAH Capacity

While the size and weight of the battery pack are important to consider, the capacity is one of the most important aspects of all. The higher the capacity, the more you will be able to charge and power devices.

If it can fully charge a smartphone multiple times, then that is great to have, especially if more than one person will be using it. However, the bare minimum you should aim for is that it should have enough capacity to charge a modern smartphone at least once.


When out backpacking or hiking, you likely won’t have hours and hours to wait around for your device to charge. Decent efficiency is a must, as the faster the pack can charge your devices, the better.

Best Battery Packs For Backpacking

Anker 737

Overall Best Battery Pack For Backpacking

Our first pick is the Anker 737, which we feel is one of the best battery backs for backpacking overall. Let’s show you why we felt that as we look at the various details of this battery pack.

About The Brand

When it comes to battery packs and charging technology, it’s fair to say that Anker is one of the most well-known and respected brands. You will almost certainly see at least one Anker product when looking at charging devices, and this reputation has been earned due to consistently high-quality products.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Powerful Two Way Charging
    Power delivery technology ensures fast charging either from the battery pack or to charge the pack itself.
  • High Capacity
    The capacity of this pack is 24 000mAH, which they estimate will charge a modern smartphone around 5 times.
  • Smart Display
    The smart display screen will show you the remaining charge and other aspects to keep in mind, making usage of the charger much easier.

Pros And Cons


  • Two Way Charging
  • High capacity, making it useful for multiple people/devices
  • Smart display makes using it easier


  • Perhaps a bit bulky if space is limited in your backpack.

QuadraPro By Frog And Co.

Best Solar Battery Pack For Charging

When you’re backpacking, it’s pretty obvious that outlets for charging will not be readily available, so having alternate charging methods is always welcomed. That brings us to the QuadraPro by Frog and Co, a battery pack that features solar charging for emergencies.

We also have a full review for this battery pack that you can look at for a more in-depth description.

If you would like additional options for a solar-powered battery pack, then you can check out our list of the best solar-powered battery packs.

About The Brand

Frog and Co. are a subset of Survival Frog, a well-known distributor and producer of survival tools. They work with everything from survival food to general tools. No matter what they produce, they take a hands-on approach and ensure that everything they offer meets a high standard of quality and usability.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Solar Charging
    The solar charging capabilities of this pack are very useful. You can unroll 4 solar panels that can charge the device in around 12 hours of full sunlight.
  • Decent Capacity
    The battery features a capacity of 6500 mAH. This should be enough for around 3 charges of the average smartphone.
  • Durable
    It is made from durable, hardy materials that make it perfect for backpacking.
  • Water Resistant
    You don’t have to worry about a bit of water exposure frying the device, as it can withstand minor water exposure.
  • Built-In Flashlight
    A small flashlight is built into the device to help you navigate.

Pros And Cons


  • Solar Charging
  • Durable for backpacking
  • Water Resistant


  • Solar charging takes quite a long time.

Anker PowerCore Slim

Best Lightweight Battery Pack For Backpacking

Next up, we have another product from Anker, the PowerCore Slim. This one packs less of a punch than the other Anker product we’ve seen already, but it is more portable, which may make it ideal for some people.

Last updated on May 27, 2024 4:40 am

Key Features And Benefits

  • Fast Charging
    Fast charging technology makes it very efficient. Anker estimates that it can charge an iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • Capacity
    It features a decent capacity of 10,000 mAH, which should be enough to charge a smartphone a few times.
  • Highly Durable

A fire-resistant casing, temperature control, and other safety features make it easy and safe to transport around.

  • Compact
    The dimensions of the pack come in at 5.89 x 2.7 x 0.57 inches, making it easy to slip into a backpack.

Pros And Cons


  • Compact
  • Durable.
  • Secent Capacity.


  • None, unless you need a higher capacity for a group of people.


Best Portable Battery Pack For Backpacking

They say dynamite comes in small packages, and that cliche certainly rings true with this battery pack by Charmast. This little guy is very small and compact but still has decent capacity for you to take advantage of.

as of May 27, 2024 4:40 am
Last updated on May 27, 2024 4:40 am

About The Brand

Unlike the previous two brands, Charmast is a bit lesser known. Looking at their Amazon home page, you can see that they have an impressive range of charging products apart from the one we’re looking at here

Key Features And Benefits

  • Super Compact
    At just 3.56×2.44×0.87inch, this battery pack is palm-sized and could fit into even the most tightly packed backpacks.
  • Good Capacity
    Despite the minuscule size, the battery pack still has a decent capacity of 10 000mAH.
  • Smart Charging Technology
    Smart charging tech ensures that optimal charging is chosen for specific devices for faster charging.

Pros And Cons

  • Compact size.
  • Decent capacity.
  • Fast and efficient charging.


  • Size could be a little too small for some, as it can be easier to lose.


Best Ultra Light Battery For Backpacking With Flashlight

We have another light, portable option for you to consider with the Nitecore NB10000. This is another option that offers a good balance between capacity and portability.

Last updated on May 27, 2024 4:40 am

About The Brand

Nitecore is another brand that isn’t quite as recognizable, but their Amazon Page shows an impressive range of lighting, charging, and tactical products that have a wide range of uses.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Capacity
    We once again see a capacity of 10 000mAH with this battery pack, which is quite decent.
  • Very Light
    It’s compact, slim, and weighs just 5.29oz. This again makes it ultra-portable.
  • Durable
    It has a carbon fiber frame and is water resistant, making it perfect for backpacking.

Pros And Cons


  • Light and compact.
  • Still has decent capacity.
  • Highly Durable.


  • No major downsides except the capacity may be too low for a group of people.

Anker 747 Power Bank

Best High Capacity Power Bank For Backpacking

If high capacity is what you want the most out of a battery pack, then the Anker 747. This is another great product from Anker that should allow for more charges on your devices.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Ultra Capacity
    This pack features the highest capacity we have seen so far at 25 600mAH.
  • Fast Speeds
    The Anker 747 uses top-notch tech to charge devices quickly and efficiently.
  • Multiple Devices
    The 747 can charge up to 4 of your devices at once.

Pros And Cons


  • Ultra High Capacity
  • Fast charging.
  • Small and durable enough for transport.


  • Is a bit pricier than others on this list.

T-Core Power Bank

Best Single Charge Battery Pack For Backpacking

The final pack we have to show you in this list is the T-Core power bank, and this one serves as another highly portable option for you to consider.

About The Brand

Taking a look at T-Core’s Amazon page again shows that they have a fairly extensive range of charging products. They are quite varied to provide for a different range of needs, and their products tend to be rather well received.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Capacity
    We once again have a capacity of 10,000 mAh, which is great considering how small it is.
  • Compact
    At just 2.6 x 2.6 x 0.88 inches, this is another highly portable option that will fit into any backpack or pocket.
  • Quick Charging
    Quick charge technology ensures fast and efficient charging of your devices.

Pros And Cons


  • Super compact.
  • Decent capacity.
  • Screen that shows charging level built-in.

How We Chose Our List Of Best Battery Packs For Backpacking

When choosing the products on this list, we wanted to ensure a few different things. First of all, we stuck to products that have a proven track record of great products. We had a few well-known brands that have proven themselves, but when we included lesser-known brands then we made sure they provide great products in general.

We also wanted to include a good range of products that cater to high-capacity needs or portability if that’s what you prioritize.


There are many products to choose from when it comes to battery packs for backpacking, so we hope this list was helpful to you! We’re confident that no matter what your needs are at least one or two of these products will cater to them.

The great outdoors offers an escape but also presents challenges, particularly in keeping essential devices powered. The Anker 737 and QuadraPro, as highlighted, provide solutions that balance portability with power capacity, crucial for navigation and emergency communication. With over 50% of Americans engaging in outdoor activities annually, having a dependable battery pack is essential for safety and convenience, ensuring that you remain connected and prepared, no matter how far off the grid you venture.

Eddie Penney Emergency Prep Expert

Once you have chosen any of these battery packs, we’re sure that you will be ready for some adventures without fear of your valuable devices running out of juice at the worst times.

While these battery packs are ideal for backpacking, they have other uses as well. For example, we have previously looked at how extreme weather can cause blackouts, which would make a battery pack quite handy to have.

They can also fit into plans for achieving off-grid power, so they’re a great thing to have around in many different circumstances.

Battery Pack FAQs

How Do You Charge the Battery Pack?

Most battery packs will come with a USB cable to charge them.

How Do You Charge a Phone While Backpacking?

Plugging your phone into a battery pack is the best way to charge it while backpacking.

How Long Do Battery Packs Last?

This depends on the capacity and the charging needs of the devices you’re using it for.

Can You Bring A Battery Pack On A Plane?

It should be fine to bring a battery pack on most airlines.

Are Battery Packs Bad For Your Phone?

You should try to charge your phone with conventional methods where possible, but most quality battery packs shouldn’t cause any damage.