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Best GPS Tracker for Dogs

Ask any pet parent, and they will tell you that their pet is loved as much as their human family members, maybe even more. With that love comes a devotion to their pet and a desire to ensure that they are always safe. For pets, much the same as kids, it is a big, scary world out there. They may not always be able to find their way home to you. One easy way to take control and know that Fido is always safe is to equip yourself with the best GPS tracker for dogs according to the experts.  

A GPS tracker in your dog’s collar allows you to know that if your pet wanders off, you can know where they are. They’re designed to show you your pet’s location through your devices, so you can come to the rescue, and bring him home safely.

Why do I need a GPS tracker for my dog?

A missing dog isn’t anyone’s fault. It happens more often than we want to discuss. Statistics show that among cats and dogs, approximately 10-million pets get lost or stolen each year. Why do so many get lost? Dogs, like their human pack members, have urges and fears. The urge to find a mate, the fear of loud noises, and being curious about what is beyond their safe zone, are all reasons that a pet may go missing. This is proven by the fact that many beloved pets go missing around big, scary holidays like the 4th of July. Pet parents get busy with friends and family during barbecues, fireworks make big noises, and our K-9 family gets overwhelmed. They may sneak past your guests to escape the action, and not be able to find their way home again.  A tracker for pets can help your retrieve your pet. 

How We Selected the Best GPS Tracker for Dogs

As animal lovers ourselves, we wanted the very best GPS tracker for our pets. Therefore, in our search, we investigated the features that would make the most difference in whether we could rest easily or not. We looked for specific features that each tracking collar offered. Some of the main features we looked at were:

  • Battery Life
  • Waterproofing
  • Subscription Fees
  • GPS Accuracy
  • Real Time Alert Availability
  • Wear Ability

Our goal was to ensure that the GPS dog tracker would not come off easily while doing the job that we wanted it to do. Help us find our pet no matter what happens or how far they may wander while we are at work, school, etc.

We found our top choices for smart dog collars and wanted to share them with you. Our hope is that this year, fewer dogs will become separated from their humans and more pet parents can avoid spending endless hours searching for their K-9 kid.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Whether your beloved pet is a wandering soul, or you want to make off the leash fun more enjoyable, the Whistle 3 GPS dog tracker is a great option. It has all the features we love, in a size that makes it comfortable for a variety of dogs because it attaches to the collar that they already wear.  

It uses AT&T cellular connectivity and GPS or GLONASS signals to track your pet. This means that as soon as your pooch wanders off, you can open your app or see an alert, which allows you to see exactly where she may be exploring.  

Along with tracking your pet, the Whistle 3 is an activity tracker. This can help you see your pet’s most active hours, so you know when exploring may be most appealing to them. By having this information in your arsenal, you can exercise your pet before you leave home.  

This pet tracker promises to be durable and well-made. It has a battery life of up to seven days while being waterproof, and very durable. We love that you can set the app to alert you if your pet leaves his “safe zone”. It can record movements over the span of 24-hours, resetting with a “new trip” each time that your pet leaves home.

Who is this best for?

The Whistle 3 says that it is ideal for animals that are 8-pounds and up. However, we do feel that it can be a little bulky for smaller animals at 1.45 × 1.82 × .61 inches. We like that it is very easy to set up with customizable settings. It keeps you in control of when you receive alerts. You can even opt to receive email alerts, text messages, or app notifications.

In our opinion, if you want accuracy, a GPS dog tracker that is an activity monitor, and versatile subscription options: this could be the ideal GPS smart collar for you.


We love all the features that are included in this tiny GPS tracker for pets. It has impressive accuracy in most areas, affordable plans, and durability that we feel is great for most pets. We feel that it is ideal for wandering pets because of its ability to alert you when he leaves the yard while remaining simple to set up. 


The biggest issue with the Whistle is connectivity. It does require AT&T service areas in the U.S., which could pose a problem for some pet parents. 

Fi Smart Collar

The Fi Smart dog tracking collar promises to have a streamlined design and a battery that lasts up to a month. This puts it at the top of the list for convenience. It does seem to lack some of the other features of the Whistle 3 though if you want an activity tracker. The tracker offers fewer insights into your pet’s activity.   You can use this collar with or without a subscription. However, you will lose some functionality if you choose to use Wi-Fi. The subscription service depends on AT&T towers.   When using the app, you will find that it is simple. You can even set it up to have different profiles for each of your K-9 family members. You set your safe zones, and it will alert you when they move out of that area. Although it takes about 3.5-minutes for the first alert to ping your device, you get faster updates as they wander. You also have access to a Fi Emergency Line that can help you locate your pet if needed.

Who is this best for?

This collar is designed to be wearable by most dogs, provided they can wear the collar. The smallest size is 13-inches and 4.3-ounces. The largest is 34.5-inches. It is good for people who want to know that they can see their dog’s location quickly, but have no need for other special features.


The biggest reason for anyone to consider the Fi Smart is its battery life. You don’t have to deal with frequent charges. This will make it harder for you to lose track of your pet because of a dead battery. We also like that it is simple to set up and does include programmable safe zone areas. The fact you can add other dogs to the app is also nice for larger families. 


AT&T dependency can be a problem with Fi Smart’s connectivity. This is countered somewhat by the ability to use Wi-Fi, but it may not be enough. We feel that having to choose The Fi Smart collar sizes and colors will make it imperfect for some. It also depends on a base station.

Petfon Pet GPS Tracker

This tracking device is able to help you keep up with your pet’s location. It has several features that are going to make it a good option for pet parents. For instance, one feature is the E-Fence, which works a lot like safe zones. If your pet leaves their area, then you will receive a customizable sound alert.  Along with the alerts, you will find that you can have a light-enabled alarm on the collar. This will allow you to see your pet even in low light situations.  What sets Petfon’s GPS dog tracker apart from others? A customizable voice command option. This gives you the ability to command your pet to “sit” or “stay” through the tracker. You can record multiple commands and once your pet understands them, use them as you need to.   Beyond this, it has a long tracking distance, so you can always feel confident you will find your pet. It is durable to ensure it doesn’t get damaged while your dog is roaming the countryside, even if they splash in the pond. Best of all, no subscription services needed for this pet tracker.

Who is this best for?

If you are someone who would rather avoid subscription fees, then this could be a great activity tracker and locator for your dog. It uses only Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and long-distance wireless technology. This gives you worldwide reach, so even when traveling with your K-9 pal, you can still track him. As a bonus, the tracker app can keep track of three pets, even cats, so you can have one for each of your pets.


Subscription-free is something most people will love about this device. It is a pet tracker that promises to be great for all pets no matter what they may get into. We like that it has light alerts on the collar and several customization options. 


With no subscription required, the price of the unit is pricey to buy. This could make some people turn away from considering it. It also has a short battery life of only 16-hours. For active pets, this could mean it will not last throughout the day. 

How much does a GPS tracker for dogs cost?

On average, pet trackers are available for between $80 and $150. Above and beyond that, the subscription price will need to be added in. This can increase the overall cost. Luckily most subscriptions are just a few dollars each month, but the cost does add up eventually. Some services require you to pay yearly. 

How does a GPS tracker for dogs work?

Are you curious about how a tracker keeps track of your pet? A GPS tracker in the dog’s collar connects them to a satellite so that it can transmit the location to your device. Some tracking devices may be attached to a specific collar. Others are portable and can be used on any collar.

They do have GPS coverage areas that may restrict them from being able to locate a dog that is out of the service area. On our list, AT&T service areas are required for optimal tracking, but other tracking devices may need other services unless you have chosen one that works off Wi-Fi.