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QuadraPro Solar Power Bank Review

Whether we like it or not, we have become incredibly reliant on electronic devices in the past few decades, and these devices need to be powered. If you’re at home with a working outlet then that’s no problem, but what about if you’re out in the wild or in the midst of a disaster?

When you need to charge your phone, GPS, or radio and there are no outlets, you need something that can get the job done using natural resources. That is where solar power banks come in handy, and this QuadraPro Solar Power Bank review will look at a great example of one of these products that you’ll definitely want to have in your survival kit.

What Is A Solar Power Bank?

There are many different kinds of power banks on the market, but the concept is the same no matter which one you choose. Essentially, a power bank functions as a large rechargeable battery that can then be used to charge different devices.

Any power bank you have will need to be charged itself, whether that’s with an outlet or maybe a USB port. A solar power bank can be charged using the power of the sun, which can be incredibly handy in situations where traditional power methods aren’t readily available.

About The Brand

The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank is created by the company Survival Frog. This company began in 2009, and ever since then, they have become an excellent distributor and producer of quality survival products.

While they feature some of the biggest names in survival and camping gear, the QuadraPro Solar Power Bank is an example of a product they have produced themselves, and the product certainly reflects their mandate for quality and customer satisfaction. We like the QuadraPro for outdoor activities so much, it is our pick for the best solar power bank for backpacking.

Being prepared can mean the difference between vulnerability and resilience, the QuadraPro Solar Power Bank stands out as an essential tool for any emergency kit. As natural disasters continue to rise, affecting millions globally each year, having a portable, solar-powered device that can charge your essential electronics is crucial. This power bank not only provides peace of mind but also offers a practical solution to one of the most pressing challenges in emergency situations: keeping your devices powered without relying on traditional power sources.

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The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank is a simple yet nifty device that has more features than you may think. They are summarized nicely in this video, but we will look at them in greater detail throughout this review.

First, let’s look at some of the power specifications this device features.

The battery capacity is an impressive 6500 mAh, which will take about a day of full sun exposure to charge fully. Once charged, this battery will be able to charge an average mobile phone around 3 times. Of course, you can also charge the QuadraPro via an outlet if you have access to that.

The power bank has two ports you can plug into, plus it can wirelessly charge a third device. That means that you could charge three devices simultaneously if you so wished.

As for the other features, there are a few handy specifications that make this device even more useful. It has a tough and durable design, which makes it perfect for some harsh conditions. Additionally, it is water and weather-resistant, so you don’t have to treat it with kid gloves.

Practically, it also has clips and magnets so it could be easily fastened to a backpack or even your vehicle. This means you could charge the device while hiking or driving for maximum efficiency. Lastly, the power bank also sports an LED flashlight and a battery charge indicator.

Survival Frog QuadraPro Solar Charger Power Bank - 5.5W 4-Panel Portable Wireless Phone Charger - Compatible with iPhone, Android, 2 USB Port, Flashlight, Magnetic Case, Hanging Loops - Battery Backup



The design of the QuadraPro is nice and simple. The power bank is connected to the four solar panels that give the power bank its name. These can be folded in if you need to make the device more compact for traveling.

The QuadraPro also features a leather case to keep it nice and safe while transporting it.

If you want to charge the power bank in the sun, then it would be best to fold it out completely to create as much surface area for the panels as possible.

Quadrapro Solar Power Bank With Wireless & Dual USB Charging By Frog & Co By Frog & Co.

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as of March 28, 2024 6:12 pm

Whether you're in need of some extra power to call for a rescue or you just want to post a picture of a gorgeous view, we believe you should be able to harness the free power of the sun. With a built-in power bank, it offers a compact design that can trav


Are Solar Power Banks Worth It?

Provided you have a good quality bank like the QuadraPro, they can be an incredibly useful tool for many situations.

How To Charge Solar Power Bank Without The Sun

While solar charging is the main feature of a solar power bank, this one can also be charged with a cable from a regular outlet.

Can You Charge A Power Bank With A Solar Panel?

You absolutely can, especially when solar panels are built into the product as we see with the QuadraPro.

How Does A Solar Power Bank Work?

Very basically, the energy from the sun’s rays is absorbed by the panels and converted into energy.

How Long Does A Solar Power Bank Take To Charge?

This can vary depending on the product, but the QuadraPro should take about a day to fully charge if left in direct sunlight.

Conclusion And Where To Buy

Having a source of power for essential devices can be incredibly valuable in many different scenarios, and the QuadraPro Solar Power Bank is an excellent example of such a device.

The features, specifications, and build quality are all really impressive, and we feel that this device should be considered an essential addition to your collection of survival gear.

The device can be purchased directly from Survival Frog and retails at $79.97.