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SimpliSafe Smart Lock Review

With nearly 5000 home burglaries happening every day in the USA, keeping your home safe from intruders is now more paramount than ever. Interestingly, many break-ins occur because someone left the door unlocked. It would seem to be a very simple issue to solve. But sometimes we all forget to lock the door.

Introducing the SimpliSafe Smart Door Lock, the reliable and user-friendly solution to that nagging feeling as you pull out of the driveway. With the state-of-the-art SimpliSafe Door Lock, you can keep your home safe from thieves and intruders, all without ever having to remember to lock the door again.

It’s an ingenious yet exceedingly simple smart security system that every home should be equipped with. Today, we’re going to review the SimpliSafe Smart Lock to determine what all of its main features and benefits are, and if it’s the right smart door lock for you.

Key Takeaways

  •       The SimpliSafe Smart Lock is an extension of the SimpliSafe Home Security System.
  •       Easily install the smart lock without drilling or any complicated setup processes.
  •       With a variety of features, such as automatic locking, unique PIN codes and duress codes, a keyless design, and smart home compatibility, the SimpliSafe Door Lock helps keep homes safe from burglary.

Keep reading here to find out how to improve your home security.

Overview of the SimpliSafe Smart Lock

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock is a technologically advanced yet simple-to-use entryway locking system. No longer do you have to remember to lock your doors yourself, because the SimpliSafe Door Lock does it for you.

As long as your entryway has an existing standard deadbolt, the SimpliSafe Door Lock can be installed directly over it without any special modifications. The system can be set to automatically lock the door, and users can unlock the door using the integrated keypad, to which several unique PINs can be assigned.

Complete with smart monitoring and alerts to connected devices, the SimpliSafe Door Lock will help keep your family and belongings safe. Use it in combination with the SimpliSafe Indoor Camera, the Water Sensor, and the Smoke Detector!

Why You Should Consider the SimpliSafe Door Lock

The SimpliSafe Door Lock is a simple security device that any homeowner should consider. The main reason why it’s so beneficial for home security purposes is because of its primary function, automatically locking the door for you.

Once again, many home burglaries happen because busy homeowners forget to lock their doors, a problem that no longer exists with the aid of the SimpliSafe Lock. The system can be set to automatically lock the doors whenever they are left unlocked, whether you’re home or not.

It also happens to be a great solution to the problem of the lost house key. Thanks to the useful external PIN pad, anyone who is authorized to do so can use the PIN pad to enter their unique access code and unlock the door from the outside. Whenever an access code is used to unlock the door, you’ll get a notification, so you know who’s coming and going.

With one simple device, you can ensure that your doors are always locked while eliminating the need for a house key. To make life easier, it even integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

SimpliSafe Door Lock Review

Now that we have a basic understanding of what the SimpliSafe Door Lock is, let’s take a much closer look at all of its main features and aspects. Why is the SimpliSafe Smart Lock is a wise purchase for anyone who wants to keep their home safe?

About the Brand

SimpliSafe is an American home security company that operates out of Boston, Massachusetts. The company has been around since 2006 or almost 20 years at this point. In under two short decades, it has garnered a reputation for being one of the most reliable and affordable security providers in the USA.

Since its inception, SimpliSafe has grown to become one of the most trusted security companies in America. One of the defining features of all SimpliSafe security products is that they can be self-installed.

It’s a company that produces user-friendly security products that homeowners can install themselves without having to pay exorbitant fees for professional installation. SimpliSafe has a number of advanced security systems that homeowners can purchase, including the ever-popular Gen 3, which is required if you plan on using the smart door lock.

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Key Features and Benefits

To give you a better idea of what the SimpliSafe Smart Door Lock is all about, let’s go over some of its most prominent features and benefits.

  • Keyless Entry: The Smart Door Lock uses a PIN pad to unlock the door, and eliminates the need for a house key.
  • A Durable Pin Pad: The PIN pad is weatherproof and impact-resistant, it lights up in the dark and is very easy to use.
  • Longevity: The SimpliSafe Door Lock has undergone rigorous testing and is proven to last for at least 100,000 turns.
  • Door Damage Prevention: The SimpliSafe Lock senses when the door is open, which prevents it from extending the deadbolt before the door closes, thus stopping your doors from being damaged.
  • Unique PINs: The system allows you to set unique PIN codes for individual users, or you can use the system code.
  • Alerts: When connected to your smart device, such as a phone or tablet, you’ll receive alerts whenever the door is unlocked, complete with information about which specific PIN was used.
  • Compatibility: The SimpliSafe Door Lock is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so you can easily give commands, arm the system, and more.
  • Gen 3 Integration: The Smart Door Lock integrates seamlessly with the rest of the SimpliSafe Gen 3 Security System for unparalleled home security.

Certainly! Here’s a summary table focusing solely on the key benefits and features of the SimpliSafe Smart Lock that highlight its appeal to potential buyers:


The SimpliSafe Door Look features a simple yet useful design. It has a 100% keyless design, so you never need to worry about losing your house keys again. Instead, unlocking the door is done with a simple PIN pad.

The design itself is very simple and unassuming. It’s not big or clunky, so it doesn’t take away from the overall aesthetic appeal of your entryway and the rest of your home, and it doesn’t take up too much space either. More important perhaps is the fact that it also doesn’t attract attention.

As for the hardware itself, the interior component is sleek, almost to the point where you wouldn’t notice that it’s there. It has just one moving component, the lever that controls the deadbolt. As far as the exterior is concerned, the only visible component is the keypad, which is large enough to use easily at any time, yet small enough so that it doesn’t get in the way of everyday life. It also happens to come in both black and white, so you can do some color-matching with the rest of your home.

If you slide the cover off the interior component, you’ll see a housing that holds four AA batteries that power it. You’ll also see a small speaker as well as the pairing button, which is used to pair the unit with the other necessary components. The RF radio contained on the interior of the device allows the inside unit to communicate with the exterior PIN pad and the SimpliSafe Home Security Base Station.

Setup and Installation

One of the things that makes the SimpliSafe Door Lock so attractive to homeowners is that the setup and installation process is a breeze. As mentioned above, this is a company that focuses on creating security hardware that people can install themselves without any outside help, and this applies to the Smart Door Lock just like their other security products.

All you have to do is remove the hand lever for your deadbolt from your door (while leaving the deadbolt itself in place) and slide the interior component right over the deadbolt pad. Installing the exterior PIN pad is just as easy.

It seamlessly attaches to any door, and you don’t even need to do any drilling. There’s a simple sticky pad on the rear of the device that lets you stick the PIN pad to the door, the door frame, or even the wall. Although for people who are concerned about the unit falling down or being stolen, there are also mounting screws included with your purchase. It takes under an hour to install, and you don’t even have to deal with any wiring. Just insert four AA batteries and the unit is fully operational.

As far as the setup is concerned, all you really need to do is press the pairing button. It should automatically connect to the SimpliSafe Home Security Base Station, and then automatically to any smart device, such as your phone or tablet that you have connected to the base station. Once installed, you can use the SimpliSafe app on your smart device to control the unit.

Performance and Reliability

In terms of physical performance and reliability, the SimpliSafe Smart Door Lock appears to be one of the best units on the market. The all-metal design, as well as the high-quality build overall, allow for great durability and impact resistance. Remember, the exterior PIN pad is weatherproof, and the locking mechanism is designed to last for 100,000 turns at the very least. Short of a nuclear explosion, the SimpliSafe Smart Lock should last for a lifetime.

As for its overall performance, although the SimpliSafe Door lock is very simple, the features that it does have work very well. For instance, you can program the unit to automatically lock the door when it senses that the door has been left unlocked or is closed, and you can program it to do so whether you are home or not. As soon as you arm the system, your door locks.

You can also arm and disarm the system using your smart device, right from the main SimpliSafe App dashboard. It’s quite convenient that you can unlock and lock the door using nothing more than your phone or tablet.

The fact that the SimpliSafe Lock allows users to set up to four unique PIN codes is also helpful, particularly if you have the alert system set up. Every time someone unlocks the door, you’ll receive a notification, including information about the specific PIN used. This way, you can monitor who enters and leaves your home, and at what times.

One of the neatest aspects of all is the duress PIN code feature. If someone is trying to force you to enter the PIN number so they can enter your home, simply enter the duress code. The door will still unlock so that the intruder won’t be alerted, but the police will be dispatched immediately. This is perhaps the most useful and important performance aspect of all.

What also stands out is that if someone enters the wrong PIN five times, the system will automatically notify you. If someone attempts to open the door 15 times without success, the system automatically locks your home for the next 30 minutes.

In terms of reliability, it’s worth noting that the unit functions using four AA batteries. You can use disposable or reusable batteries, but they are batteries nonetheless. The issue here is of course that batteries eventually die. If the batteries die, the smart lock won’t work anymore. However, the saving grace here is the low battery alert feature that tells you when the batteries start giving out.

Customer Service and Support

SimpliSafe in general is known for having great customer support, so there is nothing to worry about there. You can always use the chat feature on the main website, use the resources in the help center, or call for live support between 8 am and midnight (seven days per week).

Smart Home & App Integrations

Although you need the existing SimpliSafe Security System to use the Smart Door Lock, the interface is very user-friendly and well-designed. You can easily control all aspects of the lock using the SimpliSafe dashboard, and that makes things very easy. As far as app integrations are concerned, the SimpliSafe Smart Lock is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. That said, you can really only use these smart assistants to arm or disarm the door lock, but not to actually lock or unlock your door.


  •       Durable design
  •       Reliable operation
  •       Unique PIN feature
  •       Duress code feature
  •       Easy to install – no drilling required
  •       Does not require WIFI
  •       Simple operation
  •       Low battery alert
  •       Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa


  •       Requires four AA batteries
  •       Google Home and Alexa have limited functionality in relation to the lock


The bottom line here is if you are looking for an affordable and user-friendly security system that keeps your entryways securely locked, then the SimpliSafe Smart Door Lock is certainly worth looking into. It may have a couple of small drawbacks, such as limited methods of control using smart assistants and the need for AA batteries, but other than that, it’s a really solid unit.

Its design is sleek and relatively appealing, it’s extremely durable and long-lasting, and it functions exactly as advertised. It comes complete with an array of features that make keeping your home secure as easy as pie. We hope that this SimpliSafe Door Lock review provided you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision!

Certainly! Here’s a summary table focusing solely on the key benefits and features of the SimpliSafe Smart Lock that highlight its appeal to potential buyers:

Conclusion & Where to Buy

If the SimpliSafe Smart Door Lock sounds like something that you’re interested in, look no further than right here at Batten. Find a variety of SimpliSafe products and much more in our massive catalog of home security products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s quickly answer some of your most frequently asked questions before we wrap things up for the day.

Does SimpliSafe Smart Lock Work with Alexa?

Yes, Amazon Alexa is compatible with the SimpliSafe Smart Door Lock.

Does My Smart Lock Need WIFI or an Existing SimpliSafe System to Work?

The SimpliSafe Smart Lock does not require WIFI to function, but you do need an existing SimpliSafe Home Security System.

How Do I Know if My Smart Lock is Low on Battery?

The lock has low battery alerts to inform you when the battery is low.