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Judy Emergency Kit Reviews

Emergencies can come in many different forms, and they can be brought on by a large variety of causes. Natural disasters, unexpected injuries, or freak accidents can all be some causes of emergencies, but one thing is the same no matter what causes them: you need to be prepared.

While emergencies can never be predicted 100% of the time, we can ensure that we are much safer the more prepared we are. In this review, we will be looking at 3 emergency kits from the company Judy. These emergency kits all include vital supplies and tools that can aid you in a wide range of emergency situations.

The three products all share the same idea, but some are more comprehensive than others. We will go over what each one has to offer to help you decide whether it’s worth spending more money on the more expensive options or if you can stick to the more basic packages.

Key Takeaways

  • Judy kits provide an accessible survival kit filled with food, medical supplies, survival tools, and more that can make you as prepared as possible.
  • It’s important to have a comprehensive survival kit to be ready for any unexpected emergencies that can happen at any time.
  • The three Judy kits feature three tiers of emergency kits, each with more supplies than the last. The smaller kits may be more than enough for some, but others may prefer the more premium, comprehensive kits.
  • We will answer many common questions about these kinds of emergency kits, such as which one is right for you and why they are such a bright orange color.

What Is A Judy Kit?

The answer to this question can depend on which Judy kit you’re looking at, but they all share the same principle. In an emergency situation, there are a few common things that will generally be harder to acquire.

These include access to food, water, and medical supplies along with basic survival tools. The Judy emergency kits have been carefully curated to have a selection of some of the most sought-after tools and supplies you may need in an emergency.

This way, you can look after yourself and the people around you for a much longer time than you would have been able to if you were scrounging for supplies. Judy has also created this handy overview video you can view for more information

The Importance Of Having An Emergency Kit

Some people are naturally more cautious than others. We all know that one person who is overly cautious and careful all the time, sometimes to the frustration of those around them. That person may even be you! But no matter how careful you are, disasters and accidents can happen to you and it’s good to be prepared.

Often, they come about because of situations completely out of our control, but while you may not be able to control unexpected situations you can control how prepared you are. An emergency kit ensures that you have all the basics needed for the fallout of the most common disasters, emergencies, and accidents.

So, if you have an emergency kit then you will have that much more control when bad things happen, even to the most careful of souls. In the past, we have covered some of the ways you can be prepared for emergencies, and it is well worth a read in order to prepare yourself even more.

Our Review Of The Judy Emergency Preparedness Kit Lineup

In this Judy emergency kit review, we have three products for you to look at. These will be The Safe, then The Mover Max, and finally The Protector. Each of these kits shares many of the same basic supplies and products, but each kit has a few differences in terms of features and what is included.

These differences come with expected price differences as well, so the big question is whether it’s worth it to spend more. The truth is that there is no one answer to that question, so the only thing to do is see what each one has to offer and decide for yourself based on your situation and needs.

Essentially, each kit covers three facets of basic survival: tools and first aid, food, and water, warmth, and survival. Each of these facets is well covered, and even the most basic kit has plenty of supplies. In the past, we have covered what every good first aid kit needs, and you will see these kits cover pretty much everything you need.

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at each kit and see what they offer.

Kit 1: Judy The Mover Max

The Mover Max

$195.00  in stock
as of May 31, 2023 3:58 pm

Emergency Dry Backpack kit that supports up to a family of four. Kits include: tools, first aid, food, water, warmth and safety supplies.

The first kit we are looking at is The Mover Max. This kit has the least amount of items included, but it compensates by being contained in a convenient carry bag. Let’s see everything you can expect in this particular kit.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Includes Over 53 Survival Essentials – This kit has over 53 tools and supplies to cater to food, water, medical and other situations. We will list everything included in more detail shortly.
  • Comes In A Durable Dry Bag – This kit is contained in a dry bag that is waterproof as well as rip and puncture-proof. These specifications should ensure the safety of the contents in even the toughest survival situations.
  • Straps And Belt For Carrying – The straps and belt section of the bag has been designed to make it easy to carry without putting strain on your back.
  • Curated By Experts – This kit has been carefully curated by survival experts to cater to the survival categories of food and water, safety and warmth as well as tools and first aid.

What’s Inside?

As mentioned, the kit contains over 53 products. These can be summarized as follows:

Medical and survival supplies include:

  • 1 Hand crank radio with charger and flashlight.
  • 1 duct tape mini roll.
  • 1 multitool
  • 1 101-piece first aid kit.
  • 1 quick dry towel
  • 1 biohazard bag.
  • 1 hand sanitizer.
  • 1 pack of wet wipes.
  • 2 pocket tissues.

That covers the medical and survival products, but you also include water and food supplies in the form of:

  • 7 food bars.
  • 14 water pouches.

Finally, there is a selection of safety and warmth supplies that includes:

  • 2 emergency whistles.
  • 4 glow sticks.
  • 4 hand warmers.
  • 4 rescue blankets.
  • 4 ponchos.
  • 1 pair of gloves.
  • 4 dust masks.

Design And Build.

The kit is all contained in a PVC fabric bag that has dimensions of H 18 x W 17 x D 8 in. It weighs 15 lbs, making it pretty compact and portable. As we touched on earlier, the bag is highly durable, as it is waterproof, rip-proof, and puncture-proof.

This makes it ideal for storage, transportation, and durability in an emergency. The supplies are all smartly packed and easily accessible in a dire scenario.

Performance And Reliability

The included supplies are all great for a wide variety of different survival situations. The durable bag that it comes with makes for high portability and the contents are all kept nice and safe inside.

Pros And Cons

There are many benefits to this kit with very few downsides. As we have seen, there are tools and supplies to cater to a wide range of common emergency scenarios. It is all contained in a convenient, safe bag that should keep the supplies in good order.

The only real downside is that the supplies may be too limited for larger groups and families.

Best Uses For The Mover Max

The Mover Max would be best suited to someone who values portability and easy storage. It would be perfect not only for emergency preparedness but even for camping trips or as a kit to keep in your car.

Kit 2: Judy The Safe

The Safe

$295.00  in stock
as of May 31, 2023 3:58 pm

Emergency at-home hub bin that supports up to a family of four. Kits include: tools, first aid, food, water, warmth and safety supplies.

The second kit we have is The Safe. This kit has a few more supplies than the previous kit, but while it is actually a bit cheaper, it comes in a less convenient container. Let’s see if the lower cost is worth the compromises in convenience.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Over 61 Survival Essentials – This kit has 61 survival supplies as opposed to around 53 supplies in the previous kit.
  • Stored In A Durable Waterproof Case – The Safe is comprised of a large case that is designed to be waterproof and puncture-proof. This should help to keep the contents safe and organized.
  • Can Sustain A Family Of 4 For Up To 72 Hours – The kit has enough supplies for around three days for up to four individuals.
  • Curated By Experts – This kit has also been carefully prepared by survival experts to cover a wide range of situations.

What’s Inside?

The contents of this kit are very similar to the previous one, but there are some differences. The contents are as follows:

Medical and safety supplies are comprised of:

  • 1 101-piece first aid kit.
  • 1 Quick dry towel.
  • 1 Biohazard bag.
  • 1 Pack of wet wipes.
  • 2 Pocket tissues.
  • 2 Glow sticks.
  • 4 Ponchos.
  • 1 Pair of gloves.
  • 4 Dust Masks.

Food and water supplies contain:

  • 10 Food bars.
  • 16 Water pouches.

Finally, tools for warmth and survival are:

  • 1 Hand crank radio with charger and flashlight.
  • 1 Duct tape mini roll.
  • 1 Multitool.
  • 2 Multipurpose bags.
  • 1 Candle.
  • 1 Box of waterproof matches.
  • 4 Hand warmers.
  • 4 Rescue blankets.

Design And Build

As we have seen, the contents of the two kits vary quite a bit, but perhaps the biggest change is in how they’re packaged. The Safe contains its supplies in a large container that has dimensions of H 11.5 x W 15.5 x D 11 in. The weight of the container comes in at 18 lbs.

In terms of size, it’s a bit smaller than the previous kit but weighs a few pounds more. The case is durable and good for storage, but it is a bit less convenient to carry around, making it a bit less portable.

Performance And Reliability

This kit has similar benefits to the previous one, as it has a wider range of emergency supplies to give you even more options. While less portable, the case it comes in should be excellent for general storage.

Pros And Cons

The Safe has pretty much all of the same benefits as the Mover Max. It has an excellent and varied range of supplies that would suit a large variety of survival situations.

The main drawback is that it is not quite as portable as the previous kit and would be a bit more cumbersome to carry around if needed.

Best Uses For The Safe

We think that The Safe would be best suited to home storage for an emergency, but it could also be kept in a car for emergencies. It would be a bit less ideal for camping and hiking, however.

Kit 3: Judy The Protector

The Protector

$395.00  in stock
as of May 31, 2023 3:58 pm

First-of-its-kind 6 person emergency preparedness kit with 87+ life-saving survival essentials designed to sustain a family of 6 for up to 72 hours.

Our final kit from Judy is The Protector. This is the most premium kit of the three, as it contains the most supplies. It does come with the highest price point, but it offers great portability and access to supplies.

We shall see what it has to offer as we take a closer look.

Key Features And Benefits

  • 85 Survival Tools and Supplies – This kit contains the most supplies out of all three at around 85 supplies. This makes it by far the most comprehensive kit, and we will list all the tools and supplies shortly.
  • Suitable For a Family Of 6 – The previous kits were aimed at a family of 4, but this one would be suited for a larger family or group of 6.
  • Made Of Durable Water Resistant Material – This kit comes in a material, water-resistant bag with a convenient extending handlebar and straps for better portability.
  • Carefully Curated By Experts.

As with all the Judy emergency supply kits, the supplies have been carefully chosen by experts in the survival field.

What’s Inside?

The Protector has the following comprehensive set of supplies.

First aid and safety tools and supplies include:

  • 1 101-piece first aid kit.
  • 1 Quick dry towel.
  • 1 Biohazard bag.
  • 1 Pack of wet wipes.
  • 2 Pocket tissues.
  • 2 Emergency whistle.
  • 6 Glow sticks.
  • 6 Ponchos.
  • 1 Pair of gloves.
  • 6 Dust masks.

As for food and water, you have these available:

  • 15 Food bags.
  • 24 Water pouches.

Finally, tools for warmth and safety include:

  • 1 Hand crank radio with charger and flashlight.
  • 1 Duct tape mini roll.
  • 1 Multitool.
  • 2 Multipurpose bags.
  • 1 Candle.
  • 1 Box of waterproof matches.
  • 6 Hand warmers.
  • 6 Rescue blankets.

Design And Build

The container of this particular kit has the best of both worlds when it comes to the benefits of the previous two containers. It has the most comprehensive set of supplies, and it is also highly portable.

The dimensions of the bag are H 22 x W 13.78 x D 11.81 in, and it weighs 23 lbs. This does make it the heaviest of the 3, but the extendable handle and straps should help to compensate for that.

Performance And Reliability

The quality range of survival supplies included in this kit is once again a huge plus. The durable bag that has an extendable handle will also keep your supplies safe while making it more portable than The Safe.

Pros And Cons

This kit serves as the most comprehensive kit of the 3, and you will have more supplies that will last longer and cover a larger group and set of emergency scenarios. The fact that the case is so portable and convenient is also a huge plus.

In terms of downsides, the case, while durable, isn’t quite as robust as the previous two kits. This means it might be more prone to damage.

It is also the most expensive of the three, but it does have more supplies to make up for that.

Best Uses For The Protector

The range of supplies and portability of this kit makes it a great all-rounder survival kit. It would be perfect for home storage, camping, or hikes along with other similar situations.

This would also be the best bet for people with larger families or friend groups.


How Do You Know Which Emergency Kit Is Right For You?

When choosing your emergency kit, you should think about factors such as how many people would potentially need to make use of it. If portability is of concern to you, then that is worth taking into consideration as well.

Should You Buy A Ready Made Kit Or Make Your Own?

This can depend from person to person. For most people, a ready made kit will be ideal, as it has everything you need and a few supplies you may not have thought of. However, people with specific medical or dietary needs may like to create their own kit or add to these existing ones.

What Is The Purpose Of An Emergency Kit?

An emergency kit is intended for situations where an injury occurs or access to survival needs has been impacted. This could be the result of natural disasters, common accidents, or unexpected injuries.

Why Are All Judy Products Orange?

The Judy survival kits are orange as they are easy to spot if you need to find them quickly in an emergency. They will stand out in a closet or the trunk of a car, for instance.

Can You Use Judy Kits For Camping And Outdoor Recreational Activities?

Absolutely, these kits would make excellent additions to activities such as camping, hiking or other activities where accidental injuries can occur.

Are Judy Kits Environmentally Friendly?

Judy kits do contain items and packaging that should be carefully and properly discarded whenever possible, as they are not biodegradable.

Are Judy Kits Waterproof?

Yes, all three kits we looked at come in water-resistant or waterproof cases or bags.

Where Should You Store Your Judy Emergency Preparedness Kit?

This can depend on your situation, but it should be stored in a place that is easily accessible in an emergency. It should also be easy to find. Storage closets, car trunks, and backpacks would be a few suggestions for storage.


In conclusion, you cannot go wrong with either of these emergency preparedness kits. Each one will serve you well in an emergency, and the differences come down to personal preferences and needs.

Now that you have an overview of what each one contains, you can decide which one will best suit you and your family to make sure you will have a fighting chance if an emergency situation presents itself to you.