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Do I Need a Professional to Install My Security Cameras?

Installing security cameras can be a daunting task. Even more so when the best view of your property is the farthest from your router and power sources or you need to drill holes to run a cable to a wired camera. In those cases, you may opt to leave the heavy lifting to the pros. 

Professional security camera installation makes a lot of sense for several reasons. But is it right for you? The answer depends on your circumstances, your budget, and how much time (and patience!) you have for installation. 

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • Scenarios that make sense for professional security installation
  • Cost of professional installation
  • Options you have for professional installation

When Professional Security Camera Installation Makes Sense

  • Height and location: You have a complex, multi-level house, vaulted ceilings, or any other scenario that makes it difficult to install your cameras. You also have many outdoor cameras and sensors that you want to be placed. 
  • Wiring: Interior wiring is complicated, with finished, cramped or cluttered spaces. The wiring must also penetrate through brick or stone and you might not have the proper tools to drill the holes required for installation.
  • Synchronization: You want someone to ensure all parts of the system are in sync and someone to explain your system to you after it’s installed. You also want long-term support if something goes wrong. 
  • Convenience: You’re willing to pay 50 percent more for the convenience of having it done for you. You don’t have to worry about camera placement because the pros can do a security assessment for your home and place your cameras in the best locations possible.

How Much Does Professional Installation Cost?

The average home security camera installation costs about $800 for a four-camera system. That can be around $2,000 for a large home or multiple sensors. This also varies if you have wired or wireless security cameras:

  • Wireless camera installation: $100-$150; installation of each camera takes two to three hours.
  • Wired camera installation: $150-$300; installation of each camera takes two to three hours.

Systems installed by your camera company can come with an attractive installation price. For example, a Vivint Smart Home system can be installed for $49-$199. Ring’s professional installation option runs $35-$250. The Brinks Smart Security System comes with free professional installation. These packages have perks like knowing the cameras are up and running, having someone to call if equipment fails, and saving time.

Cheaper Options for Professional Installation 

While many indoor security camera companies offer professional installation, which we recommend as the smartest route, there are other options to getting your cameras installed that can be more affordable. You can consider these third-party handyman services that typically have contractors who are sufficiently qualified to do your installation: 

Conclusion: Professionals Make Security Camera Installation a Breeze

Though it can be pricy, professional security camera installation makes it easier and faster to get your system up and running. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake or getting frustrated when you can’t get the system working—that’s what the professionals are there for. Shop for home security cameras that offer professional installation on the Batten Marketplace