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Home Title Lock: Reviews and Everything You Need to Know 

Deed fraud, or home title fraud is quite an elaborate yet potentially devastating type of fraud where someone can forge documents to claim ownership of your home.

This type of fraud can ruin lives, so it’s important to understand how to properly monitor all of your homeowner’s documentation with the use of services like Home Title Lock.

That is the focus of this review, as we will go over what they offer and whether they’re a service that you should invest in.

Key Takeaways

  • If you own property of any kind, property lock protections can be vital to protecting your assets.
  • Home Title Lock is a well-established company that specializes in home title monitoring.
  • The service will monitor your title 24/7 looking for any irregularities. Their team will also guide you through the process of dealing with title fraud.
  • Home Title Lock is a pretty specific service, but is nevertheless one that all property owners should consider.

Overview Of Home Title Lock

The service of Home Title Lock offers services tailored to protecting your property ownership. There are various tiers that have a few extra features, but it is primarily aimed at one main facet, and that is monitoring your title deed.

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The signs of deed fraud can be subtle, and constant vigilance is the key to spotting it. You can do this yourself, but anyone with a busy life probably won’t want to be constantly combing through deed documents to look for irregularities.

Home Title Lock takes all the hard work out of the process and monitors your title deed 24/7. If they spot any signs of fraud, you will be notified immediately and will have assistance from them in dealing with the issue and contacting the correct authorities.

Why You Should Consider Title Lock Protections

Owning property is always a big deal, as it will likely be your largest and most valuable asset. You would certainly want to protect this asset as much as you can, as any loss or damages suffered would be catastrophic.

As we touched on, constant vigilance is the key to preventing deed fraud, but even if you’re very careful it can still happen. Deed fraud is relatively rare, at least compared to many other kinds of fraud, but it is still a growing concern.

While it’s more complicated than simpler fraud and can be harder to pull off, the payday for the fraudster can be a lot more substantial, which means greater damages to the innocent property owner.

That’s why we feel it is well worth considering for any property owner who has concerns about title fraud.

Home Title Lock is focused specifically on this kind of fraud, but if you want other kinds of identity theft protection then we have covered a few companies that may be better suited to you in this comparison between Identity Guard and Identity Force.

Home Title Lock Review

About The Brand

The company has been around for around thirty years in some shape or form. They started by compiling a database of United States property records, and have since branched out into deed monitoring services, which is what we will be looking at here.

When it comes to considering a company, longevity is always a good sign. In that time, they can perfect their services and build up a large client base that you can refer to in order to decide whether it’s a company you feel you can trust with your money.

Key Features And Benefits

  • 24/7 Monitoring- The main feature of the service is that they will monitor your title and deed information around the clock. If any threats or irregularities are detected, you will know about it very quickly.
  • Title Resolution Support (Lowest Tier)- The service has several tiers, and with the lowest one you will have access to a title resolution support team if you run into any problems or need to deal with title fraud that manages to happen despite monitoring.
  • Dedicated Title Resolution Agent (Higher Tiers)- On the two higher tiers, you will have more specialized support from a dedicated title resolution agent for more personalized support.
  • Lock-In Savings (Higher Tiers)-  The higher tiers also feature lock-in savings to further protect you.
  • Custom Title Analysis (Higher Tiers)- Lastly, the higher tiers will feature a free custom title analysis which will also help to make your protection and monitoring more robust.


We just took a very brief look at the features offered by Home Title Lock. One thing that should be noted is that the service will not necessarily prevent fraud. The service is dedicated to spotting the signs of fraud and alerting you.

This will allow you to deal with it before it gets out of hand, and they will even help you to deal with it. However, you shouldn’t look at it as a prevention service.

All tiers of the service include 24/7 monitoring, which is the main draw of the service. The tiers also all entitle you to a support system for dealing with title deed fraud, but it’s a bit more specialized with the two higher tiers.

As we touched on earlier, companies like Identity Guard may be better suited to anyone who wants other kinds of identity theft protection. We have another overview of Identity Guard for you to look at here.

Setup And Installation

Signing up to the service has been designed to be quick and easy. Once you select the plan you’d like to sign up to, you merely need to enter some information regarding your property and they will take it from there, guiding you through the process.

Customer Service And Support

If you would like to contact the company for any reason, you will be able to do so via their contact page. Here you will find various toll-free numbers as well as an email address you can use. We always like to see a web chat feature, but that is unfortunately absent here.

Nevertheless, it’s still a decent amount of contact options.

Pros And Cons

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  • Constant, 24/7 monitoring.
  • Different tiers to access.
  • Specialized support.
  • Helps you deal with the effects of title fraud.


  • Focused on one type of fraud.
  • Doesn’t actually prevent title fraud.
  • Customer service could use more options

Home Title Lock Cost

As we touched on before, you will have three plans to choose from. The basic plan is a monthly plan at $19.95 per month.

This one features 24/7 monitoring and access to the title resolution team.

The next two tiers are identical in features, and these include 24/7 monitoring, access to a dedicated title resolution agent, lock-in savings, and a free custom analysis of your title.

The 12-month plan for this tier is $199 annually, whereas the 4-year plan costs $796.

Is Home Title Lock Necessary?

At this point, we have seen what Home Title Lock has to offer, and now the big question is whether it’s even necessary. If you don’t own property, perhaps only renting, then it’s not a service that would benefit you.

If you do own property in the United States, then you are potentially susceptible to home title fraud, as it is a growing threat that many have fallen victim to. If you don’t have any kind of specific monitoring in place for this fraud already, then this is one of the best services you can use for that purpose and is highly recommended for any property owner.

Conclusion And Where To Buy

Hopefully, this overview has been helpful in showing you what Home Title Lock has to offer you. Now you can decide whether it’s a service you would like to commit to. As we stated previously, we would recommend this service to anyone who owns property, as it’s a small price to pay compared to the enormous potential damages of property fraud.

If you would like to sign up for the service, you can find more information on the various tiers and begin the signup process on this product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Home Title Lock Legitimate?

The company is well established and a completely legitimate service.

Who Owns Home Title Lock?

The company is independently owned and operates out of San Diego, California.

How Much Does Home Title Lock Cost?

The service has three tiers that are priced at $19.95 monthly, $199 yearly, or $796 for a four-year plan.

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