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Eufy Security Baby Monitor E110 Review

Being a new parent can be extremely stressful because your number one goal now is keeping your child safe from harm. However, you can’t watch your baby 24/7, because after all, you as a new parent need to sleep as well.

This creates an issue, of being able to always monitor your child without being physically present in the same space 100% of the time. You can’t always be there every minute of every day. It’s just not possible!

This is where tools such as baby monitors come into play, with ones such as the Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor being labeled as one of the best in its class. If you’re wondering why the Eufy E110 Baby Monitor makes for such a smart purchase, keep reading because that’s exactly what we’re here to determine today.

This is our official Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor Review, and we’re here to provide you with all of the most important details you need to know about it. By the end of this piece, you should be able to decide whether or not the Eufy E110 is the right baby monitor for you and your precious bundle of joy.

Key Takeaways

Today we will examine the Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor E110. It has a variety of useful features to help keep your child safe and your mind at ease.

  • High-definition 5″ display.
  • Wide-angle lens and pan/tilt capabilities.
  • Instant alerts and two-way audio.
  • Extended range and battery life.
  • Secure private connection for peace of mind.

Keep reading here to find out how to prevent your baby monitor from getting hacked, and what the best hack-proof baby monitor is.

Overview of Eufy Security Baby Monitor E110

The Eufy E110 Baby Monitor is a cost-effective yet state-of-the-art baby monitor that comes complete with all of the bells and whistles you need to effectively monitor your child no matter what room you’re in.

What people love about this unit is that it features its own monitor, and no, you don’t need any Wi-Fi, your smartphone, or additional applications to use it. The Eufy E110 with the camera and the monitor combined, are all you need to keep a vigilant eye on your child, without the need for any outside hardware or software.

With a fully functional and easy-to-mount camera, an excellent dedicated monitor, good battery life, and an even better operational range, the Eufy E110 is certainly one of the more useful yet affordable baby monitors that parents can buy.

Let’s move on and take a closer look at all of its main features and benefits, but before we do, let’s determine why having a baby monitor is so important in the first place.

Why You Should Consider Having a Baby Monitor in Your Home

You might think that having a baby monitor is excessive or some kind of luxury because, after all, parents 40 or 50 years ago seemed to get by just fine without them.

However, the reality is that before baby monitors existed, parents were faced with a plethora of problems that you just don’t have to deal with any more thanks to simple yet effective baby monitoring tools.

Although having a baby monitor might not be 100% necessary, it can certainly make your life as a parent much easier and more enjoyable, especially when it comes to getting enough sleep every night. So, why have a baby monitor?

Remote Viewing

Having a good baby monitor means that you can keep an eye on your baby even if you aren’t in the same room. This allows you as a parent to develop a certain amount of separation between you and your child, so you can each sleep in your separate rooms without disruption.

Peace of Mind

Using a baby monitor is a great way to get your child accustomed to sleeping in their own room, without having to worry about them. They can be on their own, but you can still see what they’re doing.


Many baby monitors also allow for two-way communication, so you can not only hear and see your child, but you can talk to them as well. This means that instead of having to get up in the middle of the night, you can use your voice and talk through the speaker to soothe your child back to sleep.

Monitoring for Health Issues

Some babies may suffer from health issues that require constant monitoring, with SIDS always being a threat. With a simple yet effective baby monitor, you can monitor your child’s health and condition at all times, to ensure that they are safe and healthy, even if you aren’t in the same room. It’s all about providing you with a bit of peace of mind.

Tracking Sleep Habits

Baby monitors are also ideal for monitoring the sleep habits of your child. Being able to establish healthy sleep habits and routines is important, not only for your baby but also for your own sanity. Using a baby monitor allows you to keep track of your child’s sleep habits, and thus make adjustments if needed.

Monitoring Nursery Temperature

Interestingly enough, many baby monitors also come with temperature monitoring features, so you can monitor and adjust the temperature in your baby’s nursery as needed.

Motion and Sound Alerts

A good baby monitor may also come with sound and motion detection, which means that if your baby starts stirring and causing a fuss in the middle of the night, you’ll instantly be notified of it.

Eufy Security Baby Monitor Review

Now that you know why having a baby monitor can be so useful, let’s take a closer look at one specific model from a popular brand name, the Eufy E110. In case you don’t want to do much reading, here’s a quick video summary of everything the Eufy E110 can do.

About the Brand

At its core, Eufy is a smart home technology company that innovates, manufactures, and retails a wide variety of pieces of smart home technology.

This is a brand that believes that smart home technology can improve every single aspect of life, whether it comes to security or baby monitoring. As the website states, it’s all about creating intuitive technology that is human first, with the goal of freeing up time and relieving stress.

Not only does Eufy sell a wide variety of innovative baby monitoring tools, but also features smart security systems, smart home cleaning systems like automated vacuums, and so much more!

Overall, Eufy is a reputable and trustworthy brand that has been in the smart home niche for many years now, and by all means, has become an industry leader in a very short time. It’s all thanks to its amazing pieces of technology, with the Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor being at the forefront. Worried about home security? Click here to find out how to secure your home!

Key Features and Benefits

A baby sleeping on the Eufy baby monitor

Let’s do a quick examination of the Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor to determine what all of its biggest features and benefits are.

  • Versatile Mounting: The Eufy E110 is very versatile in the sense that it has a base that it can stand on without any kind of mounting required, and it can be mounted to walls and ceilings as well. Mounting hardware is included.
  • The Field of Vision: This baby camera has a very wide field of vision, 110 degrees, which means that parents should be able to see virtually the whole room.
  • Sound Detection: One of the biggest standout features of this particular baby monitor is that it comes with VOX and sound detection features. This means that if your baby starts making noises or crying throughout the night, you’ll instantly be alerted of it.
  • Extended Range and Battery Life: Parents may also appreciate the extended range of this unit, which is up to 1000 feet, which should be ideal for even the largest of homes. It also comes with a monitor battery that works for up to 15 hours before it requires charging.
  • Two-Way Talk: The Eufy E110 Features two-way talk capabilities, so not only can you hear your child, but you can also talk to it and soothe it back to sleep during the night.
  • Night Vision: The fact that this baby monitor comes with night vision capabilities, although it may seem standard, is very important. You’ll need the baby monitor the most during the night, so it makes sense that it has night vision.
  • Dedicated Monitor: The Eufy E110 comes with its own dedicated 5-inch monitor, along with a 720P display. It’s more than large and clear enough so that you can see what your baby is doing at all times.
  • A Private Connection: Thanks to the FHSS connectivity, parents can rest assured that the feed is totally private, not to mention that there is no Wi-Fi required for use. If you’re worried about privacy, find out what steps you can take to protect your baby monitor from hackers.
  • Completely Standalone: The fact that the Eufy E110 comes with everything parents need to monitor their baby is a big bonus as well.


When it comes to the design of the Eufy E110, what stands out is that it is very user-friendly and sleek. The monitor itself is just over 5 inches wide and just about an inch thick, so it doesn’t take up much space and can be easily placed on your nightstand.

On that note, the display or monitor also comes with simple and intuitive controls, so you can easily monitor the situation at all times. The on-board controls can be used to tilt, pan, zoom, and more, all without having to get up out of bed. The monitor also features a little stand, so you can keep it upright and view it simply by turning your head, rather than having to physically pick it up.

Also worth noting is that the monitor interface allows you to cycle between four different cameras. Yes, that’s right, you can technically attach up to four separate cameras to a single monitor, which means that you can keep an eye on more than one child or more than one room at a time.

Setup and Installation

The simple setup process for the Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor is one of its best features. As far as the setup is concerned, as long as the batteries on both are charged, you just have to turn them on.

Thanks to that special connection type that we mentioned above, the FHSS connection, you just have to turn the two units on, and they’ll automatically connect. You don’t have to sync anything.

As for placement, the base is designed in such a way that the unit can stand on its own. However, there is also a wall mount included.

For the best possible view of your baby and the widest field of vision, it’s recommended to mount the camera on a wall, elevated at least six or seven feet, and preferably in a corner opposite to where your baby sleeps. Try to get the crib right in the middle of the camera’s field of vision.

Performance and Reliability

In terms of performance and reliability, there is certainly nothing wrong with the Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor. First, that 5-inch monitor along with the 720P display is about as clear, crisp, and easy to view as possible. You really can’t ask for a clearer picture than you get with this unit, and it means that you can always see what’s going on with your baby at all times.

Speaking of being able to see your baby at all times, this unit does of course also feature night vision. If your baby wakes up during the night and starts causing a commotion, that night vision will come in very handy. Furthermore, the night vision on this camera is functional up to a maximum of 16 feet. This should be more than enough to allow you to see your baby no matter the lighting conditions.

Interesting to note is that the original camera only has a 50° field of view, which you might think is not very wide. That said, if your baby is still stationary and not crawling out of its crib, the field of view should be wide enough so you can see the entire crib and the surrounding area. However, what stands out here is that there is an extra lens included that you can attach to the front of the camera, effectively expanding the field of view to 110 degrees.

If you mount the camera properly in a corner, this should effectively allow you to see the whole room. Even if you can’t see the whole room at once, using the onboard controls on the monitor, you can easily tilt the camera by 110° and pan 330°, which means that you get full room coverage.

If your baby happens to start making noise during the night, there is a voice-activated feature that will then send an alert to your monitor, so you know if your baby is stirring. To ensure that the monitor gets a good signal at all times, the effective range is up to 1000 feet. A 1,000-foot range should be ideal for most people, even those living in very large homes.

To top it all off, the monitor comes with a 15-hour battery life, which is enough to get through the night and then some. Technically speaking, you should be able to use the unit for two nights before having to recharge it. Recharging the monitor can be easily done by plugging it into any standard socket.

Customer Service and Support

Although this is a simple, reliable, and effective baby monitor that really shouldn’t require much assistance, Eufy as a brand is well known for having fantastic customer service and assistance. There is a live chat feature, you can call in for support, and there is a 24/7 email support feature as well. Always feel free to contact the company no matter the issue at hand.

Smart Home & App Integrations

According to the official retailer, the Eufy E110 is unfortunately not Wi-Fi enabled and it cannot connect to the Eufy Baby App. This lack of smart home integration is one of its biggest downfalls, although certainly no deal-breaker.


  • High-definition video and audio.
  • Wide-ranging pan and tilt.
  • Long battery life and wide coverage.
  • Night vision and instant alerts.
  • Secure and private data transmission.


  • May be pricier compared to basic models.
  • Limited to Eufy’s ecosystem for full functionality.
  • No Micro SD support for additional storage.


A Brief Look at the Competition

As far as baby monitors are concerned, let’s take a quick look at one of the biggest competitors out there, the Summer Infant Pixel Zoom HD.

Eufy Spaceview vs. Summer Infant Pixel Zoom HD

The Summer Infant Pixel Zoom HD is another good option to consider, but how does it stack up against the Eufy E110 Spaceview?


Perhaps the biggest difference here is that whereas the Eufy uses an FHSS connection, the Summer Infant Pixel uses Bluetooth. Personally, we prefer the former, as it is a much more reliable connection than a Bluetooth connection, and reliability is what you need when it comes to monitoring your baby.


What is very interesting to note is that the Summer Infant Pixel cost nearly twice as much as the Eufy E110, all without better functionality or better features. It’s just more expensive for what essentially amounts to a somewhat subpar unit.


The Eufy has a maximum range of 1,000 feet, whereas the Summer Infant Pixel tops out at 800 feet, therefore making the Eufy Spaceview the superior model on this front.


The setup process here is fairly similar because whether we’re talking about one baby monitor or the other, they both easily connect simply by turning them on. However, getting Bluetooth to connect to the Summer Infant can at times be a bit of a challenge. Furthermore, they both come with wall-mounting hardware.

Parent Unit

Both the Eufy and the Summer Infant Pixel come with a 5-inch display that features 720P resolutions. In this sense, in terms of being able to view what is going on, both monitors are virtually the same, and this is also true for the on-board controls. Both units feature user-friendly onboard controls that can be used to tilt, pan, and more.


Both of these monitors feature voice activation technology that provides the user with alerts when the baby makes sounds. However, one thing that the Summer Infant has, which the Eufy does not, is a so-called boundary box. With this unit, you can set up what is known as a boundary box, and if your baby leaves this area during the night, the monitor will inform you of this.

Overall Winner

The overall winner here is the Eufy Spaceview E110. Besides the fact that it does not have the boundary box feature, quite literally everything else about it is much better and far more superior when compared to the Summer Infant Baby Pixel Monitor. Let’s not forget that it costs about half as much.


Our final verdict is that the Eufy E110 is one of the best and most functional baby monitors out there at this time, especially considering the more than budget-friendly price it comes in at.

Although some people might not be happy that it is not Wi-Fi compatible and that it doesn’t connect with other smart home systems, everything else about it is truly top-notch.

It features excellent battery life, great range, a solid and private connection, night vision, two-way audio, voice-activated alerts, and more. In the grand scheme of things, for the very limited cost, you really can’t ask for more.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

The bottom line is that something like the Eufy E110 can make the lives of parents everywhere much easier and less stressful.

With state-of-the-art features coming to you at reasonable prices, you really can’t go wrong. It comes with everything you need to keep a vigilant eye on your child at all times.

There are various locations to purchase the Eufy E110 from, including from the official Eufy website and Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s quickly answer some of your most frequently asked questions about baby monitors.

Are Baby Monitors Safe?

Baby monitors are safe as long as all manufacturer’s recommendations are followed.

Can the Eufy Security Baby Monitor Integrate with Other Smart Home Systems?

It would appear as though the Eufy Baby Monitor cannot integrate with other smart home systems.

Is Wi-Fi Necessary for the Eufy E110 to Function?

The Eufy E110 does not need Wi-Fi to function.

How Will I Know When the Battery Is Low on My Eufy Baby Monitor?

The Eufy Baby Monitor has a battery level indicator.

Eufy e110 vs e210 Baby Monitor: What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference is that the e210 has slightly better battery life.