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Best Security Camera For Apartments

A home should ideally feel like a safe haven where you can let your guard down and relax, and this is true whether you live in a house, apartment or any kind of abode. Sadly, our homes can be broken into at any time, and it’s an invasion of privacy and safety.

If your home is broken into, you’ll probably want to try and identify the thieves or at least have evidence of what was taken for insurance purposes. It can also be great to monitor your house if you’re away on a trip or a vacation.

In this review, we will look at some of the best security cameras for apartments that you can use to make your home safer and more secure.

Types Of Apartment Security Cameras

As you’ll find with any kind of camera, there are many different kinds to choose from. This is certainly true of apartment security cameras, so you should have many options depending on your situation.

These variations take the forms you would expect, and we will cover a few of them as we look at some of the best cameras for apartment security. Apartment security cameras can be wired or wireless depending on your setup.

Some rely on wifi to stream footage to the cloud, while others may store that data locally instead. Some can be mounted to a wall like a regular security camera, while others will be tabletop models instead.

These options are great for people who have limited space or power outlets, and we will look at these variations in greater detail as we move on so that you can decide what is best for you.

What Are The Best Security Cameras For Apartments?

Answering the question of what are the best security cameras for apartment safety is not as straightforward as it seems. This is because it will depend on each individual and the circumstances of their apartments.

The best thing you can do is to stick to brands that have a good reputation for quality products. For example, three of the top names in security camera technology would be Frontpoint, Arlo, and Abode.

We will feature products from each of these companies along with a few more great brands we haven’t listed yet throughout this review. While the products we will look at would be a great place to start, you can generally rely on these brands for quality and efficiency.

Best Indoor Security Camera For Apartments

Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera


Earlier, we mentioned tabletop cameras as one of the different variants you can buy, and the Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera is a great example of this. We have looked at Frontpoint before, and we always find that they produce great products with really useful features.

This is considered a smart camera, and it has several features that will prove incredibly useful when securing your home.

The camera is small and robust, and it will sit nicely on any table or surface you have available. Using the Frontpoint app, you can view live footage in 1080p resolution at any time from your phone. Additionally, it also features a speaker function so you can project your voice straight from the device.

It has a motion tracker feature so that you can capture any movement, and the camera is able to differentiate between humans and pets. It also has clear night vision and is really quick and easy to install. All you need is to plug it in, link it to the Frontpoint app and you’re good to go!

The Premium Indoor Camera can be purchased for $149.99 on its own and would make a great choice for anyone with a smaller apartment. It’s hard to pick when there are so many amazing options, but this is our choice for the best all-around indoor security camera.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

Next, we will look at the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera. In terms of features, this camera is fairly comparable to the last one we looked at. It also features a 1080p recording resolution, night vision, and the ability to connect to wifi.

It does lack a few features that the Frontpoint camera had, as it does not have the ability to detect whether a movement is caused by a human or a pet. It also doesn’t have the audio projection capabilities that the Frontpoint featured.

These are features that will be more sorely missed by some than others, and it does have some benefits that Frontpoint didn’t. It’s smaller and able to swivel in different directions, so you could install it easily on a wall or any other surface.

It’s also a more cost-effective option at $79.99, so this is an excellent choice for anyone on a budget or people who want to purchase several cameras. This would definitely be our runner-up for the best camera for apartment security.

Best Security Camera For Apartment Door

Abode Wireless Video Doorbell

Having a security camera in your apartment is all well and good, but ideally, you would want to stop any intruders before they breach your property. That’s where doorbell cameras become an attractive option.

The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is another great product from another well-known security company we have covered before. This camera is easy to install and uses a rechargeable battery, so you won’t need to do any wiring to hook it up. The battery will also last for months once it’s charged.

It features many of the same specifications as the previous Arlo camera we looked at. These include a 1080p camera that features night vision and motion-detecting capabilities. It can also connect to wifi and is built to endure weather conditions like rain, heat, and snow.

This handy system can be purchased for just $99.

Frontpoint Wireless Doorbell Camera

Once again, we have a product from Frontpoint that presents some premium features. Much like the Abode camera, this one has a rechargeable battery pack that Frontpoint says will last up to 6 months on a single charge.

It also features motion detection, high-resolution recording, and night vision. This camera also has a few additional features that the Abode camera lacked.

For instance, you have more control over when you’re notified of anything. This one also features two-way audio so you can talk to people at your door with ease.

This camera is a more expensive option at $187.50, but we feel this price is worth it if you want to take advantage of those extra features. This price also includes a chime, wall brackets, and a rechargeable battery.

Eufy Video Doorbell 2K

The next camera we have, the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K, is another impressive doorbell camera option. This camera boasts a crystal clear 2K resolution and many of the features you would expect.

It has motion sensors that can alert you whenever anyone approaches, and it has a 4:3 aspect ratio to give you a wide field of view. It also features a voice option so that you can talk to anyone at your door.

There are two options for this camera that you can choose from. There is a wired option that is $149.99. Alternatively, you can get a battery-powered option for $199.99, and this battery is also estimated to last up to 6 months on a single charge.

Arlo Essential Wireless Doorbell

Next, we have another product from Arlo with their wireless video doorbell. This doorbell camera is quite comparable to the others we have looked at. It has more or less the same features, such as HD recording, night vision, and two-way audio.

Much like the other Arlo product we looked at, it is also a compact, unobtrusive design, and it can be installed wirelessly with a rechargeable battery, or you can connect it with existing wiring.

One interesting feature this camera has is that it has a built-in alarm that can be used to deter unwanted guests. This system can be purchased for $179.99

Best Wireless Security Camera For Apartments

Arlo Essential Wireless Camera

The next few cameras we will look at will be focused on wireless cameras for various apartment situations. Wireless cameras can be a great option for those who like quick setups with no wiring needed. We have looked at this issue before and weighed up the advantages and disadvantages of wireless vs wired systems.

The first example is another from Arlo, with their Essential Wireless Security Camera.

This is a great choice for apartments where space is limited, as the design is nice and compact. This camera can work great indoors and outside, and it features a rechargeable battery. One new feature this camera has is the integrated spotlight that’s built-in.

This all-rounder camera is currently retailing for $99.99.

Best Security Camera For A Small Apartment

Frontpoint Indoor Camera


The Frontpoint indoor camera has all the features of the previous Arlo camera, but as usual Frontpoint offers a few extra features. These include two-way audio, smarter video analytics and an SD card slot for storing footage.

The price for this camera is $74.99, which makes it very affordable as well. This is one of the best choices when it comes to wired cameras for smaller apartments.

Best Outdoor Security Camera For Apartments


The Abode Cam 2 is our choice for the best outdoor security camera for apartments. This weatherproof, easily mountable camera is capable of 24/7 surveillance and has night vision capabilities.

This camera normally retails for $59.99, but at the time of writing it is currently on special at $26.99. This is an amazing deal, and even at its full price it is well worth what they’re asking.

Best Wireless Outdoor Security Camera For Apartments

If you prefer the convenience of a wireless device, then the SoloCam S40 from Eufy is our top pick. This camera has the unique distinction of featuring a solar panel to charge the device. 2 hours of sunlight will be enough to operate the camera, so you should never have to worry about charging it.

This camera also detects whether a human or animal is in the frame using AI technology. It also features a stunning 2K resolution for extra clarity.

This camera is a bit pricier at $199.99, but the convenience and great features of the camera make it well worth it.

Best Security Camera For Apartment Building

Deep Sentinel PoE Security Camera System

The final company we will look at, Deep Sentinel, features some of the most top-of-the-line home security systems you can buy. This camera system is for people who really take security seriously, and it would be a great investment for a landlord or property owner looking for top-notch security.

They have various different packages that feature 2K and even 4K cameras for extreme clarity. The tech isn’t the only thing that’s impressive, as Deep Sentinel also offers their innovative Live Guard Surveillance system.

What this means is that human security specialists can view footage from the camera if an intrusion is detected. First, the built-in AI will determine whether there is a possible threat. They can then speak via the speaker to deter intruders, and if that fails then they will alert the proper authorities to intervene.

This is a high-end, premium service, and the price reflects that. The Live Guard service alone will cost $100 a month, but that is well worth the peace of mind it brings.

The pricing for the system itself can vary, but you can contact a representative here to inquire about a setup that’s right for you.

Common Apartment Security Camera Questions

Can I Put A Security Camera Outside My Apartment?

Rules on this matter can vary depending on where you live, but it should usually be okay. If you are renting a property, then it would probably be a good idea to consult your landlord before installing a camera.

Can I Install A Security Camera Inside My Apartment?

Yes, you can definitely install a security camera inside your apartment. If the installation will require any damage to the property, then you would once again need to confirm with your landlord or the property owner.

Do Apartment Complexes Have Security Cameras?

Apartment complexes will sometimes have security cameras, but this is not always the case and can vary.

Are Apartments Required To Have Security Cameras?

Security cameras in an apartment will almost always be optional and not a requirement.


In this article, we have seen many of the best security cameras for apartments. You have many different options, but you can’t go wrong with any of the products or companies we featured here.

The main things you need to consider are whether you prefer a wireless setup, what your budget is, how big the space you need surveillance for is and what extra features you want.

One thing is for sure, no matter what your security camera needs may be, there are plenty of options that have you covered!

Here are all the security cameras featured in this article, sorted by price for easy browsing:

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