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Best Garage Door Open Sensor

When it comes to break-ins and home intrusions, you really don’t want it happening at all, and any part of your property that is broken into can turn into a disaster. If one were to rank the worst places that could be broken into, however, it’s fair to say that the garage would be high on that list.

Garages tend to house some of our most valuable possessions such as vehicles, and they often house an entryway to our homes as well. For these and other reasons, you certainly want to be aware if there is a break-in attempt.

A garage door sensor can be a solution to this issue, but there are so many to choose from! In this review, we will go over some of the best garage door sensors so you can get a better idea of what’s available to you and hopefully find a product that will help keep you safe.

Key Takeaways

  • Garage door sensors make excellent additions to any home security setup, as they can alert you to a break-in attempt so you can deal with it before it’s too late.
  • These sensors can make it so that you can call for help without having to expose yourself to danger.
  • There are factors you should consider before choosing a garage door sensor, such as compatibility, ease of installation, and features.
  • We will present a series of garage door sensors featuring top brands such as Frontpoint, Chamberlain, and others.

Why Automatic Garage Door Sensors are Great for Home Security

As we mentioned in the introduction to this review, a garage is one of the last places you want someone to break into. There are the reasons we mentioned, but there are others such as the fact that garages are usually a bit separate from the main house, and this can make it harder to hear that something is amiss.

If someone is trying or succeeding to open your garage door, you would definitely want to know about it before it’s too late. Garage door sensors can alert you to this occurrence no matter where you are or what you’re doing, allowing you to take action when you would have not even been aware anything was happening.

The advancement in garage door sensor technology, as seen in the latest reviews, addresses a crucial gap in home security systems. Given that nearly 50% of all burglaries are due to unforced entry, including open doors or windows, having a sensor that can detect and alert homeowners of an open garage door is invaluable. This technology serves as an essential deterrent, significantly reducing the risk of theft and unauthorized entry into one’s home.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors will often have unique features and benefits, but for the most part, they aim to create an alert if the door is opened unexpectedly. Often, the slightest tilt can set them off, and you will be made aware of it.

Many garage break-ins happen at night when you’re asleep, meaning you can be none the wiser to a break-in until it’s much too late. Getting an alert can be a rude awakening, but it’s still preferable to waking up to something much worse.

Being aware can be the best defense against theft, which is why garage door sensors should be an essential addition to anyone who has a garage on their property.

Garage Door Open Sensor: Tips Before Buying

  • Compatibility
    If you have a smart controller for your garage door, it’s not guaranteed that it will be compatible with your garage door sensor, so it’s well worth checking that beforehand.
  • Installation
    Many garage door sensors and controllers are designed to be easy to install, but some may require more advanced tools and skills. You should make sure that the sensor will be easily installable or whether you will need to hire someone to install it for you.
  • Lights, cameras, action
    Many garage door sensors will be limited to alerts that can be sent to your phone if a tilt is detected. This can be more than enough for many people, but some come with extra features such as automatic lights and cameras that can be paired with the device for extra security.
  • All in one
    You can find sensors that are paired with garage door openers if you would like it all to be under one system, otherwise, you can pair your sensor with your existing opener.

Frontpoint – Best Overall Garage Door Open Sensor

The first sensor we have for you to consider is the Frontpoint garage door sensor. This is a simple yet effective sensor that keeps it all easy to set up and operate, and it comes from one of the best companies in the home security market.

Key Features

  • Completely Wireless
    This sensor is incredibly easy to install, as it requires no wiring whatsoever.
  • High Decibel Alarm
    If an alarm is triggered, the device emits a high-decibel sound that can alert you to the break-in and potentially scare the intruder enough to make them leave.
  • Long Battery Life
    The battery on the sensor will last up to 5 years, meaning you won’t have to be constantly monitoring it.
  • Frontpoint App
    The sensor can be linked to the Frontpoint mobile app for easier monitoring, installation, and setup.


The sensor has a simple white design and is small in size, meaning it can be installed without drawing too much attention to itself. Application is very easy, as you merely need to peel off a strip and then stick it to the surface.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up.
  • Works with mobile app.
  • Sets off a loud alarm
  • Notifications are sent straight to your phone.


  • The feature set is a bit limited for some needs.

Wadoy – Best Garage Door Open Sensor with Brackets 

The next sensor on our list is the Wadoy garage door open sensor. These sensors are more for general use than for security measures and can help to prevent closing doors from damaging vehicles or injuring people in its path.

Key Features

  • Compatible With Many Doors
    The sensor setup will be compatible with most modern major garage door manufacturers.
  • Easy Setup
    The system has been designed to be easy to install, and you will have a detailed instruction manual included.
  • Safety
    As we touched on earlier, the main purpose of these sensors is to detect vehicles and humans blocking the beam emitted by the sensors. Upon this detection, it will reverse the door to prevent contact.


The system is composed of two sensors that will be installed opposite one another, creating an invisible beam that will make the door-closing action reverse if it’s obstructed.

Pros And Cons


  • Simple to set up.
  • Keeps people and vehicles safe.
  • Compatible with many doors.


  • Not particularly useful for the general safety of your garage.

Garage Door Minder – Best Peel and Stick Option

If you want a garage door sensor that is easy to install and use, then the Garage Door Minder is one you should certainly consider. This is a simple device, but that simplicity makes it more convenient to operate.

Key Features

  • Long Battery Life
    Once installed, the sensor has a battery life of up to 3 years.
  • Easy To Use
    The sensor will alert you to the door being opened with lights, beeps, and even phone notifications. Once set up, it is very easy to operate.
  • Installation Is Simple
    Installing the sensor is as simple as peeling off a sticker and then affixing it to the surface of your choosing.


The sensor itself is a simple, sleek white device that comes with a wall adapter and a light stick receiver. It’s another device that won’t be super noticeable and should blend in well.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to install.
  • Simple to use.
  • Multiple alert notifications.


  • Also a bit limited in functions.

Chamberlain – Best Wireless Smart Garage Hub

The previous few sensors we have looked at were pretty simple and basic. This is fine for many people, but the next product is a bit more involved. The Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub has some great features for anyone wanting a bit more than basic sensing.

For a better look at the automatic features of this product, be sure to check out this informative video review.

Key Features

  • Did I Leave The Door Open?
    As well as basic security features, the sensor can tell you whether you mistakenly left the door open when leaving your house.
  • Open The Door From Anywhere
    The sensor is compatible with many modern door openers, and if set up correctly you can use it to open and close the door from anywhere.
  • Real Time Notifications
    You can be notified when the sensor detects anything, meaning you can act immediately.


The design of this system is a bit more involved. It comes with the sensor, hub, and other equipment that you will need to get it all set up. It should be fairly simple to set up but could require a bit more expertise and specialized tools than many others on this list.

Pros And Cons


  • Has many different functions.
  • Comes from a trusted, quality brand.
  • Real time notifications.


  • Might be a bit harder to set up than some other sensors.

ISMARTGATE – Best Smart Home Compatible Kit

The next option we have to show you is the Ismartgate Pro Gate. This is another more involved, feature-rich option for anyone wanting SmartHome capabilities.

Key Features

  • Compatibility.
    The system is compatible with most garage doors except some models from Chamberlain and Liftmaster.
  • Voice Control
    You can operate your garage door using voice control if it’s set up with your SmartHome system.
  • Compatible With Smart Home Systems
    The sensor is compatible with most Smart Home systems such as Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.
  • Automatic Open/Close
    The system can be set up to open or close your garage door automatically.
  • Real-Time Alerts
    Alerts can be sent to your phone if the garage door is opened or closed.


The design of the sensor hub is a sleek, rounded black-and-white setup that looks good while not being too noticeable. Installing the device is fairly simple, and you have a  few options for both wired and wireless setups.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Features
  • Different options for setup.
  • Wide range of compatibility.


  • May be incompatible with certain garage door types.

Tailwind iQ3

Next up, we have the Tailwind iQ3. This is another setup that is great for convenience but not as tailored to security, which is worth keeping in mind if that is a priority for you.

Key Features

  • Automatic Opening
    The sensor can open your garage door automatically upon detecting your car approaching.
  • Expandable
    You can program the sensor for one garage door out of the box, but it is expandable to up to 3 garage doors with additional sensors purchased.
  • Smart Home Integration
    The device is compatible with many major smart home setups like Apple, Google, and Alexa.


The design is fairly simple and easy to install, and you will get everything you need to get started. However, it also may require a bit more effort to install than some others on this list.

Pros and Cons

  • Automatic opening.
  • Compatible with most smart home programs.
  • Expandable


  • May require additional hardware purchases if you have an Apple phone or car without Bluetooth.

Universal Safety Sensor Kit – Best Universal Garage Sensor

The final product we have to show you is the Universal Safety Sensor Kit. This set is intended more as a replacement than anything, and it can only be used on garage doors that already have a safety sensor function.

That being said, it is compatible with a huge range of garage door manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Automatic Opening
    If the invisible beam is broken, the garage door will reverse its closing function, preventing damage or injury.
  • Easy Installation
    While a bit more involved than some sensors, should be easy enough for you to install yourself.
  • Wide Range of Compatibility

It should be compatible with most garage door openers after 1997, provided they already have safety sensor functions.


The sensors are comprised of two small, black sensors that are wired, but you will have everything you need to get started. However, it should again be noted that you will need to have a garage door opener with sensor functions already included.

Pros and Cons


  • Widely compatible
  • Sensors prevent damage.


  • Needs a sensor function to be built in already.
  • No security features.
  • Intended as a replacement.

Garage Door Sensor: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my garage door sensor is bad?

If the sensor is not performing as intended or frequently failing, then repairs or replacements may be in order.

How do I fix my garage door sensor?

This will depend on the issue but could be as simple as needing to replace batteries or fix wiring. For more serious issues, the manufacturer may need to be contacted.

Should both garage door sensors be green?

This will depend on the model and the scenario.

Are garage door sensors universal?

Some models are designed to be universal, while others will have compatibility requirements.


In this overview, we wanted to cover a few different bases for different needs. Some people will want a basic door opening sensor while others will prefer something a bit more involved for general security.

We hope that this list was helpful no matter which bracket you fall in! There are options for all needs here, so you’re sure to find something that fits what you’re looking for.

Whatever you go for, we know that any of these products should give you more peace of mind in your day-to-day life.