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Your Guide to Private Internet Browsing

Privacy is at a premium, now more than ever. As we start using all sorts of smart devices connected to the internet to answer our questions and manage every detail of our lives, we have to consider who is getting access to our digital fingerprint. Who is tracking all of our queries and interests? What are they doing with it?

Companies have started tracking your every online move in order to better market to you. The more information you leave out in the open, the more details can be collected. 

Using a private web browser is one way you can take control of your data. We’ll give you the rundown of why private browsing is so important and which private web browser you should be using.  

What Do Browsers Track?

You use your web browser to navigate the internet. While you do that, you leave a record of where you have been. The website you’ve visited and everything you have clicked on is tracked by your web browsers. Your web browser keeps track of your search history, keywords you’ve looked for, your purchase history, and any information you have saved with cookies. 

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that is tracked by your web browser. Cookies aren’t really a risk to your online security, but you should understand who has your information, how they got it, and how it is used. 

All of this information from your usual web browser creates a digital fingerprint. That fingerprint reveals a lot of details about you that you may not want to be readily available. Protect your privacy online with a private browser. 

What is a Private Browser?

Traditional browsers allow your online activity to be tracked through cookies. While not a threat, online privacy is a right and something you should seek to maintain. That’s where a private browser is helpful. 

A private browser keeps your browsing data, well, private. Unlike a traditional browser, a private browser doesn’t save your browsing history, search records or cookies. It is an easy way to prevent a digital fingerprint from being created and following you around. 

Why Should I Use A Private Browser?

If you want to maintain your privacy online, a private browser is the place to start. Utilizing a private browser effectively:

  • Hides your data
  • Prevents cookies from being collected and tracked 
  • Provides encrypted connections
  • Offers additional security and anti-virus protection

Get the Best Private Browser on the Market

Most browsers come with an option to turn on private browsers, but the better solution is just to use a browser designed with privacy in mind. Here are a few of the best private browsers on the market to choose from.


DuckDuckGo(DDG) is an entire search engine that is designed specifically to protect your privacy. You’ll gain a lot of personal privacy protection, but as a consequence, you will lose the super personalized results you can expect from a Google search on a regular browser. 

You can start using DuckDuckGo and protect your privacy today with a free download

Is this going to be a pain to use?

Not at all. DuckDuckGo also has a free browser extension that seamlessly connects to your existing browser of choice, like Chrome. Now, every search you make routes through DuckDuckGo instead of Chrome. Furthermore, all your existing chrome extensions remain in your browser dock.  

DuckDuckGo is the private browser of choice at the Batten HQ.

An example of DuckDuckGo in action when opening up a new window in Chrome.


Another great, and free private browser option is Brave. This would be a close runner-up to DuckDuckGo. 

Brave is an attachment to a Chrome web browser that automatically blocks all ads and web trackers. If you are already using Chrome, adding Brave to the mix is an easy way to get more privacy online. 

An example of the items a private browser like Brave blocks.


Tor provides users with anonymous access to the internet. Unlike DuckDuckGo, which is a private search engine, Tor is a private web browser. Another free option that can easily be downloaded onto your computer and used right away, Tor is a great way to prevent data tracking as you use the internet. 


Another free private web browser, Opera sets itself apart from the rest with an excellent user interface that is simple to use. Opera also comes with a free VPN, which is a great tool for maintaining better personal cybersecurity. 


Avast, a company that provides a wide range of online cybersecurity and privacy options, also has a private web browser available for download. The free option blocks viruses, monitors apps for suspicious activities, and comes with a firewall. 

Avast is a great option if you are looking to expand your cybersecurity and online privacy since you can easily upgrade for more protection. 

Learn More About Private Web Browsing

Private internet browsing should be the standard, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case. By downloading one of the private web browser options listed below, you will achieve a much higher level of privacy online than you had before. Privacy online is free. You just have to use it. 

Interested in learning more about privacy online? Listen to our latest episode of Batten Down Dialogues to learn more about private internet browsing.