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My Medic MYFAK Review (2024)


Peer reviewed by Eddie Penney

Emergency Prep Expert

First aid is something you hope you never need but never want to be caught without when you do. Even the most cautious people can still get injured or hurt, and it helps to be prepared.

This is especially true when out in areas where no hospitals are nearby or during an emergency. In this My Medic MYFAK review, we will take a look at some excellent first aid kits that you will want to take with you everywhere.


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About The My Medic Brand

My Medic was created as a way to make something positive out of a tragic situation. On their story page, they speak of a terrible incident where someone died after an accident due to insufficient medical supplies, inspiring the birth of the company.

To help make sure this doesn’t happen again, they now endeavor to provide quality, easy-to-use medical kits that can give people in need of aid a fighting chance.

Overview of the My Medic MYFAK First Aid Kit

Accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time, and they can take many different forms. The main idea behind the My Medic MYFAK kit is to provide tools and supplies for most major categories of injuries.

No matter which kit you get, you will be prepared for most minor injuries which can help to prevent more serious complications or even death. These tools are all contained in a handy, durable case that can be taken with you on trips or just stored for general use.

In terms of price, the regular MYFAK kit will cost $149.95 for the regular version and $284.95 for the Pro version.

Check out our comprehensive review from our emergency expert, Eddie Penney:


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Importance Of Having A Comprehensive Medical Kit On Hand

As we touched on earlier, injuries can happen in a wide variety of circumstances. This can make being prepared challenging, as you can never predict when an emergency will occur.

While we can’t predict it, there are certain categories of injuries that are more common, such as physical trauma, burning, and bleeding. That’s why a great medical kit should aim to prepare for as many different potential outcomes as possible.

The My Medic MyFAK is more than just a first aid kit; it’s a critical component of any emergency preparedness strategy. In a world where injuries can occur anywhere, from the wilderness to the urban environment, having access to a wide range of medical supplies is essential. With over 20,000 emergency room visits in the U.S. daily due to accidents, a well-stocked first aid kit like the MyFAK can make the difference between a minor injury and a life-threatening situation, ensuring you’re prepared to handle medical emergencies until professional help is available.

Eddie Penney Emergency Prep Expert

Contents Of The MYFAK

The MYFAK medical kit comes with a wide range of different emergency items, and they are as follows:

  • Several types of bandages
  • Saline wash
  • Cold pack
  • Gloves
  • Space Blanket
  • Gauze
  • Burn, medication, clean and prep, and treatment mods
  • Medication mod
  • Clean and prep mod
  • Treatment mod
  • CPR shield
  • Blister mod
  • Hydration mod
  • Mini sprain and fracture mod
  • Tool mod
  • Mini wound closure mod
  • Large EMT shears
  • Cloth tape
  • Digital Stay Alive Guide

Additionally, the Pro version includes these and the following extras:

  • Chest seals
  • Glowing light stick
  • 25’ paracord
  • Tourniquet
  • Zzips 2 pack
  • Quikclot pack
  • Glucose gel packet
  • NPA 28 Med pack
  • NPA 20 Med pack
  • Additional bandages

As you can see, even with the regular version of the kit you are getting a wide variety of quality tools and medications to cover most of the major categories of possible injuries.

Not only this, but several items such as the space blanket and glow sticks would be helpful in an emergency survival situation, meaning the kit could also potentially help avoid further injury.

Durability And Design

Having all of these medical tools is great, but you need to keep them safe when carrying them around with you. All of these items are contained in a durable, water-resistant case with pouches secured by velcro to keep everything compact and safe.

Convenient straps also make it very convenient for storage or carrying around with you as you need to.

Ease Of Use And Accessibility

Treatment time can be a matter of life or death in an emergency, so the MYFAK kit has been designed in such a way that getting what you need is easy and quick.

Everything is contained in neat pouches arranged in a folding page design. This makes everything easy to see so that you can find what you need without having to rummage around and therefore wasting valuable treatment time.

The kits are also designed to be easy and convenient to store in vehicles or as a backpack.

Types Of Emergency Medical Situations The MYFAK Is Good For

The MYFAK is well suited to a wide variety of different medical emergencies and survival situations. No matter whether you get the basic or Pro version, you will have plenty of tools and supplies to treat bleeding, mild fractures, and lacerations. There are also items that can assist with performing CPR.

Naturally, severe instances of any of these issues should be treated professionally, but this kit can help to buy you some time and prevent injuries from getting worse.

The kit would also be great for certain survival situations, as there are treatments for extreme cold conditions, dehydration and energy deficiency.

Differences Between MYFAK Mini And Large Kits

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The MYFAK medical kits come in a few different variations, and we have thus far covered the regular kit. They do also come in mini and large variations that you can pick from depending on your needs.

The mini kit costs $99 for the standard version and $199 for the Pro. alternatively, the Large kits will cost $237.95 for the regular and $359.95 for the Pro.

With a few exceptions, the actual items included in each of these three kits are the same. The main difference is that some of the mods and items in the mini kit are smaller versions of the ones included in the others.

The mini kit would be ideal for one person or as an emergency backup for trips. It would also be useful if storage space is limited and you are okay with only having the essentials.

Additionally, the large kit contains at least two and sometimes more examples of almost all items, making it ideal for larger groups. You will also be less likely to need to stock up on used supplies as frequently.

This video created by My Medic also provides a more detailed overview and look at the structure of the large kit.

My Medic MYFAK Basic Vs Pro

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As we covered earlier, the main difference between the basic and Pro versions of the MYFAK would be that the Pro has a few extra supplies included.

This is a great benefit as it makes the kit a bit more comprehensive and covers a wider range of potential injuries and emergencies.


The only drawbacks to the Pro version of the MYFAK would be that the increased number of items could make finding what you need a bit trickier in an emergency situation, and the price is also a bit higher than the standard version.

Conclusion And Where To Buy

As we have seen in this review, the My Medic MYFAK medical kits are excellent recourses to have in a wide range of emergency situations. You have a few options, ranging from the mini and regular kits to the more comprehensive large kits.

You kind find each one’s product pages in the links we provided, and you can look at more of what they have to offer in order to decide which one is right for you.

No matter which one you choose, you are getting a high-quality and comprehensive medical kit that we can definitely recommend!

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