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Survival Fresh Canned Meat Review

When you’re in a survival situation, luxuries such as tasty food can seem like something that is out of reach. When it comes to food in any survival situation, you probably think you’ll have to do without any meat that isn’t tinned fish or low-quality processed meat sludge.

However, Survival Fresh has a range of canned meat that makes survival situations more practical and even more enjoyable. This variety of quality canned meat is packed with protein with no artificial ingredients. Once heated, they can be used in stews, on sandwiches, or in any way that you can think of.

In this review, we will go over some of the top options in the Survival Fresh canned meat line, and we will also go over some of the information, statistics, and uses you need to know. So let’s begin and see why this range of canned meat is such a great product for survivalists and campers alike!

Overview of Survival Fresh Canned Meat

Survival Fresh is quick to admit on its product page that the concept of canned meat sounds a bit odd. When most people think of canned meat, they may picture some processed mess that is just a few steps away from being dog food, but Survival Fresh takes a different approach.

We have even featured Survival Fresh on our list of the best tasting survival food, and we have often been impressed by what they have to offer. They consistently offer great value, taste, and longevity.

They do this with some simplicity. There are no weird chemicals, fancy ingredients, or horrific additives in their canned meat. There are two ingredients: meat and a bit of salt. They don’t add any water or additional additives, and the meat is cooked in the can to maintain flavor.

There are a few options when it comes to canned meat. These include beef, hamburger, chicken, turkey and pork. How you use these is up to you, and there are many applications. They have also been designed with a long shelf life of up to 25 years.

This means this line would be perfect as emergency storage, or you could take them out on a camping trip. It’s up to you how you use them, but it’s sure to be tasty and convenient!

In the past, we have seen why it’s so important to have a survival plan for your family, and these cans can certainly be a great addition to this plan.

Importance of Having Canned Meat in an Emergency

When you’re in an emergency or survival situation, keeping energy levels high is important. One of the best ways to do this is by consuming protein to keep energy high. Meat is a great source of protein, but it can often be difficult to acquire in an emergency.

Either that or the meat you can get hold of is low quality and not nice to eat. Of course, having tasty food in an emergency is no priority, but if it can be achieved then why not?

Having canned meat gives you many options, as it can be eaten as is or with other food to get the most of your supplies. Not only can canned meats make survival easier, but they can also make it more enjoyable which can keep up morale when times are tough.

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Survival Fresh Canned Meat Review

About the Brand

Survival Fresh’s name is an apt one, as they focus on survival food that will stay fresh for a long time. Operating out of Ohio, they take a hands-on approach to production and work to ensure that the meat is high quality and prepared properly. Their aim is for the food to be used as survival resources, but they also encourage people to try out the food options in more everyday scenarios such as camping.

For a better look at what is on offer, be sure to check out this video overview created by Survival Fresh.

Uses and Benefits

  • Source of Protein
    The canned meat options are a great source of protein that can be added to any meal.
  • Versatility
    Once heated up, the meat can be used in anything from stews and sandwiches to burgers or pasta. It can even be eaten cold from the can in a pinch.
  • Easy to Prepare
    As we touched on earlier, the meat can be consumed after heating, or you can eat it straight from the can.
  • Different Options
    There are several different meat options such as beef, burger, chicken, turkey, and pork.
  • Purchase Options
    You can purchase the meat in bulk packs with different options, or you can individually buy the meat variants that are your favorite.

Shelf Life

Survival Fresh can guarantee a shelf life of 5 years for the canned meat, but if you keep the cans stored in a cool, dry location out of the sunlight then the shelf life can go up to 25 years. That’s why properly storing your food supplies is so important, as it can make a huge difference.

This is something you should keep in mind with any survival supplies, but especially with food and water supplies. A cool dark basement would be a great option for storing your canned meat, but as long as it is dry and cool then you will be on the right track.


The taste of canned meat is often an afterthought, but that’s not the case here. The meat has no additional ingredients except for some sea salt. It’s then cooked in the can to retain the natural juices and flavors of the meat.

Naturally, you will probably want to add some additional seasoning or condiments, as you would with fresh meat. However, even without these additions, you will get delicious natural meat flavors from the meat options.

It’s up to you, and it will also depend on how flavorful you like your meat to be. Some people like to have seasoned meat, but others prefer natural meat flavors that are unsullied by additional elements.

In this way, it’s beneficial that the seasoning has been kept to a minimum, as it allows you to cater to your own taste and preferences.

Packaging and Size

You have a few different options with regard to the ways that you can buy the canned meat from Survival Fresh. In a basic sense, each individual container will be 1lb 12 oz. Survival Fresh estimates that each can will provide 4-5 meals worth of meat.

While that’s the case with the individual cans, they also have bulk crate options that we will investigate in greater detail later on in the review.

There are also a few other options you can choose from on the Survival Frog product page, so you certainly have options. There are also payment plans and options for purchasing, so they can fit into any budget.

Nutrition and Calories

The calorie count of the meat will range from around 70 to 100 calories per can depending on the variant of meat. Each can will have around 10 to 16g of protein as well, and there are various other minerals and nutrients. This can again vary depending on the meat variant, so we recommend checking out the product images on the canned meat product page, as there are accurate numbers presented for each type of meat here.

Customer Service

If you need any assistance with your order or if you have a problem, you can contact the Survival Frog team from their contact page. This is naturally only applicable if you purchase through the Survival Frog website. Here, you will have options for web chat, phone call, or a support ticket, so there are different options to use.

If you were to purchase from Amazon instead, then you can contact the Amazon customer support team instead.

Knowing that you can easily get help for any issue is always a source of peace of mind, and Survival Frog is generally known for their friendly and helpful customer service.

Value for Money

Each individual can will cost around $35 if bought individually, but there are also bundle options available. We feel that the price is pretty fair considering the quality of the meat and how many servings each one contains. You can also use the meat in many different ways, so it can help to take other meals further.

We will go into more detail on the different bundles and prices you will have available to you very shortly.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to prepare
  • Made with natural meat and no additional ingredients
  • Long shelf life
  • Gluten and dairy-free
  • Different meat options


  • May need additional seasoning for some tastes
  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Should ideally be added to other food

How Many People Does Survival Fresh Canned Meat Serve?

Survival Fresh estimates that each can will provide around 4-5 servings per can. This will depend on the serving size and whether the meat is added to other food. You could probably serve 4 or 5 people on a single can as long as it is supplemented with other food such as bread or pasta.

This will naturally depend on how it is served, so you may find that a can serves a few more or fewer people depending on the circumstance.

What Options Does Survival Fresh Canned Meat Offer?

There are several different meat options that we have seen in this review so far. To summarize, these include beef, hamburger, chicken, turkey, and pork.

These can be purchased as a single can sample and you can choose the type of meat you get. This single can costs $34.97, but there are bundle versions available.

For example, there is a 12-pack option for $379.97. This includes 3 cans of chicken, 2 cans of hamburger, 2 cans of turkey, 3 cans of beef, and 2 cans of pork. You can also find this bundle on Amazon.

These are a few of the options you have, but there are other bundles and deals available on the Survival Frog website, and you can check them out by following the link to the single can.

Survival Fresh Canned Meat Verdict

Overall, we feel that the line of Survival Fresh canned meat is the perfect choice for any meat lovers. You have tasty, quality meat that can be stored for a long time, making them perfect for emergencies. You can also choose between some of the most popular meat variants, meaning there is something for every taste and preference.

Survival situations demand not just any food, but nutritious, high-quality options that can sustain energy and health over time. Survival Fresh’s range of canned meats, offering a shelf life of up to 25 years, addresses this need by providing a source of high-protein sustenance that’s both practical and enjoyable. In an era where emergency preparedness is more crucial than ever, with natural disasters affecting millions globally each year, having access to such reliable food sources is indispensable for any survival plan.

Eddie Penney Emergency Prep Expert

Not only that but they can be easily customized or added to other meals to take them even further. We definitely think that every variant is a great choice, and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with whatever you choose.

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Conclusion and Where to Buy

We hope that this review has helped to change your perception of what canned meat can be. With products like these from Survival Fresh, survival situations don’t have to consist of whatever you can get your hands on.

Instead, you can still have tasty, nutritious food that can help to keep you nourished while also keeping your morale up with some delicious food options. Whether you save them for an emergency or want some convenient meat options for a camping trip, Survival Fresh has something for you!

If you would like to grab some cans for yourself, you can buy individual cans from this page. The 12-pack can also be purchased either from the Survival Fresh website or from the Amazon page.

These are also just a small selection of your options, and there are other bundles and deals you can take advantage of on the Survival Frog website. Whatever you choose, we hope that you will be better prepared for whatever life can throw at you!