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Internxt Cloud Storage Review

In recent times, physical media has become less common as more of our lives move online. Instead of a photo album, your pictures will likely be on a hard drive. Instead of a collection of music CDs, you will also probably have your favorite tunes on your various devices.

This convenience comes at the cost of storage, and it can be easy to run out. Instead of buying dozens of external hard drives and USB devices, cloud saving has become a popular option. In this review for Internxt, we will be looking at a great option for cloud saving services.

Throughout this review, we will be covering everything it has to offer while showing you some of the benefits and drawbacks of the service. So let’s begin and see if Internxt is the right solution for you and your cloud saving needs.

Overview of Internxt Cloud Service

Basically speaking, Internxt is a cloud saving platform that gives you many options. The first of these options comes from three facets of the service. These are split into Drive, Photos, and Send.

We will go over each one in more detail later in the review, but the names of each service describe their function quite well.

There are also numerous options when it comes to plans and pricing, and this is something we will go over as well. No matter what you choose, you will be getting incredibly secure and encrypted storage. As we delve deeper, we will see everything that is on offer and explain everything thoroughly so that you can see if this service is right for you.

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The Importance of Cloud Storage in Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Cloud storage has become not only more popular in recent years but also more important. It starts to get inconvenient having gigabytes of data taking up space on your hard drive, meaning you constantly have to increase or add to your storage capabilities.

Cloud storage eliminates the need for this hardware, and makes all of your files easy to store and access. With how much of our work and entertainment has gone digital lately, this has become more vital than ever.

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Internxt Cloud Storage Review

About the Brand

Internxt is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2020. In this short time, they have endeavored to provide simple and accessible options for cloud storage that have been designed to suit individual needs while falling under one name.

They have proven themselves in their short lifespan, and their service is used by over one million people worldwide. They have also received over 30 awards and mentions, so it’s safe to say they’re certainly making a splash in the world of cloud saving.

Internxt Products

There are three separate products under the Internxt name, as we touched on earlier. These include Drive, Photos, and Send. In this next section, we will go over each one and see what they have to offer.

We have previously covered why all in one programs with multiple features are a great option, so that’s well worth checking out as a companion to this article.


Drive is your main hub of cloud storage when it comes to Internxt. This allows you to store and access most different file types easily and conveniently. Drive uses military-grade encryption in order to keep your files secure, and you can store most different kinds of files.

This way, you can store, view, access, and share your files in any way you please while having full control over the security of your files.


As the name suggests, Photos is aimed at photo file storage. Not only this, but it also serves as centralized storage for all of your devices. This means that you can upload photos from any device you like and can easily access them from other devices as well.

You will also be able to share these photos with friends and family, and you will have control over how many times the photos can be downloaded. And of course, your photos will be protected by the same encryption the other services use.


Finally, you have Send. Again, the name suggests what is on offer here. You will be able to use this service to send your files easily to others, even if they’re large. Sending large files can often be difficult, so having a secure way to do that is really helpful.

There are no size limits, so you can send large amounts of data to anyone at any time.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unparalleled Security
    Internxt prioritizes having some of the most secure encryption in the business. Their encryption is military-grade, and it works to give you complete control over your data and files.
  • Private by Design
    Even Internxt will not have access to your passwords, so you and you alone will have access to your files, providing even more security.
  • Independently Verified
    Companies will naturally make themselves sound as good as possible, but it takes independent evaluations to really prove it. Internxt is GDPR compliant and has been audited and verified by Securitum, a leading penetration testing company.
  • High Speed
    Internxt provides top speeds when saving and accessing your files.
  • Different Programs
    While you have the general Drive saving, you also have separate programs to view and send photos along with a way to send files no matter how large they are.
  • Free Storage
    While Internxt has paid storage options that serve as their most comprehensive options, you can also make use of up to 10GB of free storage.

Interface and Ease of Use

Internxt has been designed to make storing and accessing your files quick and easy. Whether you’re using Drive, Photos, or Send, the interface is simple and slick and designed intuitively. If you’re even vaguely familiar with using digital interfaces, you should feel right at home with the Internxt interface.

Desktop and Mobile App

Internxt features web and mobile apps that are easy to use and designed with a simple interface. You will also be able to use these apps to manage and swap between your accounts as well as change and manage settings.

Of course, you will also be able to use these apps to control, view, and send your various files.


Speed is another factor that Internxt takes pride in. They have optimized their services across fast servers that can ensure the best performance from your internet collection. This should allow for optimal speeds when viewing or accessing your files.

Storage Options

You have multiple storage options when using Internxt. The service is compatible with most devices, giving you many more options. You can then further organize your files via the Drive, Photos, and Send functions.

When we look at the plans and pricing later, we will look at the different levels of storage you will have available.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are two things that Internxt takes really seriously. As we have covered already, they use military-grade encryption to make your files as secure as possible.

Not only this, but they give you full control over your accounts and your files. Not even Internxt will be able to access your passwords, meaning that you have total control over who can access your files, and they will be completely safe when not in use.

Plans and Pricing

There are various plans and pricing options available to you, giving you some choice over what you sign up for. This can help to make sure that you don’t pay for services that you don’t want or need.

When it comes to the different plans, the features available are all the same, so the only difference is how much storage you receive. Let’s look at the various tiers you have available.


The first option is the free tier.

When you look at the pricing page, you will see 10GB for the free storage, but this is not necessarily the case. You will start with 2GB of free storage, but you can increase this to up to 10GB by performing various tasks such as signing up for the app and sharing the service.


The next tier is 20GB. You have two options for this option if you pay monthly, it will cost around $1.08 monthly. If you pay annually, it will cost around $11.63.


The next tier up is the 200GB package. Paid monthly, this will cost around $4.89 monthly. If you pay annually, this goes up to around $45.60.


Then, the 2TB option is available. Monthly, this will cost $10.88. Annually, this would cost $117.46 normally, but there is currently a special where you will pay $23.50 for the first year. This special was the case at the time of writing, but you may be offered the regular price depending on when you check.

After this first year, this will go up to the regular price.


Finally, you have three options for a lifetime purchase. This is one payment that will get you a certain amount of storage indefinitely.

The first option is 2TB for $326.64.

Secondly, you can get 5TB for $544.40.

Finally, you can access 10TB for $1087.72.

Customer Service and Support

Customer support is one aspect of Internxt that could use some improvement. If you wish to solve an issue, you can look at the various resources on their help page. If you are not able to solve your issue, then you can send them an email from there as well.

This is better than nothing, but a phone line or better yet a web chat option would be great to see in the future.

Pros and Cons


  • Secure encryption.
  • Easy access to all of your files.
  • Sharing your files is also very easy and convenient.
  • You have no limit to the file sizes you can share with the Send feature.
  • You have full control over the access of your files.
  • Many pricing and plan options so that you can choose which suits you best.


  • The free option, while nice to have, is a little misleading.
  • Customer service options are more limited than we would like.

Verdict on Internxt Cloud Storage

Cloud storage options are increasing by the day as different companies try to become your go-to service for cloud storage. In its fairly short life, Internxt has proven itself to be a compelling option for cloud storage. They offer secure encryption, fast speeds, and a lot of control over your data.

They’re not perfect, as their customer service is limited and their free option could use a bit more transparency in how it works, but these are small setbacks overall. There are some great features such as the Photos feature that allows you to view, access, and send photos.

The pricing is pretty decent as well, and there is bound to be a plan that suits your budget. While we think the free option could be explained better, it’s still great to have it so that you can try out the service and see if you wish to commit.

We would recommend Intenxt as a great option for cloud storage overall.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

Normally, seeing that a company is just a few years old would be cause for concern, but Internxt has been busy in its short life. They have proven that they provide a compelling service that provides not only great security but also some great features that can make accessing your files easier and safer.

There is some room for improvement with more features and better customer support, but overall we are very impressed by what Internxt has to offer. Their multiple plans are also great to see, as more options are always welcomed. The free option is also fantastic, as you can essentially have a free sample.

If you would like to see what is on offer, you can check out the plans on this page. This page will also give you more information on the pricing and features offered, and they offer a lot of resources explaining everything on offer.

Overall, if you want a safe and secure option for cloud saving that is easy to use, the Internxt is easy to recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Internxt Safe?

Internxt is very safe, as they use strong encryption and do not have access to your passwords.

Is Internxt Reliable?

Internxt seems to have garnered a positive reception for their reliability, as reviews are generally on the positive side. Additionally, they have also been sponsored by large, reputable sources such as Forbes.

Where is Internxt Based?

Internxt is based in Valencia, Spain.

How do I Transfer Photos From Google Photos to Internxt?

There are a few ways to do this with the app, but it would be easiest to download the photos and then upload them to your Internxt storage