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Best Emergency Heater For Power Outage

Power outages bring many kinds of frustrations. We suddenly are left without all of the devices and appliances we rely on every day, and it can be tough to make do without them. This can be mildly annoying like not being able to watch TV, but it can become a real problem when preparing food or keeping warm in the Winter months.

There are luckily many devices and gadgets you can use to make it through even the worst power outages. In this review, we will go over a range of different products to solve the problem of keeping warm even when the power is out.

We will look at the best heaters for power outages to show you how you can ensure you’re never left in the cold again.

Key Takeaways

  • Emergency heaters for power outages usually rely on some kind of gas or other fuel to provide heat without electricity.
  • Having an emergency heater that can operate without electricity is important, especially in places prone to outages or severely cold winters.
  • When choosing an emergency heater, you should consider aspects such as the fuel required, how big the space you need to heat is, and the price.
  • We will then show you the benefits, downsides, and aspects to consider about 6 of the best space heaters.

Overview Of Emergency Heaters For Power Outages

When you use a heater in normal circumstances, you will normally power it with electricity, but in a power outage that is naturally not an option. In these cases, you need to power your heater with other means. As you will see with the various heaters we will look at now, these are typically operated with propane, kerosene, and other similar gases.

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Importance Of Having An Emergency Heater For Power Outages

Power outages can hit at any time, and they’re becoming more common around the world due to extreme weather and various power crises. There are always issues that come with a power outage, but it can get dire in areas with brutally cold Winters. We have looked at why having a family disaster plan is so important, and heating can play into that plan as well.

It can be tough to stay warm in these conditions, and it can even get deadly if it gets cold enough. Having an emergency heater can be vital in areas that can get really cold, as it’s the kind of thing you hope to never need but also never be caught without.

Emergency heaters for power outages represent a vital component of any comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. Considering that power outages affected over 30 million Americans last year due to natural disasters, having a reliable source of heat can make a significant difference in survival situations. The ability to maintain warmth without electricity is not just a matter of comfort but a fundamental aspect of ensuring safety and well-being during prolonged power outages.

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What To Look For When Choosing Power Outage Heating Options

Size Of Space To Be Heated

If you intend to heat a large space like a sizeable living room, then a tiny heater won’t do the job. A smaller heater may do for a small bedroom, for example, but you will need a bigger heater for a larger space.

Type Of Fuel Required

Different heaters will require different fuel, so that’s another thing to consider as some fuel refills may be more expensive or harder to acquire than others.

BTUs And/Or Power

The British Thermal Rating (BTU) rating refers to the amount of power required to heat a space, so this is a rating to consider as well.


Price is always a tricky thing to navigate. You naturally want to spend as little as possible, but if you’re too strict with the price then you may end up with an inferior product. Finding a good compromise between decent pricing and quality is always important.

Best Emergency Heater For Power Outage

Mr. Heater Big Buddy – Best Propane Backup Heater For Power Outages

The first heater we will look at is the Mr. Heater Indoor Propane Heater. This is one of the best propane heaters we looked at, and we will show you why by taking a closer look.

About The Brand

The Mr. Heater Brand is owned by Enerco, a company founded in 1957. The Mr. Heater brand specifically focuses on heating products, and they have many different products in this category. It’s fair to say that they really know what they’re doing, as they have been perfecting their heating products over many years.

Key Features And Benefits

  • High Warmth Capabilities – The heater has a heating rating of between 4000 to 18000 BTU. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and can heat a space of up to 450 square feet.
  • Auto Shut Off – As a safety measure, the heater will shut off automatically if it falls over, the power goes out or low oxygen is detected.
  • Adjustable Heat – You can set the heat between low, medium, and high to suit your preferences.


  • The heater has a high heat output.
  • The heater has a reasonable price.
  • From an established brand.
  • You can choose between multiple heat settings.


  • Some customers had some issues with the fan on the heater.
  • May not be the right choice for really large spaces.

Sengoku Kerosene Heater – Best Kerosene Indoor Heater For Power Outages

Next up, we have a kerosene heater for you to consider with the Sengoku Kerosene Heater. This is a great option for anyone wanting a kerosene heater, and we’re sure you’ll agree when you see what’s on offer.

About The Company

Sengoku was established in 1953, and in that time they have worked to perfect not only heating supplies but also versatile cooking supplies. They have many different products for different needs, and their long track records helps to show that they know how to create quality heating devices.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Heat Output – This heater is capable of between 10000-23000 BTU, making it even warmer than the previous one.
  • Safety Features – The Sengoku heater has similar safety features to the previous one, including shutting off if it’s tipped over.
  • Siphon Pump Included – A siphon pump with batteries is included with the heater, making it pretty self-contained.
  • Fuel Capacity – The heater has a fuel capacity of 1.2 gallons, which can heat for up to 14 hours.


  • High heat output may make it ideal for larger spaces.
  • Kerosene is generally cheaper than propane.
  • Self contained and portable.


  • Only one heat setting.
  • Kerosene can produce a strong smell when burned.

Mr. Heater Little Buddy – Best Medium-sized Emergency Heater for Power Outage

The next heater is another one from the Mr. Heater brand. This time it is the Mr. Heater Little Buddy, and this is a smaller option that would be ideal for smaller spaces.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Indoor SafeThis small heater is good for indoor spaces, and it can heat up to 95 square feet. The heating rating for this heater is 3800 BTU
  • Odor FreeThe Little Buddy should produce little to no odor when operating it.
  • Safety FeaturesThis heater also has safety features t shut off if tipped over or if low oxygen is detected.
  • Multiple UsesThe heater would be perfect for power outages but also for camping and other similar activities.


  • Small and portable.
  • Odorless usage.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Only runs for up to 5.6 hours.
  • It only has one heat setting.
  • Doesn’t come with a propane tank.

Dyna-Glo Vent Free Wall Heater- Best Natural Gas Backup Heater For Power Outages

If you want a reliable heater that operates on natural gas, then the Dyna-Glo Vent Free Wall Heater is definitely one you should be considering, and it has some impressive features as well.

About The Brand

The Dyna Glo brand specializes not only in heating but also in cooking products. Since their establishment, they have become well known for their quality heating products.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Natural Gas – This heater operates with natural gas, but fuel conversion is not permitted.
  • Blue Flame Technology – The blue flame technology this heater employs ensures that cool air is converted to warm air, much like a central heating system would do.
  • High Heat Output – The rating of this heater is between 10000 to 20000 BTU, and it can heat spaces up to 700 square feet.
  • Thermostat Control Knob – The heat is adjustable so that you can control how hot you want the room to be.


  • Uses natural gas.
  • High heat output.
  • Easy to use.


  • May actually be too hot for smaller spaces.
  • Can create a strong aroma if not used with enough ventilation.

Zippo Hand Lighter – Best Portable Personal Emergency Heater For Power Outage

If you need to warm your hands on a chilly Winter night and there is no power, then the Zippo Hand Lighter could be the perfect gadget for you.

About The Brand

Zippo is a brand that needs no introduction, as they are perhaps the most recognizable brand when it comes to portable lighters. This product shows that they can branch out to warming products as well, which seems like a logical path for them, as they clearly know their way around products that produce warmth.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Easy Refill – You can easily refill the heater with Zippo lighter fluid.
  • Portable And Handy – The small size of this heater makes it perfect for many different activities, and you can take it anywhere.
  • Flameless Warmth – The warmth produced is flameless and gentle enough to warm your hands without burning you.
  • Long Heating Time – The heater can heat for between 6 to 12 hours on a single fill.


  • Super small and portable.
  • Perfect for staying warm wherever you are.
  • Easily refillable.


  • Naturally not a good choice for anything more than hand warming.
  • Only useful for one person.

Jackery 1500 Pro – Best Portable Solar Backup Station For Power Outages

The final product we have to look at is not actually a heater but a solar-powered power station that could be used to power smaller electric heaters. It is the Jackery 1500 Pro Power Station, and it comes from one of the top names in power generators.

In the past, we have looked at the benefits of solar power, so that’s well worth a read if you’re considering this station.

About The Brand

Founded in 2012, Jackery is a brand we have looked at numerous times in the past. They are one of the most trusted names when it comes to quality power stations and solar-powered technology.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Fast Charging – You can charge the station in up to 10 hours using the solar panel or in 2 hours with a wall outlet.
  • High Power Capacity – The station has a capacity of 1800W and can charge up to 8 devices, including small heaters.
  • Portable And Durable – The station is made of durable materials, making it ideal even if you need to transport it around. It weighs 37.4 lbs and has a handle, making it rather portable as well.
  • 5 Year Warranty – If you run into any issues, you can take advantage of a 5-year warranty.


  • High-capacity power storage means you could power a small heater and charge other devices.
  • Made by a trusted brand in power generation.
  • Portable enough for home use, camping, and more.
  • Fast charging.
  • Multiple charging options.


  • If you want to use it for a heater, it would need to be fairly small.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Staying warm when the power is out can be really difficult, and in some places with harsh Winter conditions, it can get deadly. In this review, we saw many different products that would suit a wide variety of uses.

We tried to ensure that there is something for everyone. Whether you want a powerful heater for larger rooms or just something to keep your hands toasty on a chilly evening, you have something that will work for you!

We hope that you found a few items that caught your eye and that they will help to keep you warm even during the longest power outages.