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Geneverse HomePower 2 Plus Review

We all use electricity every day, and it has become an indispensable modern resource. To have access to this power, we usually rely on power stations and suppliers to make sure we’re powered up. Having to rely on others for something always opens up risks, and that is true with power as well.

Power outages can happen at any time, and the causes can range from weather damage to natural disasters and incompetence. In this past article, we have looked at how extreme weather can drastically affect the power supply. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your own sustainable backup source.

Geneverse 2060Wh Portable Power Station, HomePower 2: (9) Outlets (4X 2200W AC Outlets). Quiet, Indoor-Safe Backup Power Generator For Home Outages, Refrigerators, Outdoor Events and More

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In this review, we will be looking at the Geneverse HomePower 2 Plus backup battery power station. This device has a lot to offer for people wanting sustainable power sources as a backup, and we will take a look at everything it has to offer, along with some drawbacks and features you should be aware of.

Key Takeaways

  • The HomePower 2 Plus backup battery station is a solar-powered rechargeable battery that can be used to reliably power and charge various devices.
  • Having a backup power station has become more important than ever in an age of frequent power outages and shortages.
  • Backup power stations can be used to power essential and recreational devices alike and can be an essential way to stay connected during outages.
  • The HomePower Pro has many great features such as fast charging, multiple ports and compatibility, and long-term energy storage.
  • The power station is reliable, sturdy, and supported by robust customer service options for maximum peace of mind.

Overview Of The HomePower 2 Backup Power Station

The concept of the HomePower 2 backup power station is simple. Using the included solar panels, you can charge up the large battery and then use it as a power source for many smaller devices and outlets.

This means that you can generate power yourself as long as you have sunlight, meaning that you won’t be completely beholden to power stations and suppliers that can fail you at a moment’s notice. Throughout this review, we will go over some of the specific features and specifications of the power station.

Importance Of Having A Solar Powered Backup Generator For Home Use

As we’ve touched on already, electricity is a vital part of our lives. We need it to charge our mobile devices, power appliances, and stay connected in general. These uses can be for vital appliances or just recreational devices like televisions or gaming consoles.

Staying connected is not just good for luxury conveniences but also for vital appliances and services we need to survive, so having power outages can make life not just less convenient but also a lot harder. This can impact you and your family, and you need to be as prepared as possible just in case you’re hit with such an emergency. We have covered how you can protect yourself and your family during such disasters before.

Even in areas where outages are rare, they are always possible, and no one wants to be caught in the dark. Backup generators are not only good for outages, however. They can also be used as an alternative supplement to traditional power sources for a more environmentally friendly power supply. In the past, we have looked at some more ways you can get off-grid power generally or in an emergency.

Top Uses For An Emergency Solar Power Generator

An emergency solar power generator can perform a variety of functions that can be really helpful, and the uses can depend on your own power needs. These could range from powering essential devices like mobile phones, cooking implements, and lighting.

It may not seem like a vital thing, but boredom can be a big problem in a power outage, especially a long one. Having a backup power source could provide light so you can read a book, recharge portable gaming devices, or power a television so that you have a way to keep busy in the dark.

In 2024, as we witness a global shift towards renewable energy sources, the Geneverse HomePower 2 Plus stands out for its ability to harness solar power for emergency and daily use. This aligns with the growing homeowner demand for eco-friendly solutions that not only contribute to energy independence but also offer robust support during critical times. The device’s fast charging, multiple output options, and long-term energy storage capabilities make it an indispensable tool for maintaining home security and comfort during power outages.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

This is a small selection, but if you can imagine anything that you use that requires power, it will likely be sorely missed in an outage. Your backup power source means you will have to give up as little as possible when you’re without power for whatever reason.

We have previously covered some ways you can be prepared for such energy emergencies, so that is well worth a read.

HomePower 2 Plus 2060WhLithium-Ion Solar Generator

The HomePower 2 Plus solar generator has some pretty comprehensive features and benefits. We will go over them now to show you why this is such a great device to have.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Supports 99% Of AppliancesThe HomePower 2 is capable of powering or charging a wide variety of appliances. These range from appliances such as electric kettles and blenders to larger devices like TVs and refrigerators. Naturally, the more power the device needs, the less time it will be able to be powered.
  • 9 Available OutputsYou will have 9 power outputs available with this power station. These are comprised of 4 AC outlets, 2 USB C ports, 2 USB A ports, and one car outlet. This provides you with plenty of options for powering or charging a wide variety of devices.The Power output ranges from 1800W to 2200W with a surge power output of 3600W to 4400W.
  • Power Lasting Up To 7 DaysDepending on what you’re charging, the station has enough power to last for up to 7 days. This should be more than enough for even the worst power outages.
  • Multiple Charging MethodsWhile the solar charging of this station is a large draw, it’s not the only way to power the station. The station can also be charged via a wall outlet in 1-2 hours or can be charged from your car battery in 7-9 hours.If you charge with sunlight, it can take around 3-4 hours in direct sunlight.
  • 5 Year WarrantyThe station is supported by a 5-year warranty, so you won’t be left in the dark figuratively or literally if you run into any problems with your unit.

Design And Build

The station itself has a rectangular, sleek design that is durable and easy to transport. The dimensions for the station come in at L 10.16″ x W 10.16″ x H 23.19″.

The unit weighs around 47 lbs, meaning it can take a bit of effort to transport around for one person. The fold-out solar panels then connect directly to the station and can be stood up for maximum sun coverage.

Setup And Installation

Geneverse lists the easy setup of this device as a major benefit of the design, and it’s easy to see why. The controls, screen display, inputs, outputs, and layout of the device have all been designed to be simple and intuitive, and it takes around 30 seconds to have it ready to go.

Performance And Reliability

This power station is a robust product that provides a reliable energy supply without much chance of failure. It’s sturdily built, and while it may be a bit heavy for some to transport around single-handedly, it’s still fairly easy to get it where you need it to go.

The reliability of the station is great in general, but if you do have any problems then Geneverse has a 5-year warranty for any issues related to the station, which provides a lot of peace of mind for a pricier purchase such as this.

Pros And Cons

So far in this review, we have seen that there are many benefits to this station. It has a really decent maximum power output that can keep appliances powered for up to 7 days.

Also, you have multiple ways to charge the battery, meaning there is a lot less of a possibility for you to be unable to have it charged and ready to go. With 9 ports, you also have high compatibility with a wide range of different devices and products.

As for downsides, there are a few but they are outweighed by the positives. As we have touched on, while the size of the station is reasonable it may be a challenge for some people to move it around.

Some customers have also noted that you may need to buy some longer cords to get the most use out of the station, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

Customer Service And Support

Whenever you run into issues or roadblocks with a product you’ve purchased, it’s always nice to know that you will be able to contact the company for some help. Luckily, on Genverse’s customer service page, you have multiple ways to get in touch.

These include a toll-free number and an email address that you can use 7 days a week. You will also be able to open a support ticket on this page. This can be paired with the 5-year warranty we mentioned, meaning you won’t need to worry as much about faults or issues.


How Do Solar Generators Work?

Essentially, a solar generator is comprised of a large rechargeable battery. This can be recharged using energy from the power of the sun converted by the included solar panels.

Or, you can charge it using a power outlet or car battery if you do have these power sources available.

We also have this handy guide on how to use a solar generator for more detailed information on the subject.

How Much Power Can A Solar Panel Generate?

The two solar panels included in this bundle have a maximum power output of up to 200W.

How Long Does A Solar Generator Last?

The answer to this question will depend on usage scenarios. Depending on what you’re charging and powering, you can expect up to 7 days of power on a single charge.

How Many Panels Do You Need For Your Solar Generator?

The station comes with 2 panels included, but you can attach more to the device. 2 will be enough for the station, but the more you add the faster it will charge

Do You Need A Generator With Solar Panels?

Solar charging is one of three ways you can charge such a device, so while they’re not needed they are certainly recommended to get the most out of this device.

Can A Solar Power Generator Power A Space Heater?

This would depend on the power requirements, but it should be able to easily power most smaller space heaters.

Are Solar Generators Noisy?

This particular generator should be practically silent, so noise is not something to worry about.

Do Solar Generators Work At Night?

Providing it has been charged, you can absolutely use your generator at night to power or charge devices. Naturally, you won’t be able to charge it with the panels at night time.


In this review, we have seen how having alternative power sources can be a huge help in an era of frequent power outages across the globe. The Geneverse HomePower 2 Plus provides a great solution to this issue.

It has multiple ways to charge it, including the natural power of the sun, and it can power devices through even the worst power outages. While a premium product, we highly recommend this power station to anyone who wants to make sure they will be prepared with a versatile quality power station.