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Kurt Sanger reflects on joining Batten’s Cyber Team
Alex Stroud
Alex Stroud

Head of Product @ Batten

“I’m Kurt Sanger, a recently retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and former Deputy General Counsel for U.S. Cyber Command.  I spent my last eight years on active duty supporting offensive and defensive cyberspace operations.  These were highly complex activities with multiple new and moving parts.

Despite my experience, I by no means consider myself a technical expert.  While I spoke nearly every day with the operators who had their hands on keyboards and the people who led them, I was not able to understand computers and networks from their perspectives.  That would have been nearly impossible for me … most if not all of those operators are geniuses in their field and Americans are lucky to have them defending us.

What I did instead was learn how to talk with them, ask thorough questions, understand what they did in a language I could understand, and discover the nuances and decision points that drove my leadership’s operational choices.  It’s like being a medical malpractice attorney … lawyers don’t need to go to medical school to try medical-related cases, but they need to be able to ask questions of the doctors and other professionals who speak in their discrete community’s terms, understand those terms, and translate them for judges and juries.

It’s with this experience asking questions in highly technical fields that I came to join Batten. Batten is a recommendation engine for consumer security products, with a focus on cybersecurity.   In most ways I am like Batten’s target audience … a husband and father who needs assistance finding the products and services that will protect my family and home.  

This protection extends to our family’s use of the internet.  I want to find the right products and explain the problems they address as well as why those products might be the right ones based on risk, budget, and the level of security desired.  Better stated, I want to help you find the security options that will help you sleep at night.

While this effort is far different from what I did on active duty, I believe it to be a natural extension of the work I did for Cyber Command.  Though the Command’s operations focused on strategic level threats posed by well-resourced and highly capable nations, ultimately the people they protected are the same citizens and families Batten seeks to help.  Because of the interconnection between cybersecurity and national security, and because of the private sector’s ownership and control of most information technology, the defense of any individual device or system is at least a step in the right direction to achieve broader defense of the networks and capabilities Americans rely upon.

In the near future at Batten, we will discuss the types of threats families should be aware of and prioritize, and the security products that will address those threats.  We will also help you make informed decisions regarding the products that are right for you and your family’s security.  I’m thrilled to join the team at Batten Safe and look forward to continuing the discussion here.”

– Kurt Sanger