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Frontpoint Doorbell Camera Review

Doorbells have been around for decades, and in theory, they are a pretty simple device. In recent years, more advanced doorbells with some incredible features have been introduced for additional safety and convenience.

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In this Frontpoint security doorbell camera review, we will take a detailed look at one of the best examples of a doorbell camera you can get. We will go over some of the features, benefits, and things worth knowing about this incredible device.

Brief Overview Of Frontpoint Doorbell Cameras

Very basically, Frontpoint’s doorbell cameras take the simple concept of a doorbell to new levels, giving you increased control and surveillance. Having a doorbell camera can be useful for seeing who’s at the door without stopping what you’re doing. We have looked at some of the top uses for doorbell cameras before, but there are many other uses that you may have for them.

Motion features will also detect unwanted guests, so you will be able to identify if someone is trying to get through the front door in the dead of night. Therefore, a Frontpoint video doorbell can be immensely helpful not just for security but also for everyday convenience.

Importance Of Doorbell Cameras In Home Security

No one wants to wake up to find someone has broken into their house in the middle of the night. Doorbell cameras can help to prevent this, as you will get an alert if someone is near your door.

In the past, we have looked at ways you can make your home more secure, and doorbell cameras fit really well into this plan.

In the U.S., where package theft has become increasingly common, with nearly 36% of Americans reporting at least one stolen package in 2023, the importance of a reliable doorbell camera cannot be overstated. The Frontpoint Doorbell Camera, with its motion detection and two-way audio features, allows homeowners to interact with visitors and monitor deliveries, significantly reducing the risk of theft. This level of surveillance and interaction is crucial for safeguarding our homes against the growing threat of package theft.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

That means you can get an alert to prevent them from even entering the house. When people order packages that get left on the porch, passersby may try their luck and decide to help themselves.

A doorbell camera can help you to identify the thief or you can use the footage for insurance claims. These are just a few ways that a doorbell camera can increase your security, but there can be many other ways they can help to keep you safe.

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Key Features

Both the wired and wireless Frontpoint doorbell cameras come with a variety of different features, some of which are shown off in this video by Frontpoint.

Industry Leading Detection Range

Frontpoint doorbells have some of the best technology when it comes to detection. The motion sensors, along with this technology, ensure that you can customize what is detected and determine what is and is not a threat.

Infrared Night Vision

Many thieves choose nighttime to try their luck breaking in, so that can be when it’s most vital to have a view of your home entrance. The night vision mode of the Frontpoint doorbell camera ensures that you will be able to identify unwanted guests even in the dark.

It’s worth keeping in mind that night vision is a bit more limited with the wired version.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensing capabilities of a Frontpoint doorbell do more than just pick up movement. For starters, you can program the area in which you want to detect movement, so that you can prevent unwanted alerts. Smart recordings also prevent you from getting bothered by unimportant alerts.

180 Degree Viewpoint

When it comes to home surveillance, the more you can see the better. That’s why Frontpoint’s security cameras have an impressive 180-degree field of view. This ensures that it will be highly unlikely that intruders will be able to operate in a blind spot.

Two Way Audio

Frontpoint doorbell cameras have two-way audio, which has a number of uses. For one, you can greet people at the door or ask them what they are there for.

When it comes to security, a voice from the doorbell startling a potential intruder may be enough to scare them away.

Live Video Recorded In Frontpoint App

Connecting to the Frontpoint app allows you to monitor the feed, review and save footage clips for when you need them.

Remote Access

The app also allows you to view the feed remotely straight from your smartphone, which can be ideal when you’re out and want to check on how things are going back home.


Frontpoint doorbell cameras come in two varieties: a wired and a wireless version. The wireless version is a bit smaller, but both have a simple, rectangular design that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.

Frontpoint Camera Pricing

When it comes to pricing, the two cameras on offer have quite a difference. The wired version is significantly cheaper at $99, while the wireless version is $187.48. It will be up to you to decide which one will be more convenient for your personal setup, as both can have different ideal usage scenarios.

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Setup And Installation

Installation for either the wired or wireless cameras is fairly simple and straightforward, but the process does differ between them. Perhaps the best way to get an idea of what sort of process it will be would be to watch Frontpoint’s tutorial videos.

You can see the process for the wired version here, and then you can check out the wireless version here.

Compatibility With Other Frontpoint Products

Frontpoint has a variety of different home security products, and they are designed to complement each other. They even have a page where you can build a bundle of the products you think would be best suited to your home. Many of these can be connected through the app, meaning you will have unparalleled surveillance of your home.

Performance And Reliability

Frontpoint security camera doorbells function as a great mid-range option for a front door security camera. The Frontpoint options lack a few features some higher-end products like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 have, such as higher resolution and more detailed detection.

However, this example comes at a higher price, so Frontpoint offers some great features for the price-point they charge.

Pros And Cons

The difference between the wired and wireless versions of the cameras does not come down just to convenience. The main convenience of the wireless version is that you don’t need to install any wiring or sockets. The battery also lasts up to 6 months and is rechargeable, so installing it can be much easier.

The wireless version also has quite a few features lacking in the wired version. These include rapid person detection, a longer range for night vision, 1080p resolution as opposed to 720p, and the Smart Chime feature.

The wireless version certainly earns its higher price tag, but it will be up to you to decide if these features are worth the higher price. The wired version would be more than enough for people with minimal security concerns, and you’ll never have to worry about the battery.

We have covered some of the differences between wired and wireless cameras before, so you should definitely check that out for more detailed comparisons.

Customer Service And Support

Frontpoint has excellent customer service options on its website if you run into any issues. Their support page has a vast library of resources if you’re having trouble setting up any of their products.

You can also make use of their live chat feature if you need more specialized support. Additionally, you can also have peace of mind, as they do include a 3-year warranty for their doorbells.


What Are The Power Requirements For The Wired Doorbell Camera?

The wired camera has power requirements of 12-36VAC.

Can I Use Frontpoint Cameras Without A Subscription?

You will need a Frontpoint subscription in order to use all the features of your doorbell camera. Only the most basic features are available without a subscription.

Can Frontpoint Be Hacked?

Frontpoint cameras use secure encryption to prevent hacking. While not technically impossible, it is unlikely that someone would be able to hack your camera.

Do Cameras Record When There Is No WiFi?

Your camera will need a constant wifi connection to record and stream footage.

Conclusion And Where To Buy

As we have seen in this overview of the Frontpoint doorbell cameras, they are great options for monitoring your property. The wireless version is definitely the more premium, comprehensive option, and it can be found on this page.

If you’re okay with a few missing features and are working on a budget, then the wired version, available here, is still a compelling option. Both are great products to add to your home security setup no matter which you choose!