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Emergency Kit List For Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are devastating occurrences that you most certainly never want to get caught up in. if you do find yourself in the midst of a natural disaster, you may find yourself without necessities like food, water, or power.

That’s why you want to be as prepared as possible in case you have the misfortune of being caught up in a natural disaster. That’s why we have compiled this emergency kit list for natural disasters so you can prepare yourself for any worst-case scenario.

Why Having A Natural Disaster Emergency Kit Is Important

No matter where you are in the world, you’re never completely safe from a natural disaster. They can take many forms, from hurricanes and tornadoes to tsunamis and monstrous blizzards. It can be a scary thought to know that a disaster can hit you at any time, but you don’t have to be helpless.

In the past we have also looked at some supplies you may need during a hurricane or a severe storm, so that would make a great companion to this list.

If you’re prepared for a kit that covers a wide range of scenarios then you can give yourself a fighting chance if you find yourself in a desperate survival scenario.

We have also covered some potential natural disasters you may need to be prepared for before, so it’s well worth a read as well.

What To Consider When Planning Your Emergency Kit List

While natural disasters can be really varied, you can sometimes predict which are more likely depending on the area you live in. For example, if you’re nowhere near the ocean then a tsunami is something you won’t have to fear.

However, if you live in an area where tornadoes are fairly common, then you can prepare yourself for them as best you can. No matter which natural disasters you anticipate, a natural disaster emergency kit will typically have a few constants.

For a few examples, an emergency kit should normally have food and water supplies. Having devices that can charge electronics should also be considered, and you should always have some kind of medical kit.

Basically, you want to be prepared for as many different scenarios as possible. Now that we have covered that, we will go over a few specific items you can use to make sure your emergency kit is stocked up.

For more elaboration on some of the items and practices in this list, we highly recommend this article we created that covers these.

Natural Disaster Emergency Kit Items To Get You Started

Flashlights And Lanterns

When the power goes out, you may be surprised by how much darkness can impact your survival. That’s why we always recommend packing flashlights or lanterns in your survival kit. When choosing which ones to get, you should consider ones that have solar charging or long battery lives, as you never know how long you may not be able to charge them.

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Food And Water Supplies

We all need food and water to survive, and these can be especially difficult to source when you’re in a survival scenario. When it comes to food, you want to stick to food that will last a long time and that will be easy to prepare.

You can pack bottles of water, but it’s even better to have a water filtration device or purification tablets.

Emergency Power Sources

Power will usually be one of the first things to go whenever there is any kind of natural disaster. It may not seem like a necessity, but having a working phone or radio can make a huge difference in a survival situation.

That’s why you should have at least one solar-powered device or spare batteries that you can use to make sure your electronics don’t run out of juice when you need them most.

Clothing For All Weather Conditions

Having the right clothing and gear for potential survival situations can be incredibly important. However, this is one where you should choose what you pack carefully. For example, if you live in a hot, arid area then you probably don’t need to waste space having a thermal Winter coat.

It’s a good practice to have clothing that will prepare you for hot, cold or wet conditions, but you can use your judgment to decide if something is not that necessary.

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Medical Supplies And First Aid Kit

It can be really easy to get injured in any kind of emergency situation. If you have a broken bone or an infection that goes untreated then it could be a matter of life or death.

Having a good set of medical supplies is one of the most essential aspects of any survival kit. You want to make sure that the kit contains remedies and treatments for as many different injuries and sicknesses as possible.

This article shows off some of the essentials you need in a medical kit in more detail.

The MYFAK Medical Kit is one of our top recommendations for a comprehensive kit that has everything you may need.

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Important Documents

Including vital documents may not be something that readily comes to mind for survival, but it can be very important. You should always have a copy of your ID, birth certificate, and contact details on hand. These can be helpful if you’re rescued and maybe too ill or injured to give your details.

In a worst-case scenario, they could also make it easier to identify you if you’re a victim of a disaster. It’s something we don’t like to think about, but it’s still important to prepare for such a situation.

NOAA Radio For Emergency Weather Alerts

If you’re in a survival situation, being aware of weather forecasts can be incredibly important. If there is going to be a massive blizzard, for example, then you know you need to stockpile wood and supplies to stay alive.

That’s why a radio with NOAA frequency capabilities is always vital, as it will allow you to prepare for unexpected extreme weather.

We highly recommend the Kaito Voyager KA500 solar-powered radio for this purpose, as it has NOAA capabilities as well as a solar panel for operation.

Cellphone And Backup Charger

Having a cell phone available for emergencies can be a huge help, as you may be able to contact rescue efforts if you’re in a bad situation. Additionally, rescue teams could use your phone to help track your location.

It would be useless if the phone were to die, so we would again recommend some kind of charger that doesn’t rely on a wall outlet to charge.

Health And Hygiene Supplies

Hygiene supplies may seem like a luxury, but it is definitely worthwhile to have some packed for emergencies. Being able to properly clean yourself not only will make you feel better but will ensure you’re less susceptible to infections and disease.

Toolkit Or Multitool

When you have to survive, you may find that you have to get creative with makeshift tools and supplies that you have to wrangle yourself. Having some tools or a multitool can make this improvisation much easier.

Also, you don’t want to find that you can’t access some canned goods because you have no tools to open them, so it’s good to have versatile tools that can be helpful in as many scenarios as possible.

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Air Filtering Masks Or Protective Eye Wear

When natural disasters hit, there are often all sorts of hazards you may not expect. The air may get hard to breathe or there could be elements and chemicals in the air that will hurt your eyes.

Filtering masks and gear to protect your eyes can be vital accessories that you should definitely have just in case.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire is one of the last things you want to deal with in a survival situation. Not only can fire damage your supplies, but it can also cause nasty injuries. Packing a small fire extinguisher can prevent these kinds of injuries or damage.

Sleeping Bag And Solar Blankets

You may not have a comfy bed to sleep in when caught in a natural disaster, so you may have to make do with what you have. It’s not just about comfort, however, as staying warm as you sleep can be essential.

That’s why a sleeping bag should always be in your survival kit. A solar blanket should also be included if you may be dealing with harshly cold conditions.

Whistle Or Flare For Signalling

Seeing a rescue team on the horizon can be an amazing sight for anyone in a survival scenario. It can be less amazing if they don’t see or hear you, so you want to make sure you’re as visible and audible as possible.

A whistle or flare can make it much less likely that you’ll be left behind if a rescue effort is nearby.

Water Filtration System

Water can be incredibly scarce in any survival situation. Having water supplies is a great idea, but these can run out if the survival citation is ongoing. That’s why you want to have a sustainable way to produce clean water. A small water filtration system means you can make any available water safe to drink, which can save your life.

The Epic Nano Water Filter is a great choice for a convenient water filter for emergency situations.

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We hope that this list of emergency preparedness kit items has been helpful in getting you prepared for any potential survival scenarios.

We also hope you never have to be in a situation where you’ll need them, but at least you will know you have a fighting chance if you have included each item from the list.

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