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Kidde Fire Escape Ladder Review

A crucial aspect of any well-rounded safety plan is a reliable fire escape strategy, and a key component of that strategy is a dependable fire escape ladder.

So, how do you find the best one? Among the myriad options available online, the Kidde fire escape ladder has garnered considerable attention as an ideal tool during fire emergencies. In this in-depth Kidde Fire Escape Ladder review, we will examine all the features, benefits, and drawbacks of this ladder.

Key Takeaways

  • A fire escape ladder during an emergency is an essential tool to invest in.
  • A fire escape ladder should be lightweight, sturdy, and durable.
  • Kidde’s fire escape ladder is easy to deploy and store and boasts many standout features, such as a high weight-carrying capacity and flame resistance.

Why You Should Consider Having a Fire Escape Ladder in Case of Emergencies

Fire escape ladders are highly effective in mitigating fire emergencies. They play a crucial role in escaping from your house or apartment when the primary exit is blocked. In a fire, every second counts, so fire escape ladders are designed to be used and deployed rapidly. They make your exit easy and safe, so we suggest that old or new homeowners include them in their emergency planning.

When traditional exit routes like stairwell doors are blocked by smoke, heat, or debris, fire ladders offer an alternative path to safety. These can be deployed from windows or rooftops, guiding you safely to the ground. They can also be used inside a building, connecting upper floors to lower ones or exits when stairways are not accessible. These ladders come in various sizes and lengths to fit different scenarios. For example, apartment buildings may use longer, more robust ladders, while homes might use shorter but equally sturdy options to ensure a safe escape.

The essential advantage of having an escape ladder is to be able to help yourself safely evacuate a dangerous area instead of waiting for the first responders. Since time is of the essence when it comes to fire, evacuating as quickly and safely as possible is vital. Having a fire escape ladder, a family disaster plan, and supplying resources beforehand can save you.

Given that only 43% of homeowners have an escape plan in the event of a fire, the inclusion of a fire escape ladder in home safety planning is vital. The Kidde Fire Escape Ladder’s compact storage and no-assembly-required features make it an accessible emergency tool for all members of the family, ensuring that everyone can safely evacuate in a fire emergency.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder Review

Kidde has been making waves in the safety products industry. Their dedication to excellence in fire safety is a testament to their enduring vision.

About the Brand

Founded by the visionary Walter Kidde, this brand is a renowned leader in the realm of fire safety products. With a rich history of developing early smoke detection and fire suppression technologies, this brand has grown to become one of the world’s best manufacturers of fire safety solutions.

The team reassures its consumers that they remain steadfast in their commitment to building upon their legacy of innovation. Their mission is to offer advanced and cutting-edge solutions that keep individuals and their houses safe from the devastating impacts of fire and related disasters.

Key Features & Benefits

  • 2-story escape ladder
  • 13-feet long
  • Compact storage
  • Deploys easily
  • Can support up to 1,000 pounds
  • Comes with anti-slip rungs that provide a safe descent
  • 7.75 lbs. in weight
  • No assembly required
  • Flame-resistant


The Kidde 2-story fire escape ladder has over 12,000 five-star ratings on Amazon for a reason. It’s lightweight, easy enough for anyone to deploy, and the 13-foot-long design has a metal material build.

The ladder is equipped with 12-inch-wide zinc-plated steel steps, which provide ample space for individuals to place their feet safely and stably while descending. In addition to this, the Kidde ladder boasts an impressive weight capacity. The steel rungs are rated to support up to 1000 pounds, making it a dependable choice.

Setup and Installation 

The Kidde fire escape ladder is compatible with windows as small as 16 inches wide. All you need to do is place the bracket in the window. The ladder comes with a Velcro strap with printed instructions that will aid you in unfurling the ladder. Nevertheless, even without instructions, the ladder is easy to unfurl, as the design is tangle and hassle-free.

One small drawback of this ladder is that it’s intended for one-time use only. So, you might not get to practice with only one purchase.

Performance and Reliability

In terms of overall weight capacity, the Kidde fire escape ladder is rated for a maximum of 1000 pounds. This weight is slightly lower in comparison to other ladders on the market, but not by much. In addition to this, the ladder is flame-resistant. So, in case of a fire emergency, the ladder won’t catch fire nor get too hot to touch. Lastly, the ladder extends to 25 feet for individuals living higher up to escape. In this way, Kidde’s ladder distinguishes itself with its robust overall construction and sturdy features.

Customer Service and Support

The Kidde two-story fire escape ladder has garnered positive feedback from thousands of satisfied customers – especially for its construction, weight-bearing capacity, and customer care personnel. Many users have expressed confidence in the company’s customer care representatives who help with the deployment and use via their contact details available on the official website.

Smart Home & App Integrations

The fire escape ladder is not IoT-based. However, they do have other products that can be integrated with Google Home and Alexa. You can view the catalog of products Kidde has on their website that include products like their carbon monoxide detector.


  1. Easy to Use: The ladder is designed to be simple and quick to deploy, even in stressful situations like a fire.
  2. Portable and Compact: It can be easily stored under a bed, in a closet, or near a window due to its compact design.
  3. Durable Construction: Made from solid and reliable materials meant to hold a significant amount of weight, providing a secure escape route.
  4. Lightweight: You can carry and deploy it quickly, even in a rushed moment.
  5. Warranty: 5-year limited warranty


  1. Limited Use: It’s a single-use product, meaning once it’s deployed, it cannot be repacked for future use.
  2. Window Size Requirements: The ladder is designed to fit specific window sizes; it may not be compatible with all windows.

A Brief Look at the Competition

Let’s look at the competition of other fire escape ladders.

Hausse Retractable 2-Story Fire Escape Ladder 

Last updated on May 24, 2024 9:32 am

The Hausse retractable two-story fire escape ladder is 13 feet long – this length ensures that the ladder will reach a two-story window in case of an emergency. Additionally, the ladder is well-designed with slip-resistant aluminum rungs and stabilizing feet. With a weight rating of up to a thousand pounds, this ladder is sturdy enough to support multiple individuals at the same time.

A standout feature of this ladder is that it comes with a red canvas bag for easy storage under a bed or near a window. It also features a folding bracket with a pivot point and retractable arms – making it space-efficient.

ISOP Fire Escape Rope Ladder With Spring Hooks 

The ISOP fire escape rope ladder with spring hooks offers a robust and durable solution to those looking for a good fire escape option. This fire escape ladder has many standout features. For instance, there is a range of length options available from 8 to 32 feet. These length options match different building heights. This way, you can choose what works for you. The ladder is made using only the highest quality thick rope and resin to provide you with solid safety.

The ladder is equipped with reflective materials, which helps in enhancing its visibility in low-light conditions. Moreover, this ladder offers multi-usage options – this is ideal for families who want to practice and run drills.

The 16-foot ISOP fire escape rope ladder boasts a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds, allowing multiple family members to use it at once. This high weight-carrying capacity makes it all the more versatile and useful in emergency situations. Moreover, when it comes to installation – two heavy-duty carabiners are there to be anchored to eye bolts pre-installed in wall studs or window hooks.

One downside to this ladder is the absence of resin-covered rungs, so the ladder might sway a bit when you use it.

First Alert Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder 

The First Alert two-story fire escape ladder is 14 feet long and is constructed of durable materials like alloy steel steps and stabilizers. The ladder’s rungs are slim in design at 4.25 inches deep. Moreover, it can support up to 375 pounds in weight. Additionally, the ladder’s bracket requires a windowsill width of 6″ to 10″, so the window’s dimensions should be at least 20 inches wide and 32 inches high. Lastly, the 6-year long warranty is for sure a standout feature of the First Alert fire escape ladder.

One minor drawback of this ladder is its weight. At 12.8 pounds, it’s slightly heavier than other alternatives on the market.


Firefighter putting out a house fire

All the ladders we listed have their perks: they are sturdy and can take weight in an emergency situation. As long as you don’t mind investing in a one-time ladder, we suggest the Kidde fire escape ladder. Other than its excellent tangle-free design and wide steel steps, it is also very highly rated, with over 12,000 praises on Amazon, and it is a very economical choice.

Conclusion & Where to Buy

In conclusion, the Kidde fire escape ladder emerges as a compulsory safety tool for many households. This ladder is compact and lightweight, which ensures easy carrying, storage, and deployment. Moreover, it is compatible with various window sizes, which makes it a versatile investment for all kinds of houses. Even if you relocate, you can easily carry it with you and be assured that it’ll work well in your new home as well.

We conclude this guide with a Batten-suggested place to buy this ladder right here. Through our comprehensive review, we have uncovered all the key features and benefits that make Kidde’s Ladder a valuable addition to your home. You can rest assured now that you have taken a step forward toward safeguarding your loved ones and ensuring their well-being in potential times of crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Fire Escape Ladders Work?

Yes, fire escape ladders can be highly effective and potentially lifesaving in the event of a fire. These ladders are usually lightweight, portable, and sturdy, providing a secure means of escape from any floor of a building or house.

Should I Have a Fire Escape Ladder If I Live in an Apartment or Condo?

Yes, it’s a good idea to have a fire escape ladder if you live in an apartment or condo, especially if you live on the upper floors. Fire escape ladders can provide an extra level of safety in case of an unforeseen event and give you peace of mind.

Can I Attach a Fire Escape Ladder to the Siding or Gutters?

Generally, it is not recommended to attach a fire ladder to siding or gutters. Fire escape ladders are designed to be hooked to a sturdy and load-bearing structure, such as a wall stud or a windowsill, that can support your and other people’s weight during descent.