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Best Security Cameras for Cars

A car is something that will always mean a lot to an owner. A lot of time and money has to go into purchasing and maintaining a car, and for many people, their car is their pride and joy.

Unfortunately, many thieves have no qualms about breaking into or outright stealing your car, and they’re getting smarter about doing that every day.

To combat this, many people are looking into finding out what is the best camera for car security, but the options can be overwhelming! Luckily, we’re here to show you 5 of the best car security cameras for you to consider.

We will consider the pros, cons, and features of each of these products to help you decide which is best for you and your peace of mind.

Types Of Car Security Cameras

In the past, we have looked at some essential emergency items every car should have, but we think there should be one more added: some kind of security device. When it comes to security cameras for your car, you have a few options to consider. Some are tailor-made for cars, such as the various dash cam options we will look at.

On the other hand, some cameras aren’t specifically meant for cars and can be mounted to your home. While not necessarily designed for cars, they can be an excellent option for keeping your car safe.

As we look at some candidates for the best security camera for car safety, we will see a few examples of both bespoke car cameras and general security cameras than can serve the same purpose.

Can You Put A Security Camera In Your Car?

While not all of the cameras in this review can be placed in your car, a few of them can. Most of the cameras that go in your car take the form of dash cams, similar to the ones that law enforcement use.

Having the camera in your car has some benefits such as keeping an eye on your vehicle while out and about as opposed to only when you are home. Limitations such as powering the device and internet access can be tricky, but luckily many of the products available have solutions for these issues.

Having a fancy camera in your car may ironically attract potential thieves, so having the camera be inconspicuous as possible is another feature to keep in mind.

Can Security Cameras See Inside Cars?

Having a security camera monitoring the exterior of your car has some benefits, as you have a wider field of view. Unfortunately, you generally won’t get to see the interior of the car if there is an incident.

That is certainly where interior cameras are a great choice when deciding on the best car cameras for security. If someone breaks into your car and there is an internal camera, not only can you potentially identify the perpetrator but you can also identify stolen goods for insurance.

Best Car Security Camera


Lately, the company Owlcam has been making a name for itself as a great option for car security.

The Owlcam 5.0 is a premium camera option that comes with an impressive range of benefits, outlined on their product page. They have stated 4 main purposes for their camera that cover most of the bases you would want for this kind of camera.

While this camera is great for theft detection, it can also be used to document accidents, as it will record constantly while you drive. When the car is not running, the Owlcam can be powered with the included OBD-II cable, so you will be alerted to any break-in attempts.

The footage will be streamed directly to the cloud in case the camera is stolen. Additionally, the camera will also record and alert you to any damage or dents that occur while inactive.

Finally, the Owlcam is not all work and no play, as you can also use it to record any beautiful sights or special moments that happen on the road.

The Owlcam 5.0 will set you back $269 for one camera, and this includes essentials such as a charging cable and suction cups. They also offer bundle deals for 2 cameras at $538 and a 3-pack for $807.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you want all of the online features, cloud capabilities, and full customer support then you will need to subscribe to the optional Owlcam Connect Plan.

At the time of writing, this has a monthly cost of $14.95 or an annual plan of $179.40. While technically optional, we think this connection plan is pretty much essential.

For a more in-depth look at the camera and how to install it, this video by Techgooch provides an excellent and thorough overview.

Best Car Security Camera For Vandalism

Garmin is practically a household name when it comes to the best GPS systems on the market. They have also expanded into security products, and the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 is a camera that should be on your radar if you’re trying to find the best security camera for your car.

This little camera lives up to the mini in its name, as it is car-key sized. This is great not only for not taking up less space but also because it makes it harder to spot in your car.

The tiny size of this camera helps to prevent thieves from spotting it while still offering great features. The camera sports a crisp 1080p HD resolution image, making identification easier. Also, the camera presents a 140-degree view of your car’s interior.

The Dash Cam Mini 2 will also upload any footage to the cloud in the regrettable instance that it is stolen. The camera can be voice controlled and also has a Live View feature you can watch from your phone.

It also has a parking guard feature that will alert you to any potential incidents so that you can monitor the situation. On a more practical note, the camera can be powered via a dual USB so that you can charge the dash cam and your mobile device simultaneously.

This incredible camera can be purchased from Amazon for $109.99, and it also has an excellent 4.5-star rating from 3351 reviews. This price point includes the camera itself, a mount, a power adapter, a cable, and a USB cable.

We would highly recommend this as a more cost-effective car security option that still gives you some great features. However, it is a bit more limited than some of the other cameras we have looked at. This camera would be a great option if your main concerns are theft and vandalism.

Best 360 Degree Car Security Camera

The next camera we will look at is another that is not strictly a car security camera but can certainly be used as one. The Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is another robust, fixed camera security solution that has many uses.

Much like the Deep Sentinel, we looked at earlier, this camera will be affixed to your home or property and requires a stable power source. This camera also uses motion sensors and AI technology to determine whether there is a human threat or not.

The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro has an impressive 2k resolution for recording, and it can rotate in 360 degrees. That’s where the AI comes in, as it can lock onto and record any humans in its area.

It also has affixed floodlights that have a brightness of 3000 lumens, and the brightness can be customized depending on the time of day. Conveniently, it can also be linked to Alexa and Google Assistant.

The camera has 8 GB of onboard storage which Eufy claims will store around 30 days of footage during normal use. One of the best parts of this particular product is that there are no subscription fees or costs, so it’s a one-time purchase.

On the official website, this product is unfortunately only available in Canada for a price of $399 CAD. It can be found on Amazon for a price of $299, making this another great and cost-effective option.

Best Car Security Camera For 24-Hour Recording

The final camera we are featuring, the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, is another one to consider when trying to find the best security cameras for parked cars.

The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera has a similar design philosophy to the Eufy Floodlight we looked at previously. It is also a camera that can be mounted to your home or property to observe your car, but it utilizes a more compact, inconspicuous design.

This camera shares many features with the Eufy camera, but there are some differences to consider. The Arlo option also has features such as an LED camera, 2K recording capabilities, and an online connection.

There are two large differences between the Arlo and the Eufy, and one would be positive while the other could be considered a negative. The positive difference is that the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera does not require a wired connection and instead is powered by a convenient rechargeable battery system.

The other difference that may turn some people away is that this camera is best paired with the optional Arlo Secure subscription. The camera can function without it, but it is still highly recommended to get the most out of it.

With the subscription, you will get features such as access to your video recordings for 30 days, easy dispatch capabilities for trained emergency personnel, 24/7 security monitoring, and more control over customization.

As you can see, you’re really not getting the most out of the product without the subscription, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

When it comes to pricing, the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera will cost $229 for the camera. The subscription service comes in 3 tiers which are as follows:

$7.50 Per Month$16.67 Per Month$25 Per Month

To see these features laid out in more detail, you can check the Arlo Secure features page. The Arlo option definitely has more features on offer than Eufy did, but these do come at an additional cost that is worth considering.

Best Car Security Camera When Parked


Having a camera be your car’s guardian angel is one thing, but it would be great to have actual human security guards looking out for you. That isn’t a practical choice for most people, but the Deep Sentinel DS2 camera system is the next best thing.

This camera takes a different approach to the previous one, and when it comes to choosing the best security camera for parked car safety this might be the better bet.

For starters, this camera, unlike the Owlcam, doesn’t actually go inside your car. Instead, you can attach it to your property and have it watch over the area your car is parked in.

The Deep Sentinel isn’t strictly a car security camera, but its features make it a compelling choice. Where this product differs from others is that it has a human element.

The Deep Sentinel combines real human surveillance with AI (artificial intelligence) technology to respond to threats. The feature overview page on the Deep Sentinel website outlines it nicely, but we will summarize how it works.

The very first feature is a small sign for your yard that announces your property is under surveillance. Next, the camera will detect whenever there is movement, and that’s when the AI technology kicks in. The AI will determine whether it’s a human being recorded and then if that human presents a potential threat

If a threat is suspected, the footage is streamed to the cloud and made available to human guards at the LiveSentinel center for review. One of the first steps a guard may take is speaking through a speaker, which may be enough to spook a potential intruder.

If that doesn’t work, then the guard can alert law enforcement to intervene. These are some great features that can provide a lot of peace of mind, but they come at a premium price point.

The camera itself will cost $499 plus a $200 refundable deposit. This includes 1 camera, a Smart-Hub, and accessories. Additional cameras can be added for $200 each. The live surveillance will also carry a subscription fee of $100 a month.

The DS2 camera is high quality with features such as an LED floodlight, night vision, and high-resolution recording. The price to purchase and run the DS2 is admittedly quite high, but considering all of the features you get it is well worth it.

If you are planning to run the DS2 purely as a car security camera, then you would only need one camera. While we feel the price is worth it, the high cost of entry may be a deterrent to some users.


In this review, we looked at 5 of the best cameras for car security. Now that you have a better idea of some of the options available, you can determine whether you would want to go for a dash cam option or maybe a mounted camera for your home.

If you’re on a tighter budget, there are certainly options that still offer great benefits and security, but if you want that added peace of mind then you should definitely consider an option with a subscription plan.

No matter which one you choose, the battle against car thieves and vandals is definitely tipping a lot further in your favor!

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