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SimpliSafe vs ADT | The Best Home Security System

OK, so you’ve finally decided to reinforce your home security. First of all, KUDOS! In a society full of ill-intended people roaming around to launch their malicious actions on innocent homeowners and their families, nothing is more important than your safety. 

Here’s the catch, though; scrolling through the internet, you come across countless home security companies claiming to offer the best plans and systems. They’re too many to the extent it becomes challenging to decide which company to trust with providing you with the best home security system. But in the process of weighing your options, you come across two providers that pique your interest: SimpliSafe and ADT. 

However, you can only work with one out of these two top-rated security companies. Which one is it going to be? This in-depth guide ties the two firms toe-to-toe on various aspects to help you decide which one is best for you based on your specific needs. So stay tuned!

SimpliSafe vs ADT – Quick Summary

Both SimpliSafe and ADT rank atop the extensive list of home security systems, thanks to their state-of-the-art feature-packed solutions and products. SimpliSafe has been around since 2006, and the company’s goal is to make every home a safer place through constant systems upgrades and round-the-clock monitoring. The company boasts a significant customer base, with over three million Americans relying on it for protection. 

ADT or American District Telegraph is SimpliSafe’s fiercest competitor, and it has been existent for over a decade, having been founded in 1874. The company has since elevated its smart home intelligence, often introducing new products to bolster its security system. Today, it prides itself in serving over six million US customers across more than 200 locations. 

There’s no denying that both companies’ stats are enticing, but how does that play on their specific products and services? The following section compares SimpliSafe and ADT’s models & equipment, pricing, mobile apps, video quality, customer service, etc., to determine which company emerges superior for each section. Let’s get to it, shall we?

SimpliSafe vs ADT: Models & Equipment

SimpliSafe’s signature camera model is known as SimpliCam. It’s suited for indoor use only and comes with an internal microphone, stainless steel privacy shutter, intelligent motion detector, and status lighting. What’s more, the camera provides 24/7 free live streaming of HD videos and audios, plus it covers a 120-degree field view. 

Besides the camera, other SimpliSafe’s security systems include a video doorbell, smoke detector, motion sensor, an entry sensor, siren, and smart lock. It’s critical to note that the equipment pieces provided may vary depending on your preferred package, with SimpliCam camera cutting all across. 

Let’s now look at what camera models and supporting equipment. Unlike SimpliSafe that offers only indoor security cameras, ADT cameras cater to both your indoor and outdoor security needs. The indoor cams are equipped with video analytics and can capture and differentiate vital home equipment and send you smart alerts when they detect an anomaly. Their audios are exquisitely clear, and the videos display 1080p HD images.

ADT outdoor security cams are equally first-class and provide features available in the indoor version. Plus, they’re weather-proof, come with a built-in heater, and provide 24/7 multi-directional monitoring day and night. Other essential equipment accompanying the camera models include a video doorbell, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, smart locks, smart thermostats, Amazon’s Alexa, and more. Again, the security systems to be provided depends on your specific needs.

SimpliSafe vs ADT: Monitoring

Monitoring services give you peace of mind knowing that your home is always safe even if you’re not around. Before we get into details on how the two security companies compare, it’s worth noting that while ADT offers round-the-clock professional monitoring. SimpliSafe gives you the option to choose between self-monitoring or professional monitoring. 

ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring has never been easier and more efficient with their mobile app. Thanks to the app, you can remotely arm and disarm your home security system. The company’s monitoring system also comprises detailed features barely found elsewhere. These include live surveillance, home automation, event-triggered alarm, and voice recognition. 

SimpliSafe also comes with an app that users can leverage to self-monitor their homes from any location using the 720p HD wireless camera. On top of that, there’s a 24/7 alarm monitoring center that relies on a base station to send real-time signals to the company’s professional monitoring experts. The package includes a keypad, a motion sensor (capable of detecting the motion within 30 feet), and an entry detector befitting all door and window types. 

Overall, both ADT and SimpliSafe offer impeccable security monitoring solutions.  However, ADT comes with more monitoring features than SimpliSafe. On the contrary, SimpliSafe also has a strong selling point in that it doesn’t require any monitoring contract. In comparison, ADT requires a 3-year agreement (more details below).

SimpliSafe vs ADT: Pricing & Contracts

SimpliSafe Pricing and Contracts

With SimpliSafe, you can either purchase your preferred security systems and equipment to self-monitor or include professional monitoring on the package for a 20% discount. The monitoring fee varies depending on your chosen plan. The Standard Plan costs $14.99 and the Interactive Plan goes for $24.99 per month. 

What’s more, you can cancel your plan anytime you wish since the company only offers a month-to-month contract. Also, if you’re displeased with the equipment or services, you can contact the company within the first 60 days and get your money back. When it comes to SimpliSafe’s equipment costs, the prices vary depending on your preferred package. There are five options to choose from, including:

  • The Foundation package – $229
  • The Essentials package – $259
  • The Hearth package – $374
  • The Knox package – $449
  • The Haven package – $489

ADT Pricing and Contracts

ADT charges monthly professional monitoring fees of $29.99-$57.99, depending on your preferred plan. Further, there’s an installation fee of $99-$199 depending on the number of security equipment you have. Additional charges may also apply for customers requiring cellular monitoring. 

Remember, the company provides a 3-year contract, meaning you must be prepared to pay the monthly monitoring fees for 36 months straight before deciding to renew the agreement. The good news is, they provide a 6-month money-back guarantee in case you fail to like their equipment or services.

SimpliSafe vs ADT: Features

Let’s switch focus to extra features like camera video quality, smart home compatibility, and mobile apps and see how they compare for the two security companies.

Video Quality and Storage

ADT’s security cameras (both indoor and outdoor) display higher-quality video images because they’re designed with a better resolution – 1080p HD. On the other hand, SimpliSafe cameras’ video quality is relatively lower – 720p HD. 

ADT also offers an on-site storage solution, allowing you to record, store, and view real-time videos of your home from your mobile phone. With SimpliSafe, you can store videos for up to 30 days, which can help trace footage to aid with investigations.

Mobile Apps

Both security companies have mobile apps to make smart home monitoring even more effective and convenient. With ADT’s Pulse App, you can arm and disarm your system, live stream footage, control connected devices, and receive push alerts. The app has a Google Play rating of 3.9 and an App Store rating of 4.8. The SimpliSafe App also performs every function available in Pulse. It also adds the ability to download footage if you upgrade to the Interactive Plan. However, it has relatively lower ratings – 3.4 on Google Play and 3.1 on Appstore.

Smart Home Compatibility

ADT partners with multiple smart home solutions companies to provide the best experiences to homeowners. Some of the integrated smart devices include Amazon Alexa, lights & switches, smart plugs, Google Assistant, automated thermostats, and more. SimpliSafe isn’t left behind either; it’s compatible with notable third-party smart home devices such as August smart lock, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

SimpliSafe vs ADT: Installation

If you’re a hands-on kind of person, then you can take the DIY route and install your preferred security system by yourself. However, if you like getting things done professionally, SimpliSafe can take care of the installation for you for $99 or above, depending on the number of equipment you have.

Installing ADT

If you’re tight on budget and don’t feel like offering the $99 for professional installation, you can DIY. The company provides a step-by-step guide for installing your security system, but you can always refer to Youtube for further explanation. Overall, the hardest to install is usually the video camera and the Kwikset deadbolt.

Installing SimpliSafe

You don’t need any tools or drills to install the security system since most of the equipment only requires peeling and sticking. Plus, they have strong adhesives that stick the sensors so well against the wall that they can barely fall.

SimpliSafe vs. ADT: Customer Service

Our final round of comparison is the two security companies’ customer service delivery. Both provide an online forum and a help desk where users can table their concerns and get assisted. They also have phone numbers for customers to call their representatives directly. 

ADT also includes live chat and Facetime options for customers to interact with call center agents in real-time. Facetiming comes in handy when you want to physically demonstrate an issue with your security system to the support. SimpliSafe also offers email support.

Who are SimpliSafe Security Systems Best For?

Go for SimpliSafe home security system if you prefer the following:

  • Self-monitoring. You can avoid paying the monthly professional monitoring fees.
  • Low-priced equipment. SimpliSafe’s packages cost relatively less than ADT’s.
  • Top-rated customer support. SimpliSafe edges ADT in terms of customer support if the actual user reviews are anything to go by.
  • Hassle-free installation. The fact that you don’t need any tools or drills to install SimpliSafe’s sensors is a plus.

Who are ADT Security Systems Best For?

Pick ADT home security system if you’d like the following:

  • Customer support via Facetime. If there’s a technical hitch that you lack words to explain, you can simply Facetime the support center, so they get a firsthand view of the issue.
  • Higher-rated app. Overall, ADT’s Pulse app has a 4.35 rating, slightly higher than the SimpliSafe app’s 3.25 average rating.
  • More features. ADT’s video monitoring system comes packaged with more components than its counterpart.

Final Verdict: SimpliSafe or ADT?

There’s no denying that SimpliSafe and ADT are all grade-A home security systems, and that’s evident in the vast customer bases they both command. However, the decision about which company you should entrust with your home security all boils down to your specific needs and preferences. 

If you need a more affordable solution that you can install on your own, self-monitor, and get in touch with the customer support hassle-free, SimpliSafe is for you. On the contrary, if you need a relatively costly system but offers more features, higher-quality videos, and is compatible with more smart home solutions, ADT has got you covered. 

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