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NordVPN vs IPVanish: Which VPN is Best?

Picking the best VPN service can be somewhat challenging considering the numerous options available in the market. Two of the biggest names in the VPN world right now are NordVPN and IPVanish. Both are trusted by their users to provide more from the web while protecting their personal information.

However, determining which between NordVPN and IPVanish is right for you can be rather tricky. Luckily, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed guide. Well, let the head-to-head battle begin.

NordVPN vs IPVanish – Quick Summary

NordVPN, unlike a majority of VPN services, includes a bit of everything. It features an impressive array of tools, a diverse collection of servers, and strong security/privacy features. Interestingly, NordVPN includes the latest WireGuard VPN protocol that guarantees astonishing results.

 IPVanish offers good value thanks to its generous unlimited simultaneous connections and a massive collection of servers. All IPVanish users get access to a larger geographical area since it has servers in 75 different countries.

Is NordVPN Better than IPVanish? NordVPN Advantages

NordVPN has a massive user base across the world due to its numerous advantages. Although established in 2012, it is among the fastest-growing VPN services on the planet. Here is a quick look at everything we like about NordVPN.

1. Inclusion of a Kill Switch

NordVPN prevents data leakage through its innovative kill switch. If your connection to the NordVPN server drops, this feature will immediately stop any communication between your device and the internet. The mobile version allows you to stop everything, while the Mac or Windows version lets you choose the individual apps to close.

2. Double VPN Functionality

If you are here, then you must be familiar with how VPNs work. NordVPN goes a step further by introducing the Double VPN aspect. You get an additional protection layer because your device connects to a VPN server before connecting to a second VPN server. Your IP address will go through two changes, which means that all your data is encrypted twice.

3. More than 5,000 Servers

Did you know that NordVPN has more than 5,000 servers in 59 countries? Having many servers ensures that the users can always get a better alternative should one server fail. Picking out the best server that works for you is made easy and straightforward due to the numerous options.

4. Constantly Updated Netflix Support

 You have probably noticed that Netflix tends to update its settings continually. The entire point of this operation is to keep away VPN users. NordVPN includes a team of technicians who are always working to help its users navigate the regional content restrictions by Netflix. The company has an updated page with instructions on how to access restricted content using their VPN servers.

Is IPVanish Better than NordVPN? IPVanish Advantages

IPVanish includes a lot of advantages that make it a leading contender among the top VPN services. However, how do you determine whether IPVanish is better than NordVPN? Well, let us take a quick look at some advantages that IPVanish offers.

1. Supports Almost All Devices

A majority of people have multiple devices that use different platforms. It is vital to find a VPN service that can support all your devices without any problems. An average person will have at least a computer and a phone. IPVanish supports different devices and platforms, including Linux, Windows, iOS, Fire TV, Android, MacOS, Routers, and Chromebook.

2. No Logs Policy

Every VPN user needs to know that their data isn’t going to a secondary party. According to IPVanish, they have a zero-log policy, which means that they don’t record any traffic, connection, or activity. You can stay anonymous and secure while using IPVanish servers.

3. Supports a Wide Range of Protocols

 Understand that VPN protocols are the muscle that provides anonymity and security. IPVanish claims to support a wide range of protocols, including L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and SSTP. You can quickly adopt any of the above VPN protocols depending on your needs and situation.

NordVPN vs IPVanish Pricing

We have to begin with the numbers when comparing the pricing for NordVPN and IPVanish. With IPVanish, new users get to enjoy a price of merely $4.99 in a single month. If you sign up for the whole year, you get an affordable price of $3.33 per month. However, the prices for both months get significantly higher during renewals. Your second rolling month gets charged at $9.99, while a second-year subscription attracts a $6.67 per month fee.

NordVPN costs $11.95 for the rolling month plan. The six-month scheme offers a slight discount at $9.00 per month, while the two-year option gets you a low of $3.71 per month. The good news is that NordVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t pleased with the services.

IPVanish isn’t cheap in the long-run, while NordVPN gets significantly cheaper. However, IPVanish is an excellent choice if you want to explore the world of VPN services. It offers good value for first-time users who are dipping their toes in the VPN world. NordVPN is a better choice for users who need a long-term service provider.

NordVPN vs IPVanish Speed

A standard VPN user will tell you that speed is a vital consideration. Although both services connected within seconds, NordVPN suffered a considerable 8% drop in connection speed.

While reviewing the IPVanish connection speed, our technicians noticed some variabilities with the UK connection speeds. In some tests, the connection speed was not affected. A majority of the tests, however, revealed that the internet strength slowed down significantly. We found this odd, considering European servers tend to provide better connections with VPN services.

On the positive side, both NordVPN and IPVanish don’t seem to have a problem in the United States. However, if you are looking to use VPN services outside the U.S, NordVPN is an excellent choice. IPVanish is better suited for connection in its home turf – the United States.

NordVPN vs IPVanish Security

When choosing between different VPN services, it would help if you consider security and privacy. The good news is that both NordVPN and IPVanish do quite well in this regard. Here is a more detailed look at each of these services.

IPVanish, as stated earlier, includes a zero-logs policy. Recently, it unveiled unlimited simultaneous connections to showcase to its clients that none of their data gets logged. Understand that a VPN provider has to log data when restricting the number of simultaneous connections.

NordVPN underwent a second independent audit, which proves to its customers that it is a trustworthy brand. Did you hear of the NordVPN data server hack in 2018? Well, the company adopted a 2048-bit encryption system to guarantee that it never happens again.

NordVPN vs IPVanish Mobile App

Although both IPVanish and NordVPN provide great apps, they differ in so many ways. As an industry standard, the apps come with key features such as a kill switch and split tunneling. Interestingly, the apps are stable on different devices and operating systems.

However, NordVPN and IPVanish mobile apps are exceedingly different aesthetically. The IPVanish mobile app feels techy and hard to use. Scrolling through the many servers can be a huge nightmare, especially when you aren’t tech-savvy.

NordVPN mobile app, on the other hand, offers an excellent user experience. You get a map that indicates all the server locations right on your screen. Users can quickly connect to whichever country and server they chose.

NordVPN vs IPVanish Extra Features

Both IPVanish and NordVPN have all the essential features that everyday users need. However, IPVanish does not include any extra features and perks. The good news is that all the basics are covered, which isn’t so bad if you think about it.

NordVPN has a few fascinating features that are worth mentioning. Recently, they added an extra feature called CyberSec that works as a sturdy ad blocker. Understand that this crafty feature does more than block ads — it also protects you from phishing threats and malware. Finally, NordVPN also brings to life Onion over VPN for users who want to dive into the deep web.

Who is NordVPN Best For?

NordVPN has a robust collection of servers and security features that stand out from the rest of the VPN services. The company has invested in ensuring that its users get nothing but the best security practices and infrastructure. If you are looking for a long-term VPN service that never disappoints, NordVPN is an excellent choice.

Who is IPVanish Best For?

IPVanish comes at a bargain with a robust collection of servers and unlimited simultaneous connections. It is an excellent choice for new VPN users keen on keeping their internet connection secure and private.


Both IPVanish and NordVPN offer exceptional services to their users. The choice of which VPN service to use will, therefore, come down to customer preference. Understand that each of the two services comes with numerous features, advantages, and capabilities. Hopefully, this detailed review can help you decide which VPN service suits your needs.