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Best First Aid Kit for Hurricanes

Places that are susceptible to hurricanes dread these natural disasters. They can cause untold death, damage, and misery, and they can permanently alter a community and the lives of everyone in it.

Hurricanes can’t be prevented or reliably predicted, but there are ways that you can prepare yourself against them. This could include stores of food and water, and in this overview, we will go over the added importance of medical supplies for hurricane emergencies.

Hurricanes bring the threat of injury whenever they hit, and these injuries can be fatal. Having a decent medical kit for hurricanes can be a literal lifesaver. Not only will we cover the importance of a good medical kit, but we will also go over some of our top picks for the best first aid kits for hurricanes.

So let’s dive in and see some ways that you can make yourself more prepared for these devastating natural disasters.

Key Takeaways

  • Hurricane first aid kits typically have some of the most vital supplies for quickly dealing with common injuries.
  • Hurricane preparedness is really important for anyone living in a hurricane-prone area, as they can hit at any time and can be even more devastating if you’re caught off guard.
  • There are various features to look out for when choosing a hurricane first aid kit. These can include durability, the waterproof rating, and the supplies that are included.
  • We will go over 5 of our top picks for the best hurricane first aid kits on the market.
  • There are other supplies you should have for hurricane preparedness, such as long-lasting food and water supplies.

Overview of Hurricane First Aid Kits

When injuries occur during a hurricane, it can be difficult to get the medical attention you need. Getting to a doctor can be a problem, and even if you can get to one, they may be overrun with other people needing medical care.

Having your own first aid kit won’t replace more comprehensive medical care, but it can help you to immediately deal with medical issues or injuries from your home. This can help to prevent more serious medical issues and problems and buy you some time before you can get the medical care you need.

We have seen more and more extreme weather events in recent years, making these kits more useful than ever.

The Importance of Hurricane Preparedness for You and Your Family

If you live in an area that could be considered a hurricane problem area, then being prepared is incredibly important. When a hurricane hits, you can find it harder to acquire many of the everyday items we take for granted. These could include food, water, and of course medical supplies.

Ensuring that you have these essentials even in a hurricane emergency can be the difference between life and death. We also have a beginner guide for disaster readiness that you can read for a better understanding.

For other products to pair with your first aid kit, check out this list of some of our favorite survival products.

Features to Look for in a First Aid Kit for Hurricane Preparedness

Durability and Waterproof Rating

Any supplies you have for hurricane preparedness can get wet and damaged, rendering them useless. That’s why it’s important that your first aid kit, or at least the item they’re contained in, is durable and reasonably waterproof.

Available Supplies

Your first aid kit should have a good range of supplies that can cater to as wide a range of ailments and injuries as possible. The more comprehensive the number of supplies, the more you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Portability and Accessibility

In an emergency, you may have a very short amount of time to cater to wounds and other afflictions. That’s why your first aid kit and everything in it should be accessible and portable in case you need to evacuate your home and take the kit with you.

What Should Be in a Hurricane First Aid Kit?

As we touched on earlier, a hurricane first aid kit should have as wide a range of supplies as possible. You should have bandages and disinfectants for wounds and lacerations and any other supplies for minor injuries.

Having extras such as water purification supplies can also be handy. If you or anyone in your family has any special medical needs, then including supplies for these medical needs can also be wise. You should attempt to prepare for all of the most common minor injuries that can be incurred during a hurricane.

For other products to help protect your family, you can see this list of the best products for family preparedness.

Our Picks for Best First Aid Kits for Hurricanes

Now, we will go over 5 of our top choices for the best first aid kits for hurricane preparedness.

MyFak Pro by MyMedic

Most Durable and Best Overall Waterproof Hurricane First Aid Kit

Our first option is the MyFak Pro by MyMedic. This is one of our top picks for an excellent overall medical kit for hurricanes, and now we will go over why.

Key Features

  • Sink Proof, Crush Proof and Dust Proof
    The container this kit is stored in is sink-proof, crash-proof, and dust-proof. This will make sure that the supplies will be kept safe not only from damage during a hurricane but will also be kept in good condition if stored for a long period of time.
  • Picked by Medical Professionals
    The supplies in this kit are far from random. They were picked and chosen by a team of medical professionals to make sure that everything included would be useful.
  • Many Supplies
    The kit has over 140 useful medical and trauma supplies to cover a wide range of injuries and maladies.


The kit comes in a durable container that will keep the contents safe from all manner of severe weather and other conditions. The container is bright red, making it easier to locate it quickly. The supplies are all packed inside in a way that makes them easy to access as well.

Medical Supplies Included

There is a wide range of medical supplies included in this kit. These cover many of the most common injuries and afflictions that can happen during a hurricane. For a few examples, you have a few different kinds of bandages. There are pairs of gloves and mod packs designed to cater to common injuries like burns and blisters.

Survival tools such as cold packs, space blankets, a paracord, and a tourniquet are also included. This is a small range of the many supplies included, but you can check out the product page for a more comprehensive look at what’s included.

Pros and Cons


  • Durable, weatherproof container.
  • Many different medical supplies for multiple injuries and afflictions.
  • Quality medical supplies.
  • Supplies chosen by a team of professionals.


  • The kit is designed for 1-3 people, so it wouldn’t be suited to larger families.

The Safe by Judy

Most Comprehensive Emergency Hurricane First Aid Kit

Next up, we have The Safe First Aid Kit by Judy. This is another comprehensive kit that has many of the most vital supplies you may need in an emergency.


Key Features

  • Many Supplies
    The kit contains over 61 medical and survival supplies for a huge range of situations.
  • General Supplies
    You not only get medical supplies but also supplies to take care of food and water needs.
  • Picked by Professionals
    Once again, we have another kit that has been hand-curated by a team of medical professionals.
  • Well Organized
    The supplies have all been organized specifically by category to make them easy to access.


The kit comes in a large, bright orange container that is waterproof and water-resistant. The color of the kit will make it easy to identify, and everything inside has been organized in a way that makes it easy to access.

Medical Supplies Included

The Judy Kit is more of an overall survival kit than one catered to medical needs. For that reason, the medical supplies are a bit limited. Despite this, you will get a small first aid kit, as well as a quick dry towel, biohazard bag, wet wipes, and tissues.

Additionally, you will also have survival tools, food bars, and water pouches. Judy estimates that a family of four would have enough survival supplies for up to 72 hours.

Pros and Cons


  • Great Overall Kit
  • Good for medical and other emergencies
  • Huge range of supplies
  • Durable, convenient container


  • Fewer medical supplies than other similar kits

Premium Kit by SurviveWare

Best Compact First Aid Kit for Hurricane Preparedness

The third kit we have to show you is the Premium Kit by SurviveWare. This kit would be ideal for people who value portability with their first aid kits, as it is compact and suited to many different weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Emergency Essentials
    The kit includes 200 supplies for a wide range of different emergencies.
  • Labeled Compartments
    All of the supplies are labeled to make them easy to identify and access.
  • 100% Waterproof
    The container is completely waterproof and water resistant, making it great for extreme weather conditions.
  • Highly Compact
    The kit is small and weighs only 2.25 lbs, making it easy to take it anywhere you go.
  • Curated Selection
    As we have come to expect, the contents of the kit were chosen by a team of medical professionals.


The case for the kit is small, compact, and convenient. It’s all in a small, brightly colored bag that has straps and attachments that make it convenient to connect to any vehicle or gear that you have.

All of the supplies have been labeled and organized for quick and easy access.

Medical Supplies Included

This kit is intended more for physical injuries. You will have small tools, gauze, and bandages to deal with these kinds of injuries. Bandages make up the bulk of the supplies, so you will be able to deal with a wide range of different wounds and injuries.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely compact
  • Comprehensive supplies for dealing with injuries
  • Portable and weather-resistant
  • Comes with first aid handbook


  • No supplies for more varied injuries
  • Few general survival tools

Mover Max by Judy

Best Backpack First Aid Kit For Hurricanes

For another portable option that is a bit more comprehensive, you can consider the Mover Max by Judy. This is another kit that covers a wide range of afflictions and survival situations.

in stock

Key Features

  • Dry Bag
    The backpack the kit is contained in is waterproof, rip-proof, puncture-proof, and has straps for easy carrying.
  • 3 Cartridges
    The kit is separated into 3 sections covering first aid, food and water and safety&warmth.
  • Ideal For All Emergency Situations
    The kit is great not only for hurricanes but also for all manner of emergencies and scenarios.


The kit is contained in a durable backpack that is once again brightly colored for easy identification. Inside, the kit is separated into 3 sections covering different survival needs. This makes it easy to access what you need when you need it.

Medical Supplies Included

When it comes to the medical supplies included in this kit, you have a small first aid kit along with basic supplies such as a multi-tool, duct tape, small towels, and wet wipes.

This is in addition to supplies for food, water, and warmth.

Pros And Cons


  • Portable backpack design
  • Great for general survival
  • Wide range of supplies
  • Suited to multiple survival scenarios


  • Only basic medical supplies are included.

Prevention First Aid Kit by MyMedic

Best Compact Hurricane First Aid Kit

The final kit we have for you to consider is the Prevention First Aid Kit by MyMedic. This is another highly compact option from MyMedic, making it portable and convenient for many scenarios.

Key Features

  • Covers Different Injuries
    The kit has supplies to cover some of the most common injuries such as bleeding and burns.
  • Portable
    This kit would be perfect for hurricane emergencies, but can also be taken anywhere you need it, including on camping trips.
  • Color Coded Modules
    All the modules are color-coded for quick identification and access.
  • Tourniquet
    A tourniquet has been included for more serious bleeding.


The kit comes in a small and compact container. The container has measurements of 6 by 8 inches and weighs 2.42 lbs. As we have come to expect, the container is brightly colored to make it easy to see.

Medical Supplies Included

In this kit, you have various mods that function as pouches with various supplies within. There is a medication mod with pills and supplies for minor afflictions. Then, there are mods to deal with burns and small fractures.

Additionally, there are bandages, small tools, and a tourniquet. Other simple survival tools are also included, such as a space blanket.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely compact.
  • Highly portable.
  • Covers survival in general.
  • Hand-picked supplies.
  • Easily accessible.


  • Only suited to smaller families or groups.

What Other Hurricane Preparedness Items Should You Have on Hand?

In this list, we have seen some kits that cater not only to medical needs but also to other survival needs. This is good to consider, as you should be prepared not only for medical emergencies but also for other situations.

You should have a good set of versatile tools that can be used to improvise along with food and water supplies. Try to think of everything you need every day that could be hard to access if you’re cut off or injured.

If you want to build up your survival supplies, check out this list of some other hurricane and tornado survival supplies you can use.

How We Chose Our List for Best Emergency Hurricane First Aid Kit

When choosing the products on this list, our main consideration was that each kit should include a good range of medical supplies. However, we also wanted to cover a wide range of needs. Some of the kits are comprehensive but less portable. Others may have a few fewer supplies but are highly portable and versatile.

That way, you can decide which would be most well-suited to your situation. Lastly, we made sure that each kit was from a company or brand known for its quality and expertise.


We hope that this list was helpful in getting you started in your journey towards hurricane preparedness. While we did cater this list to hurricane preparedness, the kits on this list would be great for general use and activities such as camping.

Hopefully, at least one or two of the kits caught your eye and would be suitable to your situation. If you would like to purchase any of the kits yourself, be sure to check out the links to the respective product pages we included for each one.

Checking out these pages will also allow you to get a better look at what is included, as we were not able to list every single aspect included in the kits. When you have chosen your kit, be sure to pair it with other more general survival tools and supplies.

The more prepared you are, the better. While we hope you will never need your survival supplies, if you do find yourself in a survival situation then you will be able to protect yourself and your family in a much more effective way.