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Some people are more careful than others, but no matter how careful you are there is always a possibility of being injured. This can be if you’re out on a hike or working in a cubicle; accidents can happen at any time and it’s good to be prepared.

Medical kits can take up a lot of space and not be super practical, so in this review, we will go over three of the best Everyday Carry (EDC) kits so that you can always be prepared for minor injuries and accidents.

Overall best EDC first aid kit:

Everyday Carry First Aid Kit

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Quick View: Best EDC Carry Kits

In this overview, we will cover three kits that fall into the following categories.

1: Everyday Carry

This is a smaller yet still comprehensive medical kit that is portable and suitable for everyday use.

2: Ready Pocket

This is a mini kit that is highly portable while sacrificing some supplies that would be nice to have.

3: Sidekick

The sidekick kit is a pouch design that allows for more efficient packing of supplies.

Why You Should Have An Everyday Carry Medical Kit

As we mentioned in the introduction, injuries can occur in the most mundane of places. Naturally, there are some activities that carry a wider chance of injury such as extreme sports, but you can also get injured getting into a chair if you’re unlucky.

Often with a medical kit, the idea isn’t to completely treat a wound or malady but to get it under control so you can safely get to a hospital. Having a kit you can take with you everywhere is really handy for those times when you need to quickly treat a wound. Doing so can prevent worse injuries or even death in extreme situations.

In the past, we have looked at some supplies you should always have for emergencies, and EDC kits fit really well into this list.

The unpredictability of life demands readiness for emergencies at all times. An EDC first aid kit, compact yet comprehensive, ensures you’re prepared for minor injuries whether you’re in the wilderness or navigating the urban jungle. With over 24 million medical visits annually due to accidental injuries in the U.S., carrying a first aid kit daily can significantly mitigate the impact of those emergencies, providing immediate response capabilities that can prevent situations from worsening.

Eddie Penney Emergency Prep Expert

Essential Features To Look For In An EDC Medical Kit


It’s incredibly important that this kind of medical kit is highly portable. If you’re planning on keeping it in a car or a backpack, then it isn’t practical for it to take up a huge amount of space.

You should be able to take it anywhere you go, even if you don’t have much space to spare.


Things can get pretty hectic when an injury happens. The person may be suffering and it can be easy for panic to spread. That’s why it’s vital to treat the wound as quickly as possible.

If your medical kit is super finicky to open and access, you could waste valuable moments fumbling with latches and pouches. Ease of access is really important so that you can act quickly.

Quality Range Of Medical Supplies

An EDC medical kit will of course not be as comprehensive as a larger medical kit, but you would still hope that it has a good range of medical supplies. You would ideally hope that there would be enough included to treat most kinds of common minor injuries.

For that reason, the more diversity of products included the better, especially if they’re all quality supplies.

MyMedic Everyday Carry- Most Portable EDC First Aid Kit

Our first medical aid kit is the MyMedic Everyday Carry Kit. This is a small, portable yet really handy kit that is great to have on hand for emergencies. Let’s go over some of the features on offer with this kit.

Key Features

  • Weatherproofing
  • The casing of this medical kit is lightweight and water resistant, meaning it’s okay if it’s exposed to some water or rainy conditions without damaging the contents.
  • Rubberized Exterior Finish For Better Grip
  • The last thing you want in a medical emergency is to fumble with your medical kit and end up dropping it. That’s why this kit has a rubberized exterior finish to create more friction and make it less likely it will fall from your hands.
  • HSA/FSA Approved
  • This kit has been approved by both the HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Fixed Savings Account) medical payment plans.
  • Built In The USA
  • The MyMedic Everyday Carry kit is a proudly US-made product, which is good to know if you care about supporting local industry and quality products.
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Lastly, this kit features a lifetime guarantee that you can take advantage of if you run into any quality control issues. This really helps to give peace of mind and shows that they have confidence in their product.


The kit comes in a small, soft pouch with a rubberized finish for easy gripping. The contents are contained in a compact packing setup making everything easy to access.

The dimensions of the pouch are 5.25 inches by 4.75 inches with a depth of just 2 inches. The weight of the pouch is 8.5 oz, so you don’t have to worry about it being heavy or taking up lots of space.

Medical Supplies Included

The medical supplies in this kit are somewhat limited and intended for basic trauma responses. You will get two chest seals, a pair of disposable gloves, a tourniquet, Quickclot pack, and a felt tip pen.

Check out this video from Overland EDC for a more detailed look at the contents of this kit:

Pros And Cons

The main benefits of this pack are that it is highly portable and easy to take with you pretty much anywhere. It would also be perfect for quickly treating mild trauma or injuries.

While it’s great for basic injuries, it is pretty limited with what it includes. For that reason, you would probably need a more comprehensive kit for larger groups or if you will be partaking in dangerous activities.

MyMedic Ready Pocket- Best Mini EDC First Aid Kit

Next, we will look at the MyMedic Ready Pocket first aid kit. This small kit contains a surprisingly comprehensive number of supplies inside, making it a great option for a portable mini kit. Now, we shall see everything this kit has to offer.

Key Features

  • Sleek, Portable, Weather Resistant Case
  • The Ready Pocket comes in a compact little case that will fit in even smaller storage spaces or backpacks. The case is sleek and easy to access, plus the weather-resistant materials mean that it is less likely to get damaged by water or bad weather.
  • Color Coded Injury Specific Mods
  • The supplies in this kit have been color coded for various common injury types. For example, red is for bleeding, orange is for burns, and blue is for hydration. It would be advisable to familiarize yourself with these codes, as it would make accessing what you need much quicker and easier.
  • Straps On Top And Back Of Bag For Enhanced Functionality
  • The straps on the top and back of the back means that carrying the case will be easy even if you’re carrying other things at the time. It helps with the portability, and it would also be good if you wish to clip the case to other gear.
  • Built In USA
  • Much like the first kit, this one is also made in the USA.
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • The kit also comes with a similar lifetime guarantee.


This first aid kit comes in a small, compact black pouch that is highly portable. It is 6 inches by 6 inches with a weight of 8.4 oz. This makes it slightly larger than the previous one, but not by much.

Medical Supplies Included

The Ready Pocket kit comes with many more supplies than the previous one did. It includes treatments for burns, blisters, dehydration, and more. Common supplies like gloves and antiseptic wipes are also included.

We recommend checking out the product page for a more comprehensive breakdown of everything included.

Pros And Cons

Overall, we would consider this kit to be a step above the previous one. It may be slightly less portable and less suited to trauma response, but it covers a wider range of common injuries and afflictions.

Ideally, this kit would be a great kit to pair with the previous one, as you would then be able to treat trauma and minor injuries.

MyMedic Sidekick – Best Pouch EDC First Aid Kit

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Finally, we will look at the MyMedic Sidekick EDC med kit. This presents another great option for a more comprehensive kit that can be carried everywhere. Next, we will look at some key features of this kit.

Key Features

  • New Folding Page Design For Enhanced Organization
  • The convenient folding page design of this kit allows for more control over how you organize your supplies. This way, you can make sure that everything is packed in a way that makes sense to you and is as efficient as possible.
  • Extra Space So You Can Organize And Customize (To Fit Your Needs)
  • The way the case is made allows not only more control over how everything is packed, but also more space for you to add some supplies of your own. This gives you, even more, control and allows you to add supplies that are specific to your own medical needs that may not be included.
  • Hypalon MOLLE Panel Is Highly Durable & Lightweight
  • The Hypalon MOLLE and Velcro panels on the kit allow you to clip other accessories onto the kit or to clip the kit onto a backpack or other gear. This makes it even more convenient and portable to take with you anywhere.
  • High-end Metal Clip Makes Your Kit Easy To Find In An Emergency
  • The Sidekick has a sturdy, quality metal clip that further opens up possibilities for you to clip the kit to gear that will make it easy to find and access. This means you’ll never be caught scrambling to find your kit.
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • You have six color choices for the casing of the kit, meaning you can choose a color that will be easy for you to see in an emergency or fit an aesthetic theme for your gear.
  • Built In USA
  • Like the other MyMedic products, this one is another proudly American-made kit.
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • It also features the same lifetime guarantee we have seen with the other first aid kits.


The Sidekick EDC kit comes in a sturdy, durable soft casing that allows for the extensive organization of supplies. It is 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches with a weight of 14.2 oz. This makes it a bit bigger and heavier, but it is still highly portable.

Medical Supplies Included

This kit includes many of the same items as the previous kit we looked at. It doesn’t have the hydration drink mixes that one had, but it does include a hydration MOD that the other pack didn’t have. Once again, we would suggest checking out the product page for more of a breakdown.

Pros And Cons

Overall, this is a great option for a medical first aid EDC kit. It comes in a durable, customizable case and includes a fairly comprehensive set of supplies.

That being said, it is larger and more expensive than the Ready Pocket we looked at earlier while not offering much difference when it comes to included supplies. If you value customizing and adding to the supplies of your kit then we would recommend the Sidekick.

Otherwise, we would say you should consider the Ready Pocket if you want to save some money and have an even more portable option.


Is MyMedic Legit?

Yes, MyMedic has consistently proven itself as a company that provides quality, affordable medical products that you can rely on.

Is MyMedic Worth It?

We definitely feel MyMedic products are well worth the price and that they provide great value for money.

Do First Aid Kits Expire?

Some supplies in most first aid kits will generally have an expiration date you should be aware of.

What Are The Most Important EDC First Aid Contents To Have

You ideally want to have as wide a range of products as possible. Generally, it’s good to have bandages and antiseptic supplies for basic injuries, but anything else is great to have so that you will be prepared for a wider range of afflictions.

We have also covered essentials a medical kit should include in much greater detail in this article, so we definitely recommend reading that for more information.


Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of the products we looked at today. Our top recommendation would be to have the Everyday Carry Kit for more serious trauma injuries. Then, we would suggest pairing it with either the Ready Pocket or Sidekick packs so that you will be prepared for other smaller injuries. Or instead of a small format first aid kit, check out our review of the full size MyMedic MYFAK.

No matter what you choose, any of these kits will make you much more prepared for emergency medical attention that may be needed.