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Best Sliding Patio Door Security Bar


Peer reviewed by Kirk MacDowell

Home Security Expert

Every day, millions of people around the world work hard to afford the things they want and need most in life. It can be devastating when someone decides to invade your privacy and steal what you worked so hard for, so security is always something worth investing in.

If you have a sliding patio door, you may think you’re all set if it has a lock feature, but you can never be too careful. Patio door security bars can be a simple yet effective way to add an extra layer of security to your property.

For that reason, we will be looking at some of the best sliding door security bar options you can choose from to give yourself more peace of mind.

Importance Of Sliding Patio Door Security

If there’s one virtue we have to grant thieves, it’s that they can be incredibly determined when it comes to breaking in. That’s why we can use all the tools we can get when it comes to deterring would-be thieves, and that’s where patio door bars come in.

As we mentioned before, many patio doors can be locked, but these can sometimes be broken if enough force is applied. While many patio door security bars may look humble in appearance, they can add a surprisingly robust layer of security to your door.

They can be an essential addition to your security arsenal, and there are certainly enough variations to fit any security needs you may have.

The security of sliding doors and patios is often overlooked in home security planning, yet these entry points can be particularly vulnerable to intrusion. The use of security bars, as detailed in the article, provides an effective and simple layer of protection. This physical barrier can deter potential intruders, making it an essential component of a comprehensive home security strategy.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

Types Of Sliding Door Security Bars

Fixed Security Bars

When it comes to security bars, you can get them fitted to fit the specific measurements of your door. To do this, you may have to get the bar customized to fit your specifications. This approach would be best suited to regular doors that have no variation in the width they can open.

Adjustable Security Bars

When choosing a security bar for a sliding door, getting an adjustable model is always a good idea. Not only will this make it more likely that the bar will fit your door, but it will also allow you to open the patio door a bit if you wish to let some air in.

Portable Security Bars

A portable security bar will be designed so that it does not need to be permanently affixed to the door frame and can be easily installed and removed.

Comparison Of Different Types

We have briefly looked at a few of the different types of security bars you can use for security, and they all have various uses. For example, a fixed security bar would be more suited to a regular wooden door, as the width will always be the same for such a door.

That kind of fixed bar would generally not work as well for a sliding door, as the width will not always be consistent. That’s why an adjustable security bar would be ideal for a sliding door while not being as necessary for a regular door.

A portable security bar will generally be adjustable, and it could be useful for both normal and sliding doors. While portable models can help increase security, they will generally not be quite as secure as a bar that is installed more permanently.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Sliding Patio Door Security Bar


Perhaps the most important aspect of any security bar will be what it is made of. Naturally, you want the bar to be as strong as possible, and certain materials will be better than others.

For example, steel will be a lot more secure than plastic, so the materials are well worth considering when deciding just how secure you want it to be.

Strength And Durability

When it comes to how durable your security bar is, the materials used is just one of the factors to take into consideration. Even if the bar is made from the strongest material known to man, it will be useless if badly designed.

For example, if the bar has a weak clip or hinge, it could still be broken. You ideally want a combination of strong materials and robust design to add the greatest security possible.

Ease Of Installation And Use

When you buy a new feature for your home, it can diminish the excitement a bit if it’s a pain in the neck to install. You also ideally don’t want to have to spend more money getting someone to come in and install it, so security bars that are easy for the average person to install are always quite desirable.

Design And Aesthetic

The primary purpose of a security bar is practical, but the look of it matters as well. While it’s serving a function, you want it to fit into the look of your house and decor as much as possible.

There is also something to be said for making it somewhat noticeable to deter thieves, but you will also probably want the bar not to attract too much attention from your home and decorations within.

Best Security Bar For Sliding Glass Doors


The Buddybar Door Jammer Security Bar is one of the best security bars you can have for your sliding door. It excels in all of the criteria we listed before.

It’s made of alloy steel that can withstand a whopping 2560 pounds of force. Additionally, there are no plastic components, making it even more durable. This bar also has a pleasing, unobtrusive design and doesn’t need to be permanently installed.

The Buddbar is designed more with regular doors in mind, but it could be used with certain sliding door designs as well. This robust bar is going for $119, a price that does make it one of the pricier options on this list, but we feel it is still well worth it.

Brinks 675-83001 Heavy Duty Security Bar

This security bar by Brinks offers another great, more cost-effective security option. The Brinks bar is made of a similar design to the previous bar, and it is also portable. There is no permanent installation required, so it can easily be placed into most doors.

It also has a strong alloy steel design, but this bar does have some plastic components.  It’s a much more affordable choice at $27.10 as well.

Master Lock Door Security Bar

This next bar from Master Lock is a bar that is quite similar to the previous one, making it another great choice. It is also a portable model that is made of alloy steel and can be adjusted to fit a wide range of doors.

At $22.87, the main difference between this and the Brinks bar will be down to personal preference and which one fits your aesthetic more.

Guard Dog Security Door Jammer

This bar we have to show you from Guard Dog is one that sits somewhere between the pricier Buddybar and the two cheaper options we have looked at.

It is another portable bar that is made of durable steel while able to fit many different door widths. This bar can withstand up to 300 lbs of force, which is still quite significant even though that is quite a bit less than the Buddybar.

The Guard Dog security bar retails for $29.99, meaning you’re getting great value here.

SecurityMan Sliding Bar Security Bar

Next, we will be looking at the first adjustable installed security bar by SecurityMan. This bar will need some installation, but it is pretty easy to install with basic tools. We will look at a guide on installing this kind of bar later in the review.

This bar can withstand up to 350 lbs of pressure and is a really versatile security feature that could be used for sliding doors or regular ones. It’s also another cost-effective option at $24.99.

There is also a very similar black option here for you to choose from as well.

Sabre Adjustable 2-In-1 Security Bar

Sabre is a well-known name in security and self-defense, and they have created another great option for home security with their adjustable 2-in-1 security bar.

Here we have another adjustable, removable bar that can be used for regular and sliding doors. Made of durable steel and easy to install, this robust bar will cost $24.99, making it another affordable option.

Jeacent Adjustable Window Security Bar

We have seen a few different products that are great for regular and sliding doors, but this next bar by Jeacent is designed for sliding windows. While the purpose may be different, the idea is the same as the door bars we have looked at.

It’s another bar that doesn’t need any tools to install, as it can be installed using the included adhesive strips. If you want it as a more permanent solution, you can install a screw to fit the bar into the frame.

The Jeacent window bar will cost $25.99 to purchase.

Ideal Security Window Or Patio Door Security Bar

The next bar we have from Ideal Security is an option that would be perfect for a sliding door or a window. You have two options for installing this bar: either you can screw it into the frame or use adhesive strips.

Because it doesn’t rely on pressure to keep it fixed, there is less chance it could be shaken out of place. This is also one of the most affordable bars on this list at $18.90.

Burglabar Patio Door Lock 2 Pack

For the final product we have from Burglabar, we are featuring something a bit different. This product differs quite a bit from the previous adjustable bars, but it’s still a pretty nifty concept.

The Burglabar door lock is made of durable clear materials and affixed with a powerful adhesive. These clips may look unassuming, but they can withstand up to 450 pounds of pressure when applied properly.

These would be a great option if you want some added security without drawing any attention to the device. This 2-pack can be purchased for $11.95.

Do Door Security Bars Work?

We have looked at quite a selection of different security bar options, but you may be wondering if they are a good security investment. We think that they can be a great solution for an unobtrusive, easy-to-install security measure.

As we have seen, they are usually quite affordable as well, making them a great alternative to an expensive fixed security door.

How To Use Master Lock Door Security Bar

Earlier, we looked at a security bar by Master Lock. While we are focusing on this bar again, the idea will be the same for any of the similar adjustable bars we looked at.

Using this bar is incredibly simple, as all you need to do is remove the part that would attach to a regular door handle, adjust the length and then insert it into the door. The product page features a handy video that shows you how easy it is to insert this and similar bars.

How To Install Patio Door Security Bars

Some of the bars we looked at do require a bit of work for permanent installation. While this does require a bit of extra work, they have been specifically designed to be easy to install while requiring basic tools.

This video by Ideal Security shows you how easy it is to install. The video will be handy for showing you whether this bar will be suitable and will also be a great guide if you decide to purchase it.


It can never hurt to have some added security, and this review has shown us that having that extra piece of mind can be simple and affordable to achieve.

Whether you want a robust, permanent security bar or a convenient portable alternative that can be taken on vacation, we hope this review has helped you find the perfect product for your needs.

Here are all our favorite security bars sorted by price: