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Blink Alternatives

When you’re considering a security camera for your home, you want something reliable, easy to use, and with top-notch customer service. Many of you have shared with us that you’ve turned to Blink for its affordability and simplicity. Yet, some of you are seeking alternatives due to various concerns; perhaps you’ve encountered issues that lead you to explore other options.

For those of you who have faced frustrations, such as poor connectivity, we understand how crucial it is to have a dependable camera system. Connectivity issues can be a significant hurdle; you need a camera that stays online to monitor your home effectively.

We’ve listened.

And we’ve taken your feedback, along with your stories, to heart. We’ve been in your shoes, looking for a security camera that fits our specific needs and expectations. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing alternatives that might serve you better.

Our commitment is to help you find a security camera system that’s not just a good fit, but the right fit for your home.

With that said, we’ve curated a list of the best alternatives to Blink in 2024. These recommendations come from our own experiences and thorough research, ensuring you have a variety of options to consider.

Best Alternatives to Blink in 2024


Alternative #1: Eufy

Eufy’s security products provide a comprehensive range of smart home devices, including security cameras, doorbells, and smart locks. These products are designed for individuals looking for self-managed home security solutions, offering a blend of convenience, efficiency, and privacy.

Eufy distinguishes itself with a strong emphasis on privacy and local storage options. This approach addresses a common concern among homeowners about where and how their data is stored.

A significant aspect of Eufy’s product lineup is its versatility; whether you need a camera for garages, a floodlight camera, or the Eufy S220, there is likely a Eufy product that fits your specific requirements.

Eufy vs. Blink: How Do They Compare?

  • Local Storage: Eufy offers extensive local storage options, reducing the need for cloud storage and ongoing subscription fees. Blink, while offering local storage through the Sync Module 2, generally emphasizes its cloud storage solutions.
  • Privacy Concerns: Eufy prioritizes user privacy, with data encryption and local storage. Blink, owned by Amazon, integrates well within the Amazon ecosystem, which might raise privacy concerns for some users.
  • Battery Life: Both offer long battery life on their wireless camera models, but actual performance can vary based on settings and usage.
  • Subscription Requirements: Eufy’s advanced features, such as AI person detection, are often available without a subscription. Blink requires a subscription for similar advanced features.


Feature Eufy Blink
Local Storage Options Extensive; supports direct to device storage Available; requires Sync Module 2
Privacy Prioritizes user privacy with local storage and data encryption Data stored on cloud; integrates with Amazon ecosystem
Subscription Model Optional; many features available without subscription Required for access to all features
Battery Life Varies by model; generally long-lasting Varies by model; up to two years depending on usage

Eufy Features and Benefits

Eufy’s lineup of home security products includes several notable features aimed at enhancing user convenience and security.

Easy Installation

Eufy cameras are designed for straightforward, DIY installation, requiring minimal tools and technical know-how.
This ease of setup allows you to quickly position and reposition your cameras as needed, without professional help.

Advanced Motion Detection

With built-in AI, Eufy cameras can distinguish between general movement and human shapes, reducing false alerts.
This feature ensures that you are only notified of meaningful activity, without being overwhelmed by irrelevant alerts.

Integrated Smart Home Ecosystem

Eufy products seamlessly integrate with major smart home systems, allowing for comprehensive home automation.
Control your security setup alongside other smart devices through a single app, making smart home management more convenient.

Eufy Pricing

Eufy pricing page


Eufy offers a range of pricing plans, catering to different user needs without requiring a subscription for basic functionalities.

Basic Plan: Free

  • Local Storage: Direct access to video recordings and data on the device.
  • AI Features: Includes basic motion detection without additional costs.
  • Smart Integration: Works with major smart home assistants for centralized control.
  • No Monthly Fees: Access to essential features without ongoing costs.

Premium Plan: Price varies by feature

  • Extended Cloud Storage: More space for video history and secure cloud storage options.
  • Advanced AI Detection: Enhanced person and object detection capabilities.
  • Priority Customer Support: Faster access to customer assistance and troubleshooting.
  • Smart Alerts: Customizable alert settings for more precise monitoring.

Subscription-Free Options

Eufy’s emphasis on privacy and local storage means many of its cameras do not require a subscription, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term use.

Alternative #2: Arlo


Arlo's front page

Arlo offers a comprehensive range of security cameras and systems designed to provide peace of mind to homeowners and renters alike. Known for its high-quality video, advanced features, and ease of use, Arlo’s products are suitable for monitoring indoor and outdoor spaces. For those interested in exploring their options, visit Arlo.

Arlo Features and Benefits

Arlo cam sitting in the rain

Arlo’s security solutions come packed with features aimed at enhancing the safety of your home through innovative technology.

100% Wire-Free Cameras

Arlo’s cameras are completely wire-free, offering the flexibility to place them anywhere without worrying about nearby power outlets. This feature allows for easy installation and repositioning to cover different areas as needed.

Arlo cameras also come with rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements and reducing the overall maintenance effort and cost.

HD Video with Night Vision

Arlo cameras deliver high-definition video quality, ensuring that you can see clear details in the footage captured. Night vision capability extends this clarity to low-light conditions, making Arlo effective round the clock.

The inclusion of a wide-angle lens enhances field of view, capturing more of your property in a single frame for comprehensive monitoring.

Advanced Motion Detection and Alerts

With Arlo, you get advanced motion detection technology that can distinguish between different types of motion, helping to reduce false alarms. Users receive immediate alerts on their smartphones, enabling them to respond quickly to potential threats.

Arlo’s siren feature can be triggered remotely or by motion, adding an extra layer of deterrence against unwanted visitors.

Arlo Pricing

Arlo pricing

Arlo offers several subscription plans, each designed to meet different user needs and enhance the functionality of Arlo cameras and systems.

Arlo Secure

  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Annual: $89.99
  • Features: Interactive Notifications, Up to 4K video recording resolution, Priority care and support
  • Camera Options: Single Camera or Unlimited Cameras for slightly higher fees

This plan is ideal for individuals or families looking for enhanced video quality and responsive support for their home security system.

Arlo Secure Plus

  • Monthly: $17.99
  • Annual: $199.99
  • Features: Includes all Arlo Secure features, Up to 4K recording, 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Camera Options: Unlimited Cameras

For those requiring the highest level of security monitoring, including around-the-clock emergency response, the Secure Plus plan offers comprehensive coverage.

Safe & Secure Pro

  • Monthly: $24.99
  • Annual: $299.99
  • Features: Includes all Arlo Secure Plus features, 24/7 Professional Monitoring, along with Guardian Mode, One Tap Safety, Alerts to Emergency Contacts, and more
  • Camera Options: Unlimited Cameras

This plan is designed for users seeking professional monitoring in addition to the advanced security features offered by Arlo.

Alternative #3: Ring

Ring front page

Ring’s suite of products offers a comprehensive approach to home security, featuring video doorbells, security cameras, smart lighting, and alarm systems. Designed for homeowners and renters looking for a more connected and secure living environment, Ring devices allow users to monitor and manage their home security from anywhere. For a closer look at what Ring has to offer, visit Ring.

Ring Features and Benefits

ring camera hanging up on a wall

Ring’s ecosystem of products is designed to provide a seamless and integrated security experience for your home.

Easy DIY Installation

Ring products are designed for easy setup, allowing most users to install the devices themselves without professional assistance. This DIY approach makes Ring an accessible option for enhancing home security.

The instructions and tools provided with each product guide you through the installation process, ensuring a quick and hassle-free setup.

Smart Home Integration

Ring devices integrate with a variety of smart home ecosystems, making it possible to control your security system alongside other smart devices. This integration simplifies the management of your home’s security and automation features.

Whether using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTT, Ring’s compatibility with these platforms enhances the functionality and convenience of your security system.

Customizable Motion Detection

Ring’s advanced motion detection technology allows you to customize motion zones, ensuring you’re only alerted to the activity that matters most to you. This feature minimizes false alarms and keeps you informed of real threats.

Adjustable sensitivity settings and the ability to disable motion alerts for specific zones or times offer further control over your home’s security monitoring.

Ring Pricing

Ring pricing

Ring Protect Plans offer various levels of service to fit different needs, from basic video recording to professional monitoring.

Ring Protect Basic

  • Monthly Price: $4.99
  • Annual Price: $49.99
  • Features: Includes video history for up to 180 days, snapshot capture, person and package alerts, rich notifications, and the ability to download up to 50 videos at once.

This plan is ideal for individuals looking for essential video recording and notification features without the need for extensive monitoring services.

Ring Protect Plus

  • Monthly Price: $10
  • Annual Price: $100
  • Features: Builds on the Basic plan by adding automation of camera home and away modes, digital arm and disarm of the Ring Alarm, alarm digital notifications and event history, 10% off select products at and, and extended warranties.

Suitable for users who want more control and savings on their security system, along with extended coverage for their devices.

Ring Protect Pro

  • Starting Monthly Price: $20
  • Annual Price: $200
  • Features: Includes all features of the Plus plan, plus 24/7 alarm professional monitoring, alarm cellular backup, 24/7 backup internet with optional extra data, digital security by eero Secure, Ring Edge with local video storage, and potential savings on home insurance.

This comprehensive plan is designed for users seeking the highest level of security and convenience, with professional monitoring and advanced connectivity options.

Alternative #4: Wyze

wyze front page

Wyze is a company that stands out for its affordable smart home products ranging from security cameras to smart plugs and bulbs. These products are designed for individuals looking to enhance their home’s security and convenience without breaking the bank. For more information, explore Wyze.

Wyze Features and Benefits

Wyze products are packed with features that aim to make smart home technology accessible to everyone.

High-Resolution Video

Wyze cameras offer 1080p to 2.5K video resolution, ensuring that you get clear and detailed footage. This feature is crucial for identifying details during security incidents.

Wyze’s high-resolution cameras allow for sharp images, which are essential for both day and night surveillance. This clarity ensures that users can see exactly what is happening in and around their home at all times.

AI Features

Wyze incorporates advanced AI features like person detection, which helps in minimizing false alarms caused by pets or moving shadows. This intelligent detection can send alerts directly to your phone, making home monitoring more efficient.

The AI capabilities of Wyze cameras also include sound recognition, which can detect the unique frequencies of smoke and CO alarms, sending you alerts when these sounds are identified.

Seamless Smart Home Integration

Wyze products are designed to work seamlessly with other smart home devices, including voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. This integration allows for a unified smart home experience, where users can control their devices with simple voice commands.

Integrating Wyze with other smart home ecosystems enhances the functionality of the devices, allowing users to create routines and automations that can simplify daily tasks and improve home security.

Wyze Pricing

wyze pricing

Wyze offers various pricing plans that cater to different needs, from basic monitoring to full home automation and security services.

Cam Plus

  • Unlimited Video Length: Record full-length videos without the 12-second limit.
  • Person Detection: Get notified when a person is detected.
  • Vehicle Detection: Know when a vehicle is in your driveway or moving near your home.
  • Package Detection: Get alerts when a package is delivered to your doorstep.

This plan is perfect for users looking for enhanced detection and unlimited video recording capabilities.

Cam Plus Pro

  • Professional Monitoring: 24/7 professional monitoring to respond to alarm triggers.
  • AI Detection: Advanced AI that recognizes people, vehicles, and packages.
  • Emergency Button: One-touch emergency services call button within the Wyze app.

Ideal for those who want the peace of mind that comes with professional monitoring and advanced detection features.

Wyze Home Monitoring

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring: Round-the-clock monitoring for your home.
  • Wyze Sense: Includes entry, motion, climate, and water sensors.
  • Mobile Alerts: Get instant alerts on your phone for any detected activity or alarms.

Designed for homeowners looking for a comprehensive home security system that includes professional monitoring and a suite of sensors for complete coverage.

Alternative #5: Nest

nest front page

Nest, a line of smart home products developed by Google, focuses on self-learning, sensor-driven, and Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, smoke detectors, security cameras, and doorbells. These products aim to make life easier, more energy-efficient, and secure. You can explore the full range of Nest products by visiting Nest.

Nest Features and Benefits

Nest’s smart home devices come with a variety of features designed to enhance the convenience, security, and energy efficiency of your home.

Smart Thermostats

Nest’s smart thermostats learn your heating and cooling preferences automatically and adjust themselves to your schedule. This feature saves energy by lowering the temperature when you’re away and ensuring your home is comfortable when you return.

The ability to control your thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone ensures that you’re always in control of your home’s climate, even when you’re not there.

Security Cameras and Doorbells

Nest cameras provide around-the-clock surveillance with crystal-clear video, alerting you to any activity in and around your home. The doorbells, equipped with HD video and two-way audio, let you see and speak with visitors at your door, whether you’re at home or away.

With features like person detection and activity zones, you can customize alerts to avoid unnecessary notifications, ensuring that you only get alerted about the things that matter most to you.

Smoke and CO Alarms

The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm speaks to tell you where the danger is and sends alerts to your phone, so you can know what’s happening even if you’re not at home. It also tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade.

Its Pathlight feature illuminates the way in the dark, and the Steam Check ensures that a hot shower won’t trigger your smoke alarm.

Nest Pricing

nest pricing

Nest offers several pricing plans for its subscription services, which enhance the functionality of its devices with additional features, such as more video history and intelligent alerts.

Nest Aware

  • Event-Based Recording: Saves event-based recordings from your security cameras and doorbells.
  • Intelligent Alerts: Person, animal, and vehicle detection to reduce false alarms.
  • Activity Zones: Customize important areas for more precise monitoring.
  • 5-Day Video History: Access your video history for up to 5 days.

Nest Aware Plus

  • 10-Day 24/7 Video History: Continuous recording, ensuring you never miss a thing.
  • 60-Day Event Video History: Review what happened in the past two months.
  • All Nest Aware Features: Includes all the benefits of the Nest Aware plan.

These plans are designed to cater to varying user needs, from basic intelligent alerts and event history to extensive video history and continuous recording, ensuring your home is always monitored effectively.

What to Look for in a Blink Alternative?

When exploring alternatives to Blink, several criteria stand out as most important:

  • Video Quality: High-resolution video helps in identifying details during security incidents. Look for cameras that offer 1080p resolution or higher.
  • Storage Options: Consider whether you prefer local storage for privacy reasons or the convenience of cloud storage. A mix of both could offer a versatile solution.
  • Smart Home Integration: The ability to integrate with other smart home devices enhances the functionality and convenience of your security system.
  • Price and Subscription Model: Evaluate the upfront costs and ongoing subscription fees to ensure they fit within your budget.
  • Ease of Use and Setup: A system that is easy to install and manage can save you time and frustration.

What Is the Best Blink Alternative?

We’ve evaluated several alternatives based on the criteria most important to you. Here’s how they stack up, with Eufy leading the pack:

Security Camera Video Quality Storage Options Smart Home Integration Price Value Ease of Use Overall Score
Eufy 4.9 4.8 4.7 4.8 4.9 4.82
Arlo 4.8 4.6 4.5 4.5 4.7 4.62
Ring 4.7 4.5 4.8 4.4 4.6 4.6
Wyze 4.5 4.7 4.4 4.9 4.8 4.66
Nest 4.6 4.4 4.9 4.3 4.5 4.54

Get Started with Eufy

Eufy stands out as the top alternative to Blink for several reasons. Most notably, it offers a high level of video quality, ensuring clear and detailed footage. The storage options are flexible, catering to varying preferences for cloud and local storage. Its ease of use and setup make Eufy accessible for users of all tech levels, while smart home integration and competitive pricing offer a comprehensive security solution without overwhelming costs.

Choosing Eufy means opting for a security camera system that balances quality, convenience, and value. It’s a choice that aligns with our commitment at Batten Safe to guide you toward making informed decisions about protecting your home and loved ones.

For those who prioritize their family’s safety, Batten Safe is here to support your journey toward a secure home environment.