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Best Solar Power Bank for Backpacking

Raise your hand if you have ever gone off-grid and grudgingly spent several days without contacting your loved ones. While backpacking is always fun and therapeutic, navigating the unknown with uncharged gadgets like smartphones and GPS devices can dampen the excitement. This is why investing in the best solar power bank for backpacking is a must before your next outdoor activity.

Overall Best Selling Solar Power Bank for Backpacking

Quadrapro Solar Power Bank With Wireless & Dual USB Charging By Frog & Co By Frog & Co.

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Whether you're in need of some extra power to call for a rescue or you just want to post a picture of a gorgeous view, we believe you should be able to harness the free power of the sun. With a built-in power bank, it offers a compact design that can trav

You might agree that the only constant about the outdoors is the unpredictability of the power supply. Hence, you might still have dead batteries when using electricity-powered power banks. However, you can find the best backpacking solar power bank that is convenient, efficient, portable, and versatile.

In today’s article, we present to you the best solar power bank for backpacking. We also delve deeper by considering lightness and capacity, among other questions you might have for a successful power-charged backpacking endeavor.

Key Takeaways

  • The best power banks for Ultralight backpacking are the SanJack Foldable Solar Panel Charger and the QuadraPro solar power bank. Their best features include portability, weatherproof nature, and convenience.
  • Lightest power bank for backpacking: the Patriot Power Cell and the PocketSun solar panel. Our favorite features include compactness, varied gadget compatibility, and impressive battery capacity.
  • High high-capacity power bank for backpacking: the 50000mAh solar power bank is every backpacker’s dream. It provides stress-free charging (up to 17 charges) and charges up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Best Power bank for Ultralight Backpacking

Not all backpacking is the same, as some require you to carry only the lightest and tiniest gear. With that, ultralight backpacking renders your bulky power banks impractical, requiring only the featherweight options.

Here are the best power banks for ultralight backpacking that we recommend:

QuadraPro Solar Power Bank

A first visual impression of this power bank may have you thinking it does not pack much. However, it is the one thing you need to have your gadgets charged up during your weeks-long backpacking. Here are the reasons why we recommend it as the best solar charger power bank for lightweight backpacking:

Water Resistant, Drop, and Shock-proof

Nothing compares to the heartache of having your power bank ruined by a few drops of water during backpacking. Oftentimes, people have had to pause their backpacking activity after water damage. The QuadraPro solar power bank is waterproof, so you can use it even when it’s raining. How cool!

Additionally, the manufacturers made this knowing that accidents are inevitable in the outdoors. You can drop this solar power bank and pick it up like nothing happened since it has panels protected with a thin sheet of sturdy plastic. Besides, its edges and the back have a grippy and tough silicon coating for a more secure grip.

It is Compact yet Lightweight

This gem has come to your rescue if you still have to count the stars waiting for one gadget to charge before starting another. The QuadraPro solar power bank weighs only 13.1 ounces but charges up to 3 devices concurrently with the dual charging ports. Extra points for you if you have a wireless device since all you need to do is place it on top for the QuadraPro solar power bank to do its magic.

Owing to its incredibly lightweight and compact size, you can slide it into your side pocket, purse, or glove compartment for an effortless backpacking experience.

Convenient Charging

This bad boy also has built-in magnets you can attach to a metal object like your off-grid truck for convenient and safe charging. Its sturdy carabiner also lets you hook it on your back and get free power on the move. It is hands-down the best solar power bank for backpacking.

Besides this, you do not need to worry about it dying unexpectedly since placing it in the sun or plugging it in automatically reveals how much charge it has.

Comes with a Big Backup Battery

The QuadraPro solar power bank packs pleasant surprises, including a 6500 mAh battery. Don’t get me wrong: the solar power bank in itself is a beast that can withstand multiple power refills to your gadgets. However, the backup battery lets you charge your batteries over three times when the sun is playing hide-and-seek or when you just completely forgot to put it out in the sun to charge.

Comes with a Built-in LED Flashlight

How many of us are scared of the dark, especially on an unfamiliar trail? The QuadraPro solar power back proves to be the best backpacking solar power bank since it has a 50-lumen built-in flashlight. It becomes convenient when you need to light up a room, a campsite, or a trail.

SunJack Foldable Solar Panel Charger

The SunJack foldable solar panel charger is every backpacker’s dream. Here are the features that will have you sold:


First, it has a weatherproof ETFE exterior layer which gives it its rugged look to improve its performance and durability. Which increases its lifespan and makes it lower maintenance than PET exterior layers common in most portable solar power banks. It is also waterproof, drop-proof, and shock-proof to make your outdoor life a blast.


The SunJack foldable solar panel charger is portable and handy, thanks to the compact panels foldable to the size of a typical tablet that fits in a backpack. You also won’t need bulky straps since the integrated magnetic closure system lets you keep its panels closed during storage.

You can also use the mesh pockets to secure all your electronics and accessories when backpacking. The elastic straps secure your phone, power bank, and other electronics when storing or transporting them, making it the one of best portable power banks for backpacking.

Safe and Powerful

This solar power bank has monocrystalline solar panels with ETFE structure to yield maximum efficiency and unrivaled UV-ray permeability. It has dual USB ports to charge USB-A and USB-C devices. What’s more, it has a built-in smart IC chip that intelligently recognizes your device and picks the ideal, fastest, but safest charging speed.

In addition, the SunJack foldable solar panel charger is the best solar charger power bank for backpacking as it has protection against short-circuiting, current limiting, and overheating. This way, you worry less about gadgets and spend more energy and time on outdoor activities.

Includes 2 High-Quality Powerbanks

It comes with two high-volume 10000mAh power banks with quick charge GC3.0 and USB-C compatibility at up to 18W which provides 80% faster charging than typical solar chargers.


Another thing that makes the SunJack foldable solar panel charger the best backpacking solar power bank is its versatility. We all know that the outdoors has varied emergencies that become dire during a power blackout. Gone are the days when you would need a specific solar power bank for each activity. Whether you are going hiking, camping, backpacking, or on outdoor adventures, this solar power bank will be a constant essential and literal lifesaver.

Lightest Power Bank for Backpacking

Most backpackers consider the weight of their overall luggage when backpacking for several reasons, including convenience. No one wants to get worn down by a heavy backpack that mostly contains a weighty power bank that hardly keeps any battery.

Patriot Power Cell

Patriot power cell is a handy solar phone charger that is every backpacker’s dream. Here is why we recommend it:

Impressive Capacity

While this solar-powered power bank is tiny enough to fit in a pocket, it can recharge your smartphone up to six times! I guess they were referring to this when they said looks are deceiving since its lithium-polymer batteries stores up to 8000mAh of power individually.

Charges Up to 2 Phones at a Time

Most backpackers often have multiple gadgets for varied purposes. These include smartphones, GPS trackers, a tablet, and sometimes, cameras. Having a single-charge power bank is time-consuming, inconvenient, and unreliable. The Patriot power cell lets you charge two of your devices simultaneously so you focus on living it up in the outdoors.

Free Recharge Using the Sun

We live in a world where almost nothing is free, except for free power using solar-powered devices like the Patriot power cell. Each contains a built-in 5-inch solar panel that you can recharge in the sunlight.

If you are a backpacker, you do not have to worry about staying in one place to charge. This is one of the best solar power banks for backpacking because it clamps onto your backpack and recharges as you live the adventure.

If you’re worried about its practicality in gloomy outdoors that barely get any sunlight, note that this gem is USB-chargeable. Plug it into a power source and charge it during nighttime or when there is no sunlight.

Works for any USB-Compatible Device

How many times have you bought a new power bank only to realize that it is incompatible with most of your devices? The best backpacking solar power bank ought to offer convenience by allowing for compatibility with your gadgets. Here, the Patriot power cell charges any USB-compatible device by plugging it in and switching on the power button. Talk about convenience!

PocketSun Solar Panel

The PocketSun solar panel is your best friend for all those days spent outdoors away from reliable power sources. Here is why we recommend it as one of the best solar charger power banks for backpacking:


It is foldable and lightweight for convenient transportation when backpacking. It weighs 0.93 lbs and measures 8.88” by 4.75” by 1.25” when folded. This way, you can easily pull it out and charge your devices on the go.


The PocketSun solar panel is a one-size-fits-all in the outdoor power backup category. You can use it to charge your smartwatch (0.2 hours), smartphone (2 hours), Halo XT tactical flashlight and Bugout solar lantern (1.04 hours), Patriot power cell (4.14 hours), and tablet (5.2 hours).

Best High Capacity Powerbank for Backpacking

If your power bank can barely charge your devices multiple times, it may be time to look for another. A high-capacity power bank is a solution to all your off-grid needs.

Here is the best high-capacity power bank for backpacking, including reasons why we recommend it:

50000mAh Solar Power Bank

The 50000mAh solar power bank is a multi-use beast for power juice. Below are its features that will have you sold;

50000mAh Power Capacity for Endless Charging

This solar power bank has a whopping 50000mAh battery capacity for stress-free charging. It provides 17.4 charges for your iPhone 12 and 12.2 charges for your Samsung S21. However, we recommend charging for 24 hours upon purchase to promote its functionality. You should also ensure maximum charging before packing it for a backpacking activity.

Has a LED Flashlight with 3 Light Modes

Imagine a solar power bank with not one but 3 LED flashlight light modes. How handy? These are bright, low-light, and strobe modes, perfect for outdoor living. It is also ideal for emergencies, which the outdoors is full of.

It is easy to operate and change the light modes. All you need to do is double-press its button to enable the bright mode. Press it once to shift to low-light mode and a further press for strobe mode. Double-press to turn it off.

Charges 4 Devices Concurrently Has 4 Output and 2 Input Ports

The 50000mAh solar power bank has two input and four output ports, which include one type-C input port plus one micro input port. It is compatible with most earphones, smartphones, and other standard electronic gadgets and supports powering four smartphones concurrently.

One major downside is that extremely high temperatures can spoil it. Experts also discourage flying with it.

In the wilderness, your gear’s reliability can be the difference between peril and safety. Solar power banks, like those reviewed, are essential for keeping communication devices operational, a critical factor given that emergency situations have risen globally. The portability and efficiency of these solar power banks ensure that, even off-grid, you’re never out of reach from help, making them indispensable for any serious backpacker or emergency preparedness kit.

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How to Charge Solar Power Bank

Angle your solar power bank towards the sun to charge it. Its embedded solar panel will immediately start recharging your power bank once exposed to the sun’s rays.

How to Charge Solar Power Bank without Sun

You can charge your solar power bank that has a battery by connecting it to a wall power outlet or any alternative power source. To do so, connect one end of the USB connector to your power bank and the other to the power source. If you have no USB adapter, plug it into your computer’s USB port.

Most solar power banks have indicators to show that it is charging. Watch out for light streaks or bar signs, with blinking or red light to show for charging.

How Long Does a Solar Power Bank take to Charge?

The time taken for a solar power bank to fully charge depends on the intensity and steadiness of the sunlight. However, the best solar charger power bank for backpacking takes between 25 to 50 hours in ideal conditions.

Watch the light indicators to know when your solar power bank is fully charged. Four lights or bars often indicate fully charged.

Are Solar Power Banks Worth it?

Yes. Solar power banks are a worthy investment for outdoor lovers who often encounter the unpredictability of power and power sources. They are more portable, versatile, and convenient, letting backpackers and other nature lovers use their electric gadgets worry-free.

However, solar power banks can be impractical for people living in places with minimal sunny days. They also have high initial costs and lengthier returns on investment. Still, you can charge and use them as backup power sources during emergencies.

How Do Solar Power Banks Work?

Solar power banks convert the sun’s energy into electricity and store it in their rechargeable batteries. They then charge your electronic gadgets by connecting the power bank to them via a USB code.

Still having trouble deciding? Here is all our recommendations for the best solar power bank for backpacking, sorted by price: