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SimpliSafe vs Abode | Which Is Best for You?

With a reliable home security system, you can go about your life without constantly worrying over the safety of your home or loved ones. But nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with a DIY security system. On top of having professional surveillance, you can check on your home anytime through a mobile app from anywhere in the world. 

SimpliSafe and Abode are top DIY home security systems with loads of features and benefits. If you’re not sure which of the two is ideal for your home, we will help you reach a decision shortly.     

SimpliSafe vs Abode – Quick Summary

After been robbed over and over again, two Harvard Business School students decided to create a flexible home security solution to help renters secure their homes. Owing to the short-term nature of tenancy arrangements, they came up with a solution that offers a month-to-month contracting. And that’s how SimpliSafe, Inc came about. 

Vetted best overall home security of 2020 by US News & World Report, SimpliSafe is an affordable DIY security solution that’s easy to install and use. Even though they offer both professional installation and monitoring at a reasonable fee, you can quickly get your system up and running by following their simple instructions.

On the other hand, Abode Systems, Inc, a security company founded in 2014, offers an equally superior solution. They have professional installation and monitoring services, as well as DIY options. Besides, if you choose to self-monitor, you can still enjoy their on-demand professional monitoring on a short-term basis whenever you’re away.

Both are excellent DIY security solutions that allow you to customize your package and scale on a need basis. We analyze each system, their monitoring services, equipment, pricing and contracts, features, installation and usability, and customer support to help you determine which one is best for you.     

As smart home adoption reached over 69% of U.S. households in 2023, Abode’s extensive integration capabilities have become increasingly relevant. For homeowners looking to weave security into a broader network of smart home devices, Abode offers a comprehensive solution. This system not only enhances security but also elevates the convenience and efficiency of managing a connected home, addressing the modern homeowner’s multifaceted needs.

Kirk MacDowell, Home Security Expert

SimpliSafe vs Abode – Monitoring 

SimpliSafe offers both professional and self-monitoring plans. With self-monitoring, you get alerted on your mobile phone app whenever the sensors get triggered. The company offers two plans – basic and interactive. Note that you only get notifications on the interactive plan. 

Their professional monitoring service provides 24/7 surveillance, which is enhanced by visual verification. This means that whenever a sensor gets triggered, they stream a live feed to verify the cause of the alarm, then send it to the response teams for faster dispatch. 

Unlike SimpliSafe that charges you for self-monitoring alerts, Abode sends you free notifications if you opt to self-monitor. You can also view a live feed from the cameras and control your smart home devices remotely. 

Abode’s professional monitoring service also offers 24/7 home protection with rapid dispatch during emergencies. Once a sensor gets triggered, they call you for confirmation and then connect with the response team. 

When you sign up for Abode’s professional monitoring, you automatically qualify for homeowners insurance discounts. The discounts can be massive, even enough to cover the professional surveillance cost.

They also offer on-demand monitoring for those who would like professional surveillance for a few days. If you’re on a self-monitoring plan and intend to be away and busy, you can sign up for a 3-day or 7-day 24/7 professional surveillance.       

SimpliSafe vs Abode – Models & Equipment

SimpliSafe home security kit comes with a free HD camera, which allows for live streaming of video, recording, and downloading. Abode’s basic kit – smart security kit – does not include a camera, so you get to buy that separately. Alternatively, you can buy their Iota All-In-One security kit, which comes with an HD streaming camera.

A SimpliSafe basic kit contains a base station, motion and entry sensors, and a keypad on top of the camera. More available features include a key fob, panic button, glass break sensor, smoke detector, water and temperature sensors, etc. During set up, you link up these pieces of equipment to your mobile phone app from where you can arm, disarm, and monitor the system.

Abode’s basic kit contains the gateway (base station), motion sensor, key fob, mini door/window sensor, and a sticker. However, you can scale your system with additional accessories as you desire.

SimpliSafe vs Abode – Pricing & Contracts

Both security systems offer month-to-month contracts with no long-term obligations. This means you can pay for professional monitoring every month and shift to self-monitoring whenever you want, or vice versa.

SimpliSafe’s equipment cost depends on the components contained in the kit. You can customize your kit or pick the ready packages that range between $183 and $367. For instance, a foundation kit contains a base station, keypad, one motion sensor, one entry sensor, and a free HD. This goes for $183. The haven package is a 14-piece pack with additional components – siren, panic button, temperature and smoke sensors, etc. You can get this at $367.

Their monthly subscriptions fall under two plans – basic and interactive. The basic plan goes for 33 cents per day, while the interactive plan costs 83 cents per day.   

You can get Abode’s smart security kit at $219.99 or the iota All-In-One security kit at $279.99. An Abode camera (Abode Cam 2) goes for $29.99, while their outdoor smart camera goes for $169.99.

Abode has two monthly subscription plans – standard and pro plan. The standard plan consists of self-monitoring and home automation at 20 cents per day. The pro plan has additional features like cellular connectivity, free shipping within the US, exclusive deals and discounts, including homeowners insurance discounts, etc. For this, you pay 66 cents per day. 

SimpliSafe vs Abode – Features

Mobile App – SimpliSafe and Abode, home security systems, come with mobile apps for self-monitoring. With Abode’s broad integration capabilities, you can control your smart home equipment from the mobile app. For instance, you can switch on lights remotely, open and close doors, etc. 

Smart Home Integration – SimpliSafe also allows integration with voice assistants – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, August Locks, Nest Thermostat, and Apple watch. However, Abode is more superior, allowing over 100+ smart home integrations. 

Other special features include;


Secret Alerts and Tiny Sensors – SimpliSafe allows you to monitor your private areas with confidential alerts that go unnoticed by the intruder. Their sensors are also designed to enhance secret monitoring, thanks to their tiny size.  

Human-Form Detection Algorithm – This technology enables the sensors to distinguish between human and animal motion. 

Custom Alerts and Duress PIN – With a SimpliSafe home security system, your friends and family can help you monitor your home by setting custom alerts for them. You can also set a duress PIN so that the authorities know when someone forces you to disarm the system.  

Guest Passcodes – This feature allows you to set passcodes for your guests to let them in and out of your home when you’re away.


Media Storage – You can capture, download, and store your feeds for up to 90 days.

Free App Access and Mobile Notifications – Unlike SimpliSafe that sends you alerts only if you’re on the premium interactive plan, Abode gives free app access and mobile notifications. Once a threat is detected, the monitoring team informs you for action without an extra cost.

SimpliSafe vs. Abode Installation & Usability

SimpliSafe is the easiest to install between the two. You can set it up and integrate it with other smart home equipment within minutes. But if you prefer to have it installed professionally, they can do it for you at a one-off fee of $79. Abode also has a professional installation service, which they charge at $99.

SimpliSafe allows you to use the system for 60 days with a full money-back guarantee. On the other hand, you can use your Abode system for 30 days and return for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. 

As earlier mentioned, both systems are peel-and-stick solutions with no need for tools and drilling. Besides, both can be set up with no prior experience. 

SimpliSafe vs. Abode Customer Service

Both SimpliSafe and Abode offer phone and online support. You can also reach SimpliSafe’s customer support team via email, which is equally responsive. 

Who Are SimpliSafe Security Systems Best For? 

  • SimpliSafe customer support is highly responsive as compared to Abode. Hence, if you want to receive reliable customer support round the clock, then go with SimpliSafe.
  • And if you want to save on the installation cost, then SimpliSafe’s easy installation makes it the best option between the two. 

Who Are Abode Security Systems Best For? 

  • If you have a whole range of smart home devices, then the Abode security system is the right pick for you. With over 100 integrations, you can conveniently control your entire home’s smart features from a single app.
  • If you also want to self-monitor your system and receive alerts for free, get an Abode home security kit. 


SimpliSafe and Abode are superior home security systems that can help keep your home safe and guarantee your peace of mind. Though they both have their highs and lows, they have distinguishing features that can help determine which one is best for you. While SimpliSafe is affordable and easy to install, the lack of free self-motoring alerts makes it lose to Abode. Abode also leads on the integration front, so homeowners with various smart home equipment may prefer it over SimpliSafe. However, in terms of system performance and customer support, SimpliSafe is the superior of the two. So, take your pick.