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Luci EMRG Review

Having access to light is something that can be taken for granted. You may only realize how important having light can be if you’re caught without it, and this is especially true when outdoors or in an emergency situation.

Taking a lantern with you on a camping trip can take up a lot of space and requires some kind of power source, but in this Luci EMRG review, we will look at a product that negates both these issues.

In this review, we will show you why this lantern is one you will definitely want to include in your survival kit going forward.

Luci Emrg Solar Lantern By Mpowerd

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Overview Of The Luci EMRG Solar Inflatable Lantern

The basic premise of the Luci EMRG solar lantern is to provide a light source that is both compact and not reliant on batteries or charging. It’s a simple concept, but one that can prove to be incredibly valuable whether you’re on a camping trip or in an emergency situation.

The lantern not only provides bright light but also has emergency SOS flashing functions so you can signal for help. This makes it ideal not only for general usage but also for dire circumstances where you need to get the attention of rescue crews.

As we have seen in the past, items such as the EMRG can also be essential in extreme circumstances where getting reliable power is incredibly difficult.

In this review of the Luci EMRG Solar Lantern, we will show you the various features, pros, and cons of this great little gadget so you can see whether it’s right for you.

Importance Of Having An Emergency Solar Lantern

There are so many scenarios where you might need light, and it can be easy to be caught off guard. You might get lost on a camping trip, for example, and then you may need to set up a camping spot.

If you don’t have a reliable light source, then this could become a real problem. Normal electric lanterns and lights need batteries or outlets to charge them, and these may not be available when camping or if there is a power outage. In the past, we have covered some products for power in a camping situation, but these can be pricy and take up precious space.

Having a solar lantern can mean that you will have a reliable source of light no matter what, and it can also be used to signal for help in an emergency situation.

Key Features

Built-in rechargeable 350 Mah Lithium-ion Battery

Providing power to your lantern is always a concern when charging or battery availability is limited or nonexistent. The Luci EMRG solves this problem with its rechargeable battery.

Using solar power charging, the lantern can operate for around 7 hours on an 8-hour charge, so if you plan it out carefully then you should never be without power.

25 lumens of power, with 4 cool white + 1 red LED

Having a lantern is useless if the light it provides isn’t sufficient, but that shouldn’t be a problem with this product. The lantern provides a decent 25 lumens using 3 LED lights. This should be more than enough to see in even the darkest situations.

There is also an option for a single red LED light that can be used to flash an SOS signal if you need help from a rescue effort.

5 light modes (Low, High, Flashing, SOS & steady red)

As we mentioned in the previous point, the Luci EMRG solar-powered lantern has 4 white and one red LED bulb. These can further be customized with 5 different options.

You can use low light for situations where you don’t need as much light. This could be handy for situations like trying to find something in a tent or even reading. This will also drain the battery at a slower rate.

The high brightness setting is great if you need to light a larger area, but it will drain the battery faster.

Then, you have the option of a 1-second flashing mode, and this will also drain the battery much slower. Both the white and red bulbs can also be set to a flashing SOS signal.

Finally, you can have the red light on as a steady beam.

Completely Solar (Energy Efficient)

The Luci EMRG is powered entirely via solar power. As we touched on previously, the lantern takes around 8 hours of sunlight to charge.

Once fully charged, the lantern will last for several hours depending on which mode you’re using.

You will get a maximum of 7 hours with the dullest setting and around 3-4 hours with the brightest settings.


Packing space is always at a premium when everything needs to fit in a backpack. Weight can also be an issue, as you can get fatigued if you’re carrying around a backpack full of heavy supplies.

The Luci EMRG is designed with this in mind. When collapsed, it will weigh a mere 2.5 oz (or 75g) meaning you’ll probably barely even notice it’s there.


In terms of size, the lantern will barely take up any space at all. When it’s collapsed, its dimensions are 4″ wide x 1.25″ height. When you have inflated it, the dimensions will be around 4″ wide x 4″ height. Either way, the compact design won’t take up much space at all.

Inflatable and Waterproof

Finally, the Luci EMRG is both inflatable and waterproof. The inflatable design means that it will take up barely any space when deflated. You can then blow it up with ease to create a more standard lantern shape.

It is also waterproof in up to 3 feet of water, meaning you won’t have to worry about it getting caught in the rain or submerged in your backpack if you have to wade through a river.

Design And Build

The EMRG has a simple yet effective design that is purposefully compact and easy to use. When deflated, it has a compact coaster-like design that will fit into any backpack. As we touched on earlier, the dimensions when collapsed are 4” by 1.25”.

Once inflated, it takes on a more cylindrical design that is 4” by 4”. The inflatable material is clear and durable, meaning tears and punctures should be rare even with decent usage.

Ease Of Use

The EMRG has been designed to be compact and easy to use, so the interface has been kept with only the essentials included. The buttons are simple and labeled with exactly what they do, so choosing the correct setting is easy and convenient.

There is also a battery level indicator so you know when you need to charge it and for how long.

Reliability And Performance

The Luci EMRG has a hardy, reliable design that should last a while even with persistent usage. We have covered the 5 lighting modes which will be great for everything from reading and general lighting to emergency signaling.

It’s also great that the lantern is so compact and inflatable, and the durable materials it is made from are a huge plus as well. The lantern also has excellent review scores from customers.

On the Survival Frog storefront, it has a rating of 4.5 stars from 80 reviews. On Amazon, it has an equally impressive rating of 4.5 stars from 1641 ratings.

Pros And Cons

The Luci EMRG definitely has more benefits than weaknesses. To summarize, there are great pros such as its compact design and lightweight, durable materials, and 5 separate solar-powered light modes.

One drawback is that it does not feature replaceable battery power, so if you’re caught on a cloudy day then you may not have a chance to properly charge it. While puncturing is unlikely, it would affect the lantern’s performance if that kind of damage were to occur.


Does the Luci EMRG lantern also take batteries?

The EMRG relies entirely on solar charging, so using extra batteries is not supported.

Is the Luci EMRG Solar powered lantern good for camping?

We feel that the compact design and solar-powered nature of the EMRG would make it perfect for camping.

Do Solar lights work in the rain?

The EMRG lantern is weather and waterproof, so it will work perfectly in the rain provided it has been charged in decent sunlight.

How much does the Luci EMRG weigh?

The lantern weighs around 2.5 oz (or 75g.)

Does the Luci EMRG easily fit into a backpack?

When collapsed, the small and light design of the Luci EMRG will make it perfect even for fully packed backpacks.


As we have seen in this review for the Luci EMRG Solar powered Lantern, this handy little lantern is an excellent addition to your survival gear. Having solar power is always a plus in situations where getting power is difficult, and the compact nature of the lantern means it can be taken with you wherever you go.