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Best Car Cover For Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be devastating in so many ways. They can destroy homes, communities, and livelihoods. On a smaller level, they can also result in damage to your home, car, and other possessions.

We can sometimes feel helpless against the damage a hurricane can bring, but there are a few ways you can take back control. One way is by protecting your car, which can be done using a car cover.

In this article, we will be covering some of the things you should know when choosing the right cover for you. We will also show you a selection of car covers that caught our eye to get you started!

Key Takeaways

  • Debris and heavy wind and rain conditions can cause all kinds of damage to your car and property.
  • Your car cover should protect your car from as many threats as possible while still being breathable and durable.
  • There are many different materials that car covers can be made of, and which one is right for you will depend on your personal circumstances.
  • Car insurance will often cover hurricane damage, depending on your plan.

How Hurricanes Can Damage Your Car

Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to property and possessions, and this damage is caused in many ways. They will result in incredibly heavy rain and wind. These elements can cause damage to your car on their own, but debris brought on by heavy winds can scratch or damage your car as well.

In severe hurricanes, flooding can also be an issue, but in these situations, you might need more than a car cover to protect your vehicle.

What Kind Of Car Cover Is Best?

When it comes to the different kinds of car covers, there are many factors to consider. For instance, there are various materials they can be made of. Some of these may have advantages such as being water resistant, while others may be more durable.

We will go over some of these materials later in the review, but it’s well worth looking into any covers and determining which features will suit you the most.

Ideally, you want a cover that will cover as many potential situations as possible. So, finding a cover that will protect against scratches, bumps, and water damage would be the best combination.

What Is The Best Material For Car Covers?

As we briefly touched on earlier, there are many materials that car covers will be made of, and each has its benefits and weaknesses. For example, Oxford fabric is durable, lightweight, and water resistant but can be damaged by prolonged exposure to sun rays.

Polyester is also a common material, and it features many of the same characteristics as Oxford fabric. These are just two examples, but there are many more. So which one is the best?

That’s difficult to have one answer to, and it will depend on your situation. For example, if you live in an area that gets intense sunlight at points in the year, then you may want to avoid Oxford material. Whenever you find a cover you like, it’s well worth researching the material it is made of before committing.

How To Cover Cars For Hurricanes

Getting a car cover is a great step when protecting your car against hurricanes, especially if it is durable and water-resistant. If you don’t have a specialized car cover, then you can use any other materials such as PVC sheets to cover your car.

You should also try your best to have your car under solid cover if possible, as this can help to further protect your car even further.

For more products you can use for hurricane protection, be sure to check out our list of the best hurricane and tornado protection tools.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

This will depend on specific insurance plans and providers, but many of them will cover weather damage such as hurricanes. If hurricanes are a threat in your area, you should definitely make sure that your insurance plan does indeed cover them.

We have previously covered some of the best ways you can protect your recreational vehicles if you want more information on how you can be more prepared.

Best Car Covers For Hurricane

Next up, we found a few car covers that can get you started if you’re looking to acquire one for your own car.

Seal Skin

First up, we have the Seal Skin Car Cover. This is a great overall option, as it covers many different facets. It is made of Polypropylene, and this protects against water, snow, UV rays, and more. This makes it great for general usage as well as for hurricane protection.

For a look at the Seal Skin in action, you can check out this video review of the product. As you can see in this video, it’s a versatile and useful cover that can serve you well in many scenarios.


Next up, we have the iCarCover. This cover provides you with different options for car sizes and various other features such as waterproof capabilities. It allows you to choose the right fit for you, so you can cater your purchase to your specific situation.


The OxGord car cover is another excellent option that gives you various options for different car sizes. It is water and UV-resistant, making it another great option for general use as well as hurricane protection. This cover also has a soft cotton inner surface to protect your car’s surface from scratches.

Platinum Car Covers

If you want something a bit more personalized, then you may want to check out Platinum Car Covers. With this service, you can enter the exact measurements and dimensions of your car, and then they will create a cover that meets those specifications.

The covers are versatile, protecting against, rain, snow, UV rays, and even bird droppings.


The next cover is the Mornyray car cover. This is a really great cover, but it is a bit more limited when it comes to covering different sizes. It covers against water and UV damage and comes in at a great price. However, it is suited for sedan-sized vehicles, making it a bit more limited.


Most of the covers we have looked at have been for regular-sized cars, but this next car cover by Seazen caters to larger vehicles. This one is specifically for pick-up trucks, and it has all of the features you would hope for such as water and UV resistance.


The EzyShade car cover is another all-rounder. The durable materials make it ideal for multiple weather conditions and will last a long time. It’s another example of a cover that would be well suited to hurricane conditions, but it would also be ideal for more general use to protect your car.

You will also have various options for car sizes, covering a wider set of vehicle types.


Last but certainly not least, we have the ClimaGuard car cover. This is a more premium option, but the cost is justified by what it covers. It covers the entirety of the car, even the underside. This is ideal for flood damage especially.

The material is military grade, meaning it is highly durable and resistant to the toughest conditions. Despite this, it is still portable and possible for one person to place on the car.

At $399, this is one of the priciest cars on the list, but it’s a worthy investment for anyone who lives in a high-risk location for hurricanes.


Hopefully, this short overview has given you some information to consider when choosing the right car cover for your vehicle. Remember to consider specific circumstances such as the probability of hurricanes and heavy weather in your area and make sure you have the right cover for the job.

We tried to include a wide variety of options on this list, so we’re sure at least one or two of the options would prove to be a great fit for your situation and help to keep your vehicle safe!