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March 22nd, 2023

Is Identity Guard Legit?

The internet has become an essential resource we use in our everyday lives. We use it for everything from our livelihoods and daily communication to watching our favorite entertainment. This…
March 21st, 2023

Best Secure Wireless Router for Home

The internet has become a modern necessity that most people use in some way, shape, or form every day. Since its humble beginnings, the internet has become something it’s hard…
March 20th, 2023

Is Tweakbox Safe? – All You Need to Know

Most of us are used to the iOS store and the Android Play Store as the mainstream app sources and installers. However, there are some apps that iOS and Android…
March 20th, 2023

5 Wallets for Securely Storing Cryptocurrency

Furthermore, to properly secure your crypto assets, a hard drive is key—this is a physical device, such as a USB drive that stores your private keys locally and is disconnected…
March 20th, 2023

Is File2Share Safe?

Progress in the digital world has come with multiple benefits, with online file sharing among the most remarkable. It has simplified the sharing of files, including word documents, images, music,…
February 28th, 2023

Is Y2mate Safe? All You Should Know

With millions of videos to watch, including movies, music videos, and shows, YouTube has become a significant entertainment source for most people. Moreover, YouTube serves an audience of all ages,…
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Panda VPN Review

Did you know that you risk your personal data safety and privacy every time you use the internet? While this is true, VPN networks like Panda VPN promote your online safety and more, including bypassing geo-restrictions in video streaming platforms like Netflix. Keep reading to learn what Panda VPN is, its server network coverage, and...

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NordVPN Review 2022

Quick Hits: NordVPN Review 2022 1-month subscription: $11.99 per month 1-year plan: $4.99 per month 12-month subscription: $3.99 per month Best for: Individuals who want a three-in-one cybersecurity tool for a VPN, password manager, and secure file storage. NordVPN is Batten’s top choice for a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. While it’s a VPN, it...

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Keeper Password Manager Review 2022

Keeper is Batten’s recommendation for the most secure password manager. It’s best suited for those who are technically confident, as the extra security requires a bit more work upfront.

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1Password Password Manager Review 2022

1Password is another expert-recommended, user-vetted password manager available on the Batten Marketplace. It has all the features you'd want in a password manager at a great price.

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Dashlane Password Manager Review 2022

Dashlane is Batten’s top password manager for several reasons: It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and offers the most bang for your buck.

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