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Dashlane vs 1Password: Which Password Manager is the Best?

Working remotely is something that most of us have gotten used to by now. As a result, you may have dozens of online accounts that have different passwords. Memorizing all these passwords is a task on its own while using the same password for all your accounts is downright unsafe.

A good password manager allows you to store all your passwords on one platform where you can access them when the need arises. Password managers are perfect because they allow you to sync your data across all your devices and keep your documents safe. 

Additionally, you can create better and stronger passwords and boost your password health with a good password manager. However, the biggest challenge comes when you have to pick the perfect password management that suits your needs perfectly.

Choosing between password managers is more than a matter of preference; it’s about aligning with a tool that best fits your digital needs. The inclusion of a VPN and dark web monitoring caters to those seeking an extra layer of security, while a travel mode feature offers unique value for people frequently on the road.

Kurt Sanger Cybersecurity Expert

Dashlane and 1Password password managers have emerged as some of the recent trendsetters. Their users have nothing but praise for these password managers.

Today, we analyze each one of them in a bid to answer this burning question; Dashlane vs 1Password, which one is the best password manager for you?

Is Dashlane Better than 1Password?

Dashlane password has user-friendly plans for individual, family, and business users. The services you enjoy will depend on whether you have subscribed to the free version or a premium plan. Dashlane’s main features and benefits include:

  • Unlimited Storage

Store as many passwords as you want with Dashlane. You can synchronize these passwords on all your devices and use them on the go.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web can be very dangerous especially for your passwords and in terms of identity theft. Dashlane comes with personalized alerts that search the web and notifies you in case of any suspicious activities by any website.

The alerts come with suggestions on the steps to take to protect your imporant information, like credit card data and passwords.

  • A VPN for Additional Security

For premium users, Dashlane password manager comes with an additional virtual private network (VPN) service that gives you Wi-Fi protection.

A VPN gives you a unique IP address that makes it hard for your internet service provider or any other third party to track your activities on the internet.

Without access to your logs and activities, there is no way third parties can access your passwords and private data.

  • Tough Security Features

Apart from two-step authentication that comes with this password manager, it also has a U2F security feature that is compatible with most devices.  Dashlane uses AES-256 bit encryption.

Other great features that Dashlane password manager has include a password changer that can automatically update any password, password creator and easy to use platform.

You can also create an emergency who will have to be verified as your next of kin. In case of anything, this emergency contact can access your account after meeting the terms and conditions set.

Is 1Password Better than Dashlane?

1Password offers plans for both personal and business users. Under the personal plan, you can include your family as well because you can use one account across multiple devices. This password manager’s best features include:

  • Supports all devices

1Password can be used across all devices with different operating systems. These include iOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Mac. Across these systems, 1Password remains consistently user friendly.

  • Sufficient document storage

When you use 1Password, you can store unlimited passwords, save your documents and give you 1 GB worth of file storage.

  • Restore Deleted Passwords

Retrieve deleted passwords that are as long as one year. This password manager comes with a 365-day item history retrieval plan.

  • Has a Travel Mode Feature

Cross borders safely with 1Password’s travel mode feature.  You can remove all your sensitive data from your device when you cross borders then retrieve it with incredible ease of use when you arrive at your destination.

  • Advanced Encryption Features

1Password comes with the latest AES-256 bit encryption feature that keeps your data and personal information safe from identity theft regardless of whether you are moving across borders or not.

It provides a two factor authentication. This multi factor authentication maintains an extra layer of security to your data.

  • Supports Both Personal and Business Plans

With 1Password, you can invite up to 5 friends to use your password manager. Additionally, you can manage what they can see and do by using your master password. You can always do away with those online accounts from users who have been locked out. There are also multiple business plans, including 1Password Teams and 1Password Business.

  • Guarantees Privacy

All the information and data that you use or store on 1Password is safe. The platform does not access, use, share or sell any of your information.

  • 1Password Watchtower

With the 1Password watchtower feature, you will get notifications on third parties who are likely to mess with your passwords and data. In case you have a repeated password or one that is vulnerable, you will always get notifications for you to take action.

Other great features that come with this 1Password manager include availabiity all over the world, regular security upgrades and a caring customer care team.

Dashlane vs 1Password: Pricing

When choosing the perfect password manager for you, price is a huge factor to consider. You want something that will last you for years so you wouldn’t want to pay exorbitant charges. We compare the prices of both services below:

Dashlane Pricing

Dashlane’s prices depend on the type of plan that you choose. For instance, the “individual” plan for premium services costs $3.33 per month. In this package, you enjoy unlimited passwords, unlimited devices, and comes with a VPN. You also get dark web monitoring services and alerts.

The “family” plan costs $4.99 per month for a premium plan. In this family plan, you can invite up to 5 friends, enjoy unlimited passwords, unlimited devices, control what other people can see, dark web monitoring, comes with a VPN and two-steps verification feature.

Dashlane offers a free version that supports one device, allows a maximum of 50 passwords and allows you to test their premium services for 30 days. The premium service supports several accounts and gives you customized security alerts. The premium plus version also allows you to purchase identity theft protection insurance.

1Password Pricing

1Password offers a 14-day free plan. After that, you will be required to pay $2.99 per month before you can enjoy its premium services.

For the family plan, you pay $4.99 per month with a 14-day free trial period. The family plan supports a maximum of 5 people. It comes with one master password.

1Password’s password management services for teams and businesses vary. For teams, you will pay $3.99 per month and you get an extra master password free.

For business, you will pay $7.99 per month with an additional password. You can also get a custom quote for your “enterprise” plan.

There is nothing much to separate Dashlane and 1Password in terms of pricing. However, for individual plans, 1Password is more affordable even though it only comes with a 14-day free trial. Dashlane’s prices for individuals are slightly higher but offer a 30-day free plan for starters.

Dashlane vs 1Password: Security

Both Dashlane and 1Password password managers have the two factor authentication system which is very necessary in ensuring that your passwords and data are safe. 1Password comes with a digital password vault, keeping all of your need to access passwords in one accessible, secure place.

Dashlane’s premium services come with a “watchtower” feature that monitors the dark web and alerts you in case of any threats. It also comes with a VPN that provides identity theft protection especially if you are using public networks.

Even though you can always get a VPN service for extra security if you want, it is nice to know that Dashlane password management is willing to provide one for you. This gives it a slight edge over 1Password when it comes to security.

Dashlane vs 1Password: Features

Both Dashlane and 1Password have the basic features that any excellent password manager must have. However, Dashlane has the “one click” feature that allows you to modify one or many passwords with one click, amplifying ease of use. Both password managers also come with a strong password generator for the user’s convenience, as well as an easy-to-access browser extension that allows for auto fill.

Although 1Password does not have the “one click” feature, it has the “travel mode” feature that Dashlane doesn’t. The “travel mode” feature allows you to put some vaults in a “safe”. When “travel mode” is enabled, you will not be able to access these vaults.

Dashlane vs 1Password: Mobile Apps

With regards to mobile devices, both Dashlane and 1Password are compatible with iOS/Android operating systems only. They do both have mobile apps for these systems.

Dashlane vs 1Password: Customer Service

Dashlane’s main mode of communication is through emails. You can contact 1Password on the other hand through its community, email or Twitter.

Who is Dashlane Best For?

Dashlane is suitable for individuals and families. It is more affordable and comes with all the basic features that any average person would need.

Who is 1Password Best For?

1Password is suitable for teams and organizations. The fact that you can get customized plans makes it better. It also has plenty of features that can suit large groups.

Final Verdict

Whether you want to protect your personal password health or your business’s having a quality password manager is very important. It helps to keep your passwords secure, help you create strong passwords and will always alert you if any of your passwords is under threat.

Both Dashlane and 1Password are great password managers. Dashlane is affordable, secure and easy to use. On the other hand, 1Password offers security, has additional features and is suitable for teams and organizations.

After analyzing the two, it is very tough to come up with a winner. However, when two giants meet, it is the small details that count. In that case, 1Password password manager is our winner for today. Its additional features are amazing and anybody can do with them.