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4 Ways to Improve Your Home Security in 2024


Peer reviewed by Kirk MacDowell

Home Security Expert

Setting resolutions is easy. Keeping those same resolutions is where it gets a little bit tricky. If your New Year’s resolution is to improve your home security, Batten has got you covered. 

Here at Batten, we can help you take action and figure out the best ways to secure your home. Physical and cybersecurity systems protect against identity theft, burglary, environmental disasters, and more. From alarm systems, video doorbells, security cameras, and even cybersecurity, our ultimate guide to securing your home is here to help you start 2024 off right. 

Invest In an Alarm System

An alarm system is the easiest way to add protection to your home, and there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself. The right camera is a great place to start since cameras are the foundation of your security system. Compare our top-rated security cameras here.

Alarm systems are the most effective ways to secure your home from burglars. Most alarm systems have customizable options to suit your home. By choosing between contract and no contract, DIY, and setups, as well as deciding how your system will be monitored, you’ll create the perfect system for your situation. 

Contract vs. No Contract Alarm Systems

After you’ve identified which alarm system pieces you need in order to secure your home, you need to decide if you want to sign a contract for your system. The difference is that contracted systems are usually professionally monitored, while no-contract systems are self-monitored. And typically, no-contract systems are less expensive per month compared to contracted systems. 

We recommend a no-contract system so you’re able to easily cancel your service without having to pay the remainder of the contract (which can be thousands of dollars depending on how long your contract is) in addition to any early termination fees. Plus, you don’t have to worry about other potential fees, such as false alarms. 

It’s 2024, and as physical and digital threats become more pronounced than ever, the need to protect our homes becomes of paramount importance. Damages relating to cybercrime is estimated to hit the world’s economy to the tune of $6 trillion dollars annually by 2023. Consequently, homeowners ought to prepare the security of their home networks with the same importance as the physical premises. Possessing updated alarm systems and latest cybersecurity measures could help homeowners keep their private information secure and avoid ransomware from gaining access to smart home devices.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

Self-Monitored vs. Professionally Monitored Home Alarm Systems

In choosing contract or no contract, you have probably come across the age-old security debate: self-monitored vs. professionally monitored. 

Self-monitoring is less expensive and gives you the power to decide how you want to respond to an alarm. The downside is that, in an emergency, it’s up to you to handle it. 

Professional security system monitoring means that your alarm company will respond to any trips to your alarm, by sending emergency services and contacting you directly. While it’s more convenient than self-monitoring, it’s also more expensive. If you are interested in exploring no-contract options, compare two of our recommendations: SimpliSafe and Abode

DIY vs. Professional Setup

Buying the elements of your security system online is easier than ever. But who will set it up? A professional setup is easier since a professional will handle any problems that arise. But it does require you to schedule an appointment, and you will probably pay for the initial visit or any subsequent visits to manage issues. By doing it yourself, you maintain complete control over the way your system is set up, but you have to learn all the ins and outs yourself. 

SimpliSafe prides itself on being easy to set up on your own. If you can’t decide, try Abode, which offers thorough DIY directions, but you can always call an expert if you need to. 

Catch Intruders in the Act with a Video Doorbell

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full security system, but you still want to secure your home, a video doorbell might be what you need. Video doorbells are a low-cost way to upgrade your home security, but are still packed with features and accessible to anyone new to home security.  

Video doorbells like Arlo or Eufy are perfect for renters and apartment dwellers. You can protect your packages from theft and secure your home from burglars—all from your phone. Some video doorbells even include advanced features like package detection. 

Easy to install and easy to use, a video doorbell is one of the best (and simplest!) ways to secure your home. Click here to read our in-depth comparison review between Arlo and Eufy to see which video doorbell is better for your lifestyle.

Keep an Eye on Your Home with Home Security Cameras

While you may have or are considering a video doorbell, you might also want to consider home security cameras. Security cameras and video doorbells offer some overlap but are also very different. Video doorbells primarily cover the front of your home (mainly your porch), while security cameras can be placed both indoors and outdoors and offer a larger field of view than a video doorbell does. We recommend adding home security cameras, even if you do already have a video doorbell, for added protection around your home.

Selecting cameras means deciding between wired cameras or wireless cameras, and choosing to do the installation yourself or rely on a professional. There are no wrong answers, as long as you pick something that helps you meet your goals. 

Don’t Forget to Arm Your Home Network Against Cybercriminals

Making your home secure against burglars is a great goal for 2024, but don’t forget to secure your home network as well. One of the best ways to secure your home is to protect your home network. 

An unsecured home network is vulnerable to attack by hackers and other cybercriminals. Once they gain access to your home security, they can get access to your personal smart home devices, including your baby monitor. Access to these devices means access to you and your family’s personal information.

Before purchasing a robust home security system, consider if it provides any cybersecurity protection. On average, there is a hacker attack every thirty-nine seconds. If your security system is vulnerable, so are you. Secure your home network for a safer 2024.

Conclusion: Resolve to Improve Your Home Security 

Keep the things you love safe, from physical and online threats by utilizing these security ideas for your home. Security cameras and video doorbells, or a full security system can make you feel confident that your home and everything in it is safer than before

The number of options in the home security safe can be daunting, but you can effectively get the right solution for you. 

Keep your New Year’s resolution with a security system (complete with cybersecurity protection!) by shopping at the Batten Marketplace. Secure your home and secure your home network.