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Dashlane VPN Review

Until recent years, VPNs were not widely known to people who weren’t enthusiastic about new technology, but these days they have become much more popular.

For many people, it’s not a question of whether to use a VPN, but which one you will choose. There are so many different options that it can be difficult to determine which are worthwhile and which are a waste of money.

Dashlane is a less well-known option, but it presents itself as a compelling choice for internet security. It’s a bit more complicated than other VPN options, however, as the VPN service is only part of certain pricing tiers.

We will go over this in more detail throughout this review in order to determine whether this service is a good fit for you and your family.

Key Takeaways

  • Dashlane has multiple services, starting with a password manager and progressing to the VPN service.
  • VPNs have become very important when it comes to maintaining anonymity and accessing regional content.
  • You ideally want your VPN provider to have great security features as well as general features that make it easy and secure to use.
  • We will go over some of the key features, benefits, and pricing tiers to show you what this service has to offer.

Overview of Dashlane VPN

Dashlane is not in and of itself a VPN service. The two most basic tiers offer a password manager and other basic security features. The VPN is offered with the Premium and Family tiers, but we will go over that in a later section where we will cover the tiers and pricing.

This does set it apart from other VPN suppliers, and whether it is a negative or positive difference will depend on you. Some people may prefer the option to have a simple password manager, yet others may find having the VPN feature behind a higher price to be frustrating.

We have previously looked at Dashlane compared to a competing service in this article, so you can see more information there as well.

Importance of VPN for Privacy and Cybersecurity Protection

Navigating the internet has opened up so many doors for billions of people, and it’s hard to find people who don’t make use of it in one way or another in their everyday lives. While many of us use the internet daily, it has its dark sides.

People are constantly trying to scam others and our personal information is often sold without our knowledge. Some countries also face censorship or can’t access certain pieces of media.

These are issues that a VPN can help to mitigate. They provide additional security and anonymity that anyone can make use of. A VPN has become more of a necessity than a luxury for anyone who uses the Internet a lot and who values their privacy.

For a brief explanation of how VPNs work and why you need one, you can check out this video by Dashlane.

What to Look for in a VPN Provider and Service

When looking for a VPN that’s right for you, there are a few facets you should look for. For starters, you want to make sure that there are strong encryption and security protocols in place. You should also look for what features are available and how many servers the VPN operates on.

Seeing what people’s experience has been like is also worth paying attention to, as some VPNs provide a negative experience for some users. There is a lot more to look out for, and we will cover them, but those are some of the most basic features you should keep an eye on.

In a previous article, we also compared Dashlane with LastPass, which will give you a better idea of the features to look out for.

Also, we have a comprehensive page showing some of the best cybersecurity products you can use if you would like to further beef up your internet security.

Dashlane VPN Review

Key Features And Benefits

  • 256-AES Encryption
    Powerful 256 AES encryption is utilized to keep you, your data, and your network totally secure.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    You won’t have any bandwidth limits on the VPN, at least apart from any bandwidth limits imposed by your ISP.
  • Browser Extensions
    Browser extensions can be utilized to make operating and navigating the VPN much easier and more convenient.
  • Can Be Installed on Routers
    Dashlane partners with Hotspot Shield to provide its VPN services. This can be installed directly on compatible routers to make the service more integrated and convenient.
  • Customizable Server Location for Streaming
    It’s very frustrating to have certain shows, movies, and music locked behind regional restrictions, as it prevents you from enjoying them even if you are willing to pay. The customizable server location settings allow you to change your ISP location so that you can access regionally locked content.
  • Works on Mobile
    If you spend a lot of your internet time on your mobile phone, then you will be able to use the services on your mobile phone for added convenience.


The speed of the Hotspot Shield VPN that Dashlane partners with seems to be rather good. On their product page they claim to be the world’s fastest VPN at 2.2 times the speed of many of their competitors. While it’s hard to say if that claim is accurate, it’s fair to say that you can expect fast speeds when browsing via the VPN.

Security and Privacy

Hotspot Shield uses military-grade encryption to keep you and your privacy secure. This is one of the main purposes of a VPN, so it’s good to see that security and privacy are prioritized.

Server Locations

The VPN has virtual locations in over 80 countries for a total of over 150 locations. This gives you options for accessing regional content and also keeps browsing speeds fast.

Pricing and Packages

The pricing and packages for the service are quite varied. For this review, we will focus on the personal packages and not the available business packages

It should also be emphasized that Dashlane itself is more of a password manager than a VPN service in and of itself. The VPN services are bundled with higher tiers, and that is handled by Hotspot Shield.

You can see more information on the tiers on the product page.

With all that in mind, the tiers are as follows.


The first and most basic tier is the free tier. With this tier, you get basic password management features on one device. While good for basic use, it’s worthwhile to upgrade to one of the more comprehensive tiers.


Advanced is the first paid tier of the service. You have two options for this tier when it comes to pricing.

You can pay an annual plan at $2.75 per month billed annually. If you would rather have a monthly plan, it will be $3.49 per month billed monthly.

This tier has the same features as the free tier but can be used on unlimited devices and includes Dark Web monitoring.


Premium is the first tier that includes the VPN service. Billed annually, it will cost $3.33 per month. Monthly will cost $3.99 instead.

This one includes all the previous benefits but also includes the VPN service.

Friends and Family

The final tier is the friends and family tier. This one has an annual cost of $4.99 per month and a monthly cost of $5.99.

This allows for up to 10 other people to use the service. The main admin will have access to Premium features while others will have access to the Advanced features.

Setup And Installation

Setting everything up with Dashlane and the VPN services is fairly simple. You will be able to download a desktop program that can be used to control and manage the program and its features.

It can be a little more involved in handling the VPN side as it is a separate program, but it’s been designed to be as intuitive and unobtrusive as possible.

Customer Service And Support

On the Dashlane contact page, you will be able to access various help articles. If you are not able to solve your problem yourself, you will have a few resources to contact them directly and get assistance for specific issues.

Pros And Cons


  • Lots of tiers to choose from.
  • Dashlane is one of the password managers.
  • The VPN service is fast, secure, and reliable.
  • Free option available.


  • Only higher tiers include the VPN.
  • The contact page is a bit limited and hard to find.
  • Dashlane and the VPN are technically separate.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

Overall, with so many VPN and security programs to consider, we feel that, overall, Dashlane and Hotspot Shield are some compelling options. You have the combination of a solid password manager and a VPN that is making a name for itself, provided you sign up for the right tiers.

If you’re looking for optimum security and anonymity, we recommend going for the higher tiers that include the VPN. It’s not that much more that you have to pay, and considering the benefits of the VPN it’s a decent price whether you go monthly or annually.

If you would like to sign up for Dashlane or check out the features and tiers available to you, you can find that information and the sign up process on this page.

While it’s not a perfect setup and service, we would say that the positives outweigh the negatives by a large margin, so it’s a service that we can highly recommend to most users.


What is Dashlane VPN?

While Dashlane itself isn’t a VPN service and provides a password manager, it does include a partnership with a VPN service.

We have a more detailed look at Dashlane in this comparison as well.

How Does Dashlane VPN Work?

The service will allow you to hide your internet activity, browse anonymously, and access ISP servers.

How Does Dashlane VPN Protect You?

The password manager service will keep your passwords safe and varied, and the VPN will make it harder to track you, making you less vulnerable to people wishing to steal your info.

What is a VPN Used For?

A VPN can be used for anything from anonymous browsing, to accessing content from other countries and evading censorship. A VPN has many uses aside from these, however.

Is Dashlane VPN Any Good?

The VPN services provided by Dashlane are definitely solid in terms of features, speed, and security.

Is Dashlane VPN Safe?

The encryption and security protocols ensure that the VPN services are safe and will help to keep you safer in general.

How Do I Use Dashlane VPN on My Phone?

For a comprehensive look at how to set up Dashlane on your phone, you can check out this helpful video they created on the subject.