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Fortress EVault Max Review

Self-sufficient energy is becoming more and more popular worldwide as energy generation gets less reliable with conventional needs. Luckily, there are more options than ever, with methods ranging from solar power to inverters.

In this review, we will be looking at the Fortress EVault Max Lithium battery.

This is a great option for households and small businesses to use to store power for emergencies and other needs. In this review, we will go into everything this battery can offer you.

Key Takeaways

  • The Fortress EVault is a powerful, high-capacity lithium battery for power backup.
  • Having this kind of battery for solar power storage can come in really handy for power outages and general power self-sufficiency.
  • Fortress Power is a company that focuses on affordable and innovative clean power storage and generation.
  • We will cover all of the specifications, things to know, and pros and cons that are notable with this particular battery.
  • Using a battery along with solar power can save you money because you will be able to avoid paying for electricity during peak times.

Overview of Fortress Power EVault Max 18.5kWh LFP Battery

The Fortress Power EVault Max LFP battery is a high-capacity Lithium battery that can be used as a power backup or storage for self-sufficient power. It can serve as a great backup power source whether you get power outages or just want to avoid peak energy times to save money.

It is a rather premium product, however, so it’s only natural that you would want to know more about it before making the investment. In this review, we will show you everything you need to know and provide specs so that you can get a better idea of if it’s worth it for you.

When considering a battery device like this one, it is important to first take stock of your energy needs. Working out the demands of your most used and essential appliances and devices and then comparing them to the specifications of the battery is definitely a vital step.

Bear in mind that you will be able to contact Fortress Power for help from their technicians if you’re not sure how to work out these kinds of specifications or whether this battery is right for you.

Importance Of Having An LFP Battery For Solar Storage

There are many reasons why you would want to have off-grid power. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you have experienced one of these factors already and are considering something to store self-sufficient power.

We have covered some of the best steps to achieving off-grid power in the past, so that’s well worth a look if you would like to know how products like this can fit into such a plan.

One reason you may want a battery like this would be to deal with power outages. Power outages are becoming quite common around the world as demand grows stronger. Increasingly extreme weather conditions can also damage the infrastructure needed for power generation.

If you lose power frequently, it can not only be frustrating but also detrimental to anyone working from home or anyone who has vital devices they need. We have previously looked at how extreme heat and other related weather phenomena can cause power outages if you would like more information on some major causes of power outages.

Another reason could be general self-sufficiency. Setting up a solar power system can help you to cut down drastically on your energy bill while also doing your bit for the environment. Whatever you may need to use it for, you will need a powerful battery to store all that power, which is where batteries like this one come in.

In the past, we have also seen how solar power can be an excellent solution to mitigating the effects extreme weather can have on electricity access.

Integrating high-capacity power storage solutions like the Fortress eVault Max into home security setups addresses a critical vulnerability – the risk of system downtime during power outages. By ensuring that surveillance cameras, alarms, and other security measures continue to function without grid power, homeowners can significantly enhance their property’s defense against potential intruders, even in the face of environmental challenges.

Kurt Sanger Cybersecurity Expert

Fortress EVault Max Review

Now, we will take a more detailed look at the basic features and specifications of this particular battery to give you a better idea of what it has to offer. We will be covering the more basic specifications for a more general overview.

If you would like to have a more in-depth view of all features and specifications, be sure to check out this digital booklet created by Fortress Power.

About Fortress Batteries Brand

Fortress Power is a company that has been around for a good few years now, and they have built up quite a name for themselves. Their primary mandate is to produce products that make power generation and storage easy and accessible to more people. They also endeavor to make their products environmentally friendly.

You can generally rely on them to produce quality products that have some great engineering behind them, and the Fortress Power name is one associated with quality and reliability. While brand recognition isn’t everything, how established a brand is can make a difference.

Key Features And Benefits

Next up, we will look at some of the main key benefits and features of this battery. There is more that we couldn’t cover here, so be sure to check out the brochure we linked to earlier if there are some specifications you’re unsure of.

  • Lithium Technology
    This battery incorporates Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology, which is some of the most reliable and environmentally friendly battery technology on the market.
  • High Durability
    The battery is made of durable, high-quality materials and should last a long time even with regular usage.
  • Scalable
    The battery is scalable from 18.5kWh-370kWh.
  • LED Display
    A large, touchscreen display allows you to monitor and control the device easily and efficiently.
  • Transportable
    Despite its fairly large size and weight, it has wheels on the base for easier transportation.


On the front of the battery, you have a large LED screen that you can use to monitor the charge and other specifications of the device. It has a touch screen, which means you can control the device easier as well.

It’s well-positioned as well, making it easier to access and use.

Weight And Size

The size and weight of the battery are fairly large while still being practical. This is to be expected from such a high-capacity battery, but you may want to keep it in mind and see if it would fit into your home setup.

The dimensions of the battery come in at 20.3” x 20.3” x 42.2” and it weighs 520 lbs. That could make it difficult for some people to move on their own, but it does have wheels on the base to make transporting it easier.

While relatively portable, it would be better suited to one convenient placement, so it’s well worth deciding where you would position the battery in your home in a way that it would have space and still be connected to your electrical supply.

Performance Specifications

The specifications of the battery are quite impressive. For starters, its total energy specifications come in at 18.5kWh. The capacity comes in at 360 Ah, and it has a voltage range of 46-56.

This gives you an idea of the kind of power specifications you’re dealing with, but you can get more complete specifications on this document created by Fortress Power that provides all of the information you could possibly need.

Customer Support And Warranty

When you purchase this battery, you will be able to access a 10-year warranty if you run into any issues. It’s always great to have that kind of assurance, especially when making such a large purchase.

You also have a few options to consult if you run into any issues you would like to troubleshoot. Your one-stop for any problems should be the Fortress Power contact page. Here, you will have FAQ pages, forums, and other resources that can be consulted if you want to try and solve your problem yourself.

If you’re unable to find a solution, you can also contact the company in a few different ways. From this page, you will be able to phone, email, or create a support ticket with the company.

This is a decent amount of support options, and they should be easy to consult. A web chat feature would be nice for quicker response times, but that’s not much to fault them on as you should have no problems contacting them.


There’s no doubt about it, this battery comes at a rather premium price. However, this will always be a factor when looking at high-capacity batteries and similar technology. The price for this battery on the Practical Preppers site comes in at $10,000.

It’s a high price to be sure, but it’s pretty standard when it comes to this kind of device. Considering the capacity, features, and ability to be a backup or replacement power source, it’s a worthy investment if you want to have reliable options for you and your family.

Basically, you get what you pay for, and in this case, you’re paying for a quality product and customer service that won’t leave you in the dark if you run into any issues.

Pros And Cons


  • High capacity
  • Lithium battery
  • Scalable
  • Large LED display
  • Durable design
  • Good warranty


  • High price point
  • Could be hard to transport for some people

How Fortress Batteries Can Save You Money On Your Electrical Bill

As we have seen throughout this review, this battery could be great for backup power and as a way to make your energy more self-sufficient. However, another huge benefit is the very real effect it can have on lowering your electrical bill.

This can be the case in a few different ways. First of all, if you pair it with solar panels then you can charge the device primarily that way, meaning you will use less on the standard grid.

That alone will help to bring down your energy bill each month. You can also opt to use the battery power for your needs at peak times.

Using your stored power instead of relying on the grid during these peak times will allow you to save money by not paying as much during these times.

If you use it as part of a plan to make you entirely self-sufficient as we mentioned with the solar panel plan, then you could eliminate your electricity bill almost entirely. Of course, the viability of this option would depend on many factors, but it could at least contribute to lowering your bill.

You may be surprised by how many uses this battery can have, and this is the case whether you simply want a backup or a way to cut down on electricity bills. You may even find yourself using it for purposes you didn’t think of when choosing to get one for yourself!

Conclusion And Where To Buy

When it comes down to choosing the right battery, inverter, or power product for you, it can be tough to know what to go for. There are so many companies throwing around all sorts of specifications and features, and it can be easy to get lost in it all.

The Fortress EVault Max certainly has it where it counts, and is an excellent option for a high-quality, high-capacity power storage solution. The price point is rather steep, but it is a worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to have options for both power backups and setups that allow for self-sufficient power sources.

Given the positive reputation that the brand has acquired over the years, excellent specs, and high-quality build, we can certainly highly recommend this particular battery.

If you would like one for your own power setup, you have a few options to purchase one. You can find it on this Practical Preppers product page, for starters.

If you would like to purchase it from Fortress Power themselves, you can check out this product page on their website. No matter where you may get it from, we think you’re definitely getting an excellent energy solution with some incredible specifications and features.