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Sol-Ark 15K Review

Having energy for your household that is not beholden to power companies and traditional means has become more and more common worldwide. Scheduled and unscheduled power outages brought on by increased demand have become frequent even in the most developed nations, making something like the Sol-Ark 15K Inverter an attractive option.

With so many inverters and power solutions on the market, is this one right for you? We will attempt to answer that by showing you everything you need to know about this inverter to help you decide if it’s the one for you.

Overview of Sol-Ark 15K Solar Hybrid Inverter

The Sol-Ark 15K solar hybrid inverter is an off-grid, pre-wired inverter option that is designed for optimum energy efficiency and ease of use. It is also compatible with many different batteries, power sources, and other implements, making it a compelling option for anyone wanting off-grid power with minimal fuss.

As we go through this review, we will see some of the more specific features and benefits you should keep in mind when considering this inverter.

You can see how this kind of tech can fit into an off-grid power setup in this previous overview.

Importance of Having a Hybrid Inverter for Your Off-Grid Power Setup

If you have an alternative power source, you will need to charge it in one way or another. This could involve different methods, from the regular power grid to solar power. Some inverters can only handle one source of power, and that’s where hybrid inverters come in.

You can read this overview on how solar panels can be a great source of off-grid power if you would like to know more about that.

The hybrid inverters can handle power coming from multiple sources, making them more versatile and useful for more scenarios and situations. If you’re planning an off-grid power solution and have different forms of power, then a hybrid inverter is vital to get the most out of it.

We have previously looked at how extreme weather and heat waves can increase the need for this kind of technology, so you can check that out for more information.

Sol-Ark 15K Inverter Review

About the Sol-Ark Brand

The Sol-Ark brand was founded in 2013 by a team of Veterans and engineers. They began by looking for power solutions for their own families, and this evolved into more large-scale production.

In their history, they have built up a high level of expertise in off-grid power production, and this shows in their many inverters, generators, and power products.

Key Features and Benefits

  • All In One
    You get almost everything you need to get started with this setup. It’s all pre-wired, making setup much easier. It makes setup not only easier but cheaper as well.
  • Battery Agnostic
    The inverter can be used with a wide range of battery types, including lithium and lead.
  • Long Life
    The life of the inverter has been tested and shown to be well beyond 10 years, meaning it should be reliable even after the 10-year warranty ends.
  • Remote Wifi Monitoring
    There is built-in wifi and ethernet monitoring to better monitor and control the device.


The design of the inverter is a sleek white rectangular design with everything pre-wired. The dimensions come in at 31.8” x 18.3” x 10.9” and it weighs 135lbs. This is a reasonable size that should be easy to place in your home.

Setup and Installation

Setting up an inverter will always have its challenges, but the Sol-Ark 15K has been designed to make it as easy as possible. With everything pre-wired, it should be easy to set up with minimal tools and expense.

To help you, comprehensive support manuals are included, and you can contact Sol-Ark for help if needed. Hiring an electrician to install it would be easiest, but anyone with decent electrical knowledge should be able to install it by using the mentioned sources.

Technical Specifications

The output power of the inverter is up to 15kW, giving the inverter its name, with an input power of 19 500W. With an optional battery, you have an output power of 12,000W.

For a more detailed look at all of the specifications, you can consult this spec sheet provided by the company.

Performance and Reliability

The Sol-Ark company has been working to master the technology behind off-grid power, and this shows in the construction of the inverter. Everything is made of quality materials, and it has been tested to have a lifespan of well over 10 years.

The possibility for failure is always there with this kind of technology, but it should be unlikely with this particular one.

Customer Service and Support

The customer service and support options for Sol-Ark are comprehensive and quite impressive. It is outlined on this customer support page, and you will have options such as writing in, email, phone calls, and web chat.

This way you have plenty of options if you need help, support, or answers.

Pros and Cons


  • Easier to install than many inverters.
  • Everything is pre-wired.
  • Minimal tools and expertise are needed for installation.
  • Battery agnostic.
  • Lots of support options.


  • Battery and solar panels will need to be bought separately.
  • Premium price.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

With so many inverters on the market, choosing the right one can be tricky and stressful. Many aspects of the Sol-Ark 15K hybrid inverter make it an option that is easy to recommend.

It has great specifications and longevity; the pre-wired setup makes it easy to install and use. There isn’t much to dissuade anyone from considering adding this to a home off-grid power setup.

It comes from a company that knows what they’re doing and has shown that they have a proven track record for quality energy products. If you’re in the market for a high-performance inverter, we can highly recommend this one to most users.

Sol-Ark Inverter FAQs

Where are Sol-Ark Inverters Made?

Almost the entirety of production and assembly takes place in Plano, Texas.

What is Sol-Ark’s Meter Zero Mode?

This mode allows you to zero your electrical bill, and you won’t need to install an additional smart meter.

Does Sol-Ark 15K Work with any Battery?

It should be compatible with most kinds of appropriate battery types.

Does Sol-Ark 15k Qualify for a Federal Tax Credit?

This can be possible, but it will depend on your state and various other factors.

How Much Money Does Sol-Ark 15k Save Selling Power to the Grid?

This can again vary, so contacting Sol-Ark and providing your specifications would be the best way to get an accurate estimate.