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Password Boss vs Dashlane: Which Is Best?

Even though technology’s main aim is to simplify our lives, we always have to remember the passwords of every website we subscribe to. It is not easy to remember all your passwords. Hence, most people decide to reuse the same password for different websites. According to a 2019 online survey done by Google Online Security Survey, 52% of respondents were reused passwords for various accounts. This is not a good idea.

Thanks to password management software, you can now have multiple online accounts with different passwords without worrying about forgetting your passwords. A password management software is a program that computer users use to store, manage and generate their passwords when using online or local applications. Password Boss and Dashlane are examples of password managers. This article looks at the two password manager brands in a bid to answer the question, ‘which is the best password manager between Password Boss and Dashlane?’

Password Boss vs Dashlane — Quick Summary of the Leading Password Managers

As mentioned above, it is not easy to remember all your passwords for your online accounts, nor is it safe to use a simple password that you can easily remember. This is why software developers created password managers. With a password manager, you only need a single password, also known as Master password, to access all your accounts once you sign up to the password manager software. Password software is also very secure. For instance, Dashlane password manager protects your passwords with your master password such that not even Dashlane staff can access your accounts. This is because you are the only one who knows the master password. 

On its part, the Password Boss is also a secure and reliable password manager. Like Dashlane, Password Boss features a zero-knowledge policy, which means its staff cannot access your master password, making your master password incredibly secure. However, Password Boss is more affordable compared to Dashlane. In this article, we compare the two password managers in terms of their advantages, features, security, customer service, and the kind of customer that each password manager is suitable for.

Is Password Boss Better than Dashlane? Password Boss Review

Password Boss is best for those looking for a password manager that delivers its core function instead. Besides performing its core function well, Password Boss has several advantages, including the following.

  • Sleek User Interface

Password Boss has a sleek user interface that is almost similar to Dashlane’s user interface. The bar is located on the left side, and the entire screen has white space. Most of the features are found on the left side, and one can easily access them.  

  • Easy To Use

Of all its features, Password Boss is known for being easy to use. The password manager even comes with a tutorial that guides users on using the software once they install it. It also has an auto-fill feature that prompts the user to save their information to the password vault and act as a password generator when they log into another space. 

  • Multiple Devices

You can use Password Boss on a range of devices besides the computer. You use it to install and use it on your tablet, iOS devices, and Android devices. Password Boss also features the cloud backup section that automatically saves data from retrieving your information when your device gets lost.

  • Customer Service

You can only reach Password Boss’ customer services via email, which most users find a shortcoming. The software lacks phone support and online chat, which may deter most individuals and businesses that prefer more responsive customer service.

  • Affordable Price

Despite the many features, Password Boss comes in quite affordable packages, including premium and family packages for personal use and standard and advanced business use packages. There is also the free trial package for first-timers that lasts for 30 days and has the same security features as the premium package.

When considering options for password management, look for tools that distinguish themselves through their security and convenience. The combination of of a VPN and dark web monitoring provides an added security layer some consumers will prefer, appealing particularly to those who prioritize online privacy. Some consumers may prefer a straightforward, budget-friendly solution that simplifies password management and also provides some security measures.

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Is Dashlane Better than Password Boss?  Dashlane Review

Dashlane is known for being one of the most effective password managers in the market. However, is it better than Password Boss? Below are some of its advantages.

  • Incredibly Beautiful User Interface (UI)

Dashlane’s user interface is well-designed and features unique colors that draw in the user. Not only are the colors pleasing, but they also match its entire aesthetic.

  • Easy To Use

The entire process of installing Dashlane is guided by clear prompts, making it easy for users to understand and quickly finish the installation process. The software can also be used on multiple devices, including the computer, tablet, and cellphone. 

  • Pricing

Compared to Password Boss, Dashlane is pricey. However, given its unique features like multiple vault categories, the easy-to-use, colorful UI, built-in VPN, automatic password changer, and emergency contacts feature, the software is worth it.

  • Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Dashlane takes the lead. It’s readily available customer service through phone calls, apart from being available via email.

Password Boss vs Dashlane: Pricing

Password Boss’ standard plan goes for $3 per month and can be used by up to five persons. On the other hand, the most affordable Dashlane pay plan is the premium package that goes for about $3.33 per month and $39.99 annually.

In terms of yearly plans, Dashlane has both premium and premium plus packages. In premium, the package costs $ 59.99 per year, while the premium plus package costs $119.99 per annum. On the other hand, Password Boss annual packages are $ 180 for the premium business package and $240 per for the advanced package.

In terms of monthly costs, Password Boss is cheaper than Dashlane because it has the lowest monthly charge of $2.50 for the standard package and the family package, which goes for $4.00 per month. Dashlane monthly packages are $ 4.99 for the premium package and $9.99 for the premium plus package.

Both Password Boss and Dashlane have free trial plans. 

Dashlane free trial restricts the user to only one device and can only save up to 50 passwords. Password Boss’ free trial package has unlimited password storage and automatic login for websites accessed on the same machine. Thus, Password Boss has a better free trial than Dashlane.

Both also have a free version of their service

Password Boss vs Dashlane: Security

Both software features the two-factor authentication feature, which requires that one provides two distinct types of information before allowing access to a computer system or online account. Dashlane takes the lead when it comes to security. This is because of its numerous excellent features like the built-in VPN. VPN is computer software used to hide a user’s identity when online. VON protects user’s information from identity thieves who are always lurking online.

Password Boss vs Dashlane: Features

When it comes to features, Dashlane comes first because of its additional useful features. Dashlane has more features than Password Boss, even though Password Boss is still considered a reliable password manager. Some of the unique features that one Dashlane has included the inbuilt VPN, unlimited password storage, secure synchronization, and up to 1GBfile storage space in Secure Notes. 

Regardless, Password Boss still has some fantastic features like remote control integration, MSP management portal, and role-based access. 

Both password managers have multi factor authentication, dark web monitoring feature, and multi-device access feature.

Password Boss vs Dashlane: Mobile Apps

Both password managers work great with various mobile devices, including iOS devices, so they work well with mobile apps like several Google mobile apps. Using a password manager with mobile devices allows for

Password Boss vs Dashlane: Customer Service

Dashlane takes the lead in terms of customer service thanks to their phone call access and email feature. On the other hand, Password Boss only has the email option for contacting their support. 

While you only have the option of emailing Password Boss’ customer service when in need of their assistance, you can choose to call or email Dashlane’s support and be assisted right away.

Who is Password Boss Best For?

Given its affordability and fewer features compared to Dashlane, Password Boss is the best password manager for personal use. The program will best serve individuals and families who want a password manager for all their online activities.

Who is Dashlane Best For?

Dashlane will best serve businesses thanks to its extra unique features like the inbuilt VPN, which companies can use to protect vital information while surfing the internet. VPN is crucial for cybersecurity. Hence, businesses must include this security feature n tier online dealings.

Also, businesses will likely be okay with Dashlane’s pricey packages. These relatively expensive packages are likely to be out of individuals and families.

That being said, if you are a starting business, you might want to start with Password Boss and then change to Dashlane with time.

Conclusion – The Best Password Manager Is…

Comparing the two password managers, it is clear that Dashlane has more advanced features than Password Boss. It also boasts functionality that you can only get from the best password manager brand in the market. However, the only drawback with Dashlane is its relatively high prices.

Password Boss is a reliable password manager that performs well as a password manager but lacks some special features found in Dashlane. However, its most significant advantage over Dashlane is the fact that Password Boss is cheaper.

If you are a business owner, Dashlane will serve you well, while Password Boss is the password manager that best serves individuals and families.