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Best Waterproof Windproof Matches

If you’re ever in a survival situation, one of the most important elements you need access to is fire. Being able to start a fire means being able to dry off wet clothes, stay warm, and stave off hypothermia, as well as being able to purify water and cook food.

It’s an important survival factor, and not just for emergencies, but for basic camping and hiking too. Camping out at night just isn’t the same without a fire, something that can be hard to get started in wet and windy conditions.

However, with something as simple as windproof and waterproof matches, you can effectively work around wind and moisture issues, and get that fire roaring. Let’s determine what the best waterproof and windproof survival matches are to have in your survival kit.

Key Takeaways

  • Extended Burn Time: Choose matches like UCO Stormproof for long-lasting flames that are crucial for reliable fire starting.
  • Superior Weather Resistance: Opt for matches that can perform in heavy rain and strong winds, essential for outdoor and emergency use.
  • Ease of Use: Select matches that ignite quickly and easily on various surfaces for efficient fire starting.
  • Durable and Portable Packaging: Ensure matches come in robust, waterproof containers that are easy to carry and store.

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Introduction to Waterproof Windproof Matches

Waterproof and windproof matches, otherwise known as stormproof matches, are important tools for survivalists, campers, and hikers, and for general emergency preparedness purposes. As far as warmth, signaling for help, and cooking are concerned, fire is one of your best friends, but getting that fire started in poor weather conditions can be extremely challenging.

This is where stormproof matches come into play, which are designed to strike, light, and remain lit even in strong winds and rain. These matches are usually coated with waterproof substances, often something like wax, whereas others may take the form of more permanent matches, almost like fuel-powered lighters.

Waterproof and windproof matches generally have much larger and longer heads, allowing for longer burn times, and making it easier to light materials that may be moist. When you get forced into a survival scenario, stormproof matches can make all the difference and should be a part of any emergency kit.

How to Use Stormproof Matches

Before you get to using waterproof matches, it is important that you store them properly. Although they are generally waterproof, prolonged exposure to moisture, especially if submerged, can ruin them, so it’s best to keep them in a waterproof container if possible.

Then, before you use the matches, prepare the fire. Try to gather as much dry kindling and tinder as you can, and arrange it in a way that will burn well, such as a classic teepee-fire style. Next, when striking the match, use your body or another large object to shield from the wind. Although most of these matches are highly wind resistant, they may not be 100% windproof.

Most stormproof matches come with a special striker. If yours do, now is the time to strike the match on the designated striker. Some matches may not come with a striker, or they may be waterproof, windproof, or strike anywhere. These are convenient because as long as you have a rough surface, you should be able to strike and light the matches anywhere.

Once the match is lit, don’t immediately try to light the fire. Instead, hold the match upside horizontal or even slightly inverted for a second, to allow more of it to light. This way, you’ll have a strong flame even with adverse weather conditions. Allow the flame to stabilize and grow, and then light your fire.

Flys Windproof and Waterproof Matches

First, we have the Flys Windproof and Waterproof Matches. They may look deceptively simple, but feature a waterproof coating that allows them to stay dry even in wet conditions and can still light even if the exterior of the matches gets wet.

The large phosphorus head should be able to remain lit even if submerged, an impressive feat no doubt.

The thickness of the striking head also produces a strong and reliable flame that should be able to resist heavy winds with ease.

The matches themselves are 75mm long, which allows them to have a maximum burn time of 15 seconds. The container features a special striker pad which must be used to light the matches.

On that note, they’re also designed to prevent spontaneous combustion, so they don’t accidentally light up in your pocket.

Each package comes with 20 matches, and it equals roughly $1 per match. While that may be quite expensive when compared to other stormproof matches, the value you get is still quite high seeing as the quality is there.

UCO Stormproof Matches

If you’re looking for windproof and waterproof matches that are a little more affordable than our top pick, but still work more than well enough in adverse weather conditions, then these UCO Stormproof Matches should be considered. They are advertised as being 100% stormproof and should burn even in the heaviest of rains and wind.

There are several options to choose from, including a 105mm, 95 millimeter, 70mm, 54mm, and 53mm configuration. The longer matches are also substantially thicker than the shorter ones, allowing for a bigger and stronger flame. If you expect very strong wind and rain, the thickest and longest of the UCO matches are recommended.

The phosphorus head of these matches should be able to burn underwater and should strike virtually anywhere. Unfortunately, the material that these matches are coated in is not specified, although they do seem to function as advertised. They should burn for up to 15 seconds, which should be more than enough time to get any fire started.

Speaking of striking, the matchbox comes with a dedicated striker pad, as well as additional strikers in case the main one gets wet. Each box comes with 25 matches, and it comes in at $9.99 plus tax, making it a fairly cost-effective product.

Coghlan Waterproof Matches

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For just under $9, here you get four boxes of waterproof matches, each of which contain 40 matches, for a total of 160 matches. This is therefore so far the most affordable set of windproof and waterproof matches on the list today.

With that being said, although they are advertised as being waterproof, the materials used to achieve this have not been specified. However, the Coghlan Waterproof Matches should be able to light in rainy conditions, although they will likely not continue burning if fully submerged, as the striker and overall head of the match is not overly large.

The matches come in at just under 2” in length, which makes them ideal for portability’s sake, but also means that their burn time is likely not very long.

Although it also isn’t specified, based on the size of the matches, it’s safe to assume that the maximum burn time will be somewhere around 10 seconds at the very most.

Keep in mind that while these matches should perform well in wet conditions, they are not windproof. Also, they must be lit using the dedicated striker, and lighting them anywhere else will be a challenge, although this also means that they won’t light accidentally.

Zippo Typhoon Matches

Heading in the opposite direction, the Zippo Typhoon Matches are some of the most expensive ones on our list today, coming in at well over $30. Each package comes with 25 pieces, meaning that each match is more than a dollar. Although this may be quite expensive, the benefits that they bring to the table are nearly unrivaled.

The length of the matches is 4”, which combined with the waterproof coating over the phosphorus heads, allows each match to burn for up to 30 seconds. Not only is that an incredibly long burn time for a match, but thanks to the coated phosphorus design, they’ll even stay lit underwater as long as there’s phosphorus left.

Furthermore, thanks to the thick phosphorus head that these matches are made from, the flame is extremely strong and intense and is therefore also able to resist very strong winds.

The Zippo Typhoon Matches Come in a sealed water-resistant storage kit, one that features an O-ring for a waterproof seal, and a floating design.

This case will most certainly keep these matches dry, and it comes with an integrated water-resistant end cap under which the strike pad is kept. This helps keep the strike pad dry and ready for use at any time. It also features a convenient little hole so you can attach it to a lanyard. 

Matches inside its box

SURVIVE Permanent Match

Here we have what is by far one of the most interesting products on the list today, the SURVIVE Permanent Match. Technically speaking, it’s more of a lighter than it is a match. The reason we say this is because it comes in the form of a metal canister that is full of lighter fluid.

Inside that canister is something that may resemble a match, although it’s actually a metal stick combined with a wick. That wick soaks up the lighter fluid, and therefore acts as a match or lighter.

One of the reasons why it’s so highly wind and waterproof is because of that lighter fluid. A combustible liquid like lighter fluid is perfect as far as wind and water resistance are concerned due to its highly flammable nature.

Another benefit this has is that the match can stay lit for many minutes, as long as there’s still fuel in the wick, thus allowing you to take your time when lighting a fire. This can come in quite handy if the material you are trying to light is moist.

The match features threading on it which screws into the canister, therefore ensuring that it stays in one place and that the lighter fluid does not leak out. It takes a second to unscrew, but it’s also very reliable. The match head also has a keyring on it, so you can attach it to your person.

The canister comes with a dedicated magnesium steel alloy flint rod striker that lasts for up to 15,000 strikes. Speaking of the canister, it’s made mostly of stainless steel, combined with a bit of high-quality ABS plastic to ensure maximum durability.

What’s surprising is that for such a high-quality product, you don’t even pay that much, coming in at $29.99 for five pieces. We’d say that even one of these is worth that price, but getting five of them is a bargain.

Survival Frog Waterproof and Windproof Matches

The Survival Frog Waterproof and Windproof Matches cost just $7.97 plus tax, and you get 20 of them, making them reasonably priced.

Each match is 3.1” long and should stay lit for up to 15 seconds. Their coated phosphorus tip allows for a strong and stable flame even in windy conditions, and the coating helps keep them dry as well, although the nature of the coating is not specified.

The included case is made of plastic and features a solid seal to ensure that the interior stays dry. The easy screw-on lid makes getting to the matches fast and easy.

This canister also makes this product ideal for storage and transportation. There’s also a dedicated striker integrated into the lid, which must be used to light the Survival Frog Waterproof and Windproof Matches.

Uncharted Pro Stormproof Matches


Last but not least, we have the Uncharted Pro Stormproof Matches. They are reasonably affordable, coming in at $10 for 20 matches, equaling $0.50 per match. They’re long enough to achieve a maximum burn time of 15 seconds, which should be substantial enough to light virtually any fire.

Each match features a thick phosphorus head that produces a strong and intense flame, which should be reasonably wind-resistant. Thanks to their special coating, which is also unspecified, they should also be highly water resistant and able to light even in wet conditions.

The Uncharted Pro Stormproof Matches come in a waterproof plastic container to keep them in one piece while not in use, and there are two strikers included. These matches must be lit using the included strikers.