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How to Install Wireless Security Cameras

You bought your wireless security cameras, now it’s time to install them. While installation isn’t as tricky as wired security cameras, it still takes some time, patience, and the right tools to get your system up and running. 

In this blog:

  • Understand the tools you need to install your wireless security cameras
  • Follow our step-by-step guide for successful installation

Tools You Need to Install a Wireless Camera

  • Screwdriver or drill with a Phillips bit
  • 3/32″ drill bit for pilot holes
  • 7/32″ drill bit for wall anchors
  • Ladder
  • A masonry drill bit if you’re mounting on stone or brick
  • A spade drill bit if you’d like to drill through your home’s wall and plug in your camera inside
  • Cable clips to secure your camera cord

Installing Your Wireless Security Cameras

A wireless camera installation outdoors does not need to be complicated. Let’s walk through it.

  • If you’re plugging the camera into a wall outlet, locate the outlet and calculate how long your cord must be. You can use an outdoor outlet with a weatherproof box locked to prevent tampering. You can also run the cable to the inside of your garage.
  • Sync your camera with your Wi-Fi and app. Take a look at your footage and confirm that your spot works both day and night.
  • Ready to put some holes in the wall? Great. First, you’ll want to affix the camera’s wall plate to your wall. You may need to drill pilot holes for wall anchors, but otherwise, screw the mount into the wood and attach your camera to the mount.
  • Check the video stream with your app and adjust its position.
  • Use cable clips to secure the cable to your exterior wall as needed.
  • Secure the adapter plate to the wall like you did with the camera mount. As you move along the cord, make sure you mount your camera’s power adapter above snow and flood levels.
  • When you’re done, you can conceal the cord and cable clips with paint to match your house. Remember, you can’t paint your adapter box or the camera and cord connections.

Does installing your wireless security cameras seem daunting? Check out this guide to see if professional installation makes sense for you. 

Conclusion: Wireless Security Camera Installation is Easy 

Don’t wait to get your security cameras up and running. Take the necessary steps today to get your wired security cameras installed. Shop the Batten Marketplace for our top wireless security camera recommendations.