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Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit Review

In the unpredictable world of outdoor adventure and emergency prep, it’s vital to have trust in the tools you carry. We recently had the chance to explore the Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit, and it’s clear this kit is thoughtfully designed with both practicality and emergencies in mind.

Packed with over 100 first aid supplies and 9 survival tools, including a top-notch knife and an emergency flashlight, the Surviveware kit is more than just a collection of medical items. It’s a comprehensive system tailored for readiness. The labeled compartments are a standout feature, alleviating the panic of digging for supplies when urgency is a factor.

Versatility is embedded into its design with a water-resistant, rip-resistant 600D Polyester case. The MOLLE-compatible system, featuring a removable Velcro and D-rings, allows for secure attachment to a variety of gear, from backpacks to ATVs.

During our testing, the robustness of the kit was evident, proving it can take on the challenges posed by nature and unforeseen events, much like the kits we discussed in our reviews of the MyMedic MyFAK and the MyMedic Sidekick Pro. And if you’re interested in vetting the best emergency preparation products, our bundle recommendations would be a valuable resource as well.

Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit Overview

When we talk about readiness for the outdoors or unexpected emergencies, the Surviveware kit stands out as a comprehensive solution. Packed with over 100 medical supplies and 9 essential survival tools, including a top-notch knife and a dynamo flashlight, it’s clear that this isn’t your average first aid kit. The thoughtful organization with labeled compartments ensures that, in a crisis, we can access what we need without any fumbling.

The durability of this kit is impressive, constructed from 600D Polyester that’s both water and rip-resistant, safeguarding the contents inside. We appreciate that it’s designed to endure the challenges of outdoor adventures, giving us peace of mind whether we’re camping, off-roading, or weathering severe natural events.

Its portability is enhanced by a detachable MOLLE system, which allows us to securely affix the kit to various gear or transport it comfortably due to its sturdy Velcro. Practicality is displayed in every aspect; D-rings provide additional attachment options, and the design reflects a deep understanding of the adventurers’ needs.

Having used this kit, the convenience of grabbing what one needs swiftly due to the organized design truly stands out. It even offers a sense of security, knowing that a well-contrived array of essentials is at arm’s reach. For those intent on preparedness, exploring more gear options is worthwhile; you can look into additional emergency preparation products or read up on alternatives like the MyMedic First Aid Kit. All in all, the Surviveware kit deserves a spot in our gear lineup.

Survival Essentials

Venturing out into the great outdoors recently, we couldn’t help but appreciate the practicality of the Surviveware First Aid Kit. Packed with over 100 first aid supplies and 9 noteworthy survival essentials, this kit left us feeling well-prepared for any unexpected turn of events. The inclusion of a premium knife, a multi-functional paracord bracelet, and an emergency flashlight came in handy during a recent camping trip where we faced some challenges as night fell.

The thoughtful design showcasing labeled compartments revolutionized the way we tackled emergencies, allowing us to find what we needed efficiently without the usual rummage. The materials used to craft this kit are a testimony to its durability—crafted from water-resistant and rip-resistant 600D Polyester, all pieces remained secure even when we encountered rough weather conditions.

We found the portable nature of the kit complemented by the MOLLE system particularly useful. It seamlessly attached to our gear, and the D-rings allowed for various mounting options. Although we hope never to encounter severe disasters, this kit’s design indicates it’s clearly built by experts well-versed in what’s needed for true preparedness. Whether for day-to-day readiness or as part of a specialized bug-out bag, we can attest to its reliability and comprehensive nature.

While the kit is robust, some may find it heavier than expected, and it’s worth considering the space it takes considering the generous 180 pieces included. However, for those who prioritize peace of mind, the Surviveware kit is a solid investment in safety.

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Labelled Compartments

In our experience with the Surviveware kit, the clear labeling of each compartment stood out as a practical feature. Typically, when you need supplies in an emergency, rooting around for the right item can waste precious time. This kit solves that issue with compartments marked for specific items, which we found incredibly helpful for quick access.

However, while the organization is a high point, users with additional items might struggle to find space. Though there’s a spot for everything provided, the compact nature means it isn’t designed for extensive customization. That said, the labelled sections made restocking used items a breeze, ensuring we stay prepared for our next outdoor adventure.

The idea is straightforward: know where your items are when you need them. On the downside, if you’re an enthusiast with more specialized gear or prefer to have more than the basics at hand, you might find the space slightly limiting. Despite this, for those who prioritize a balanced blend of essential first-aid components and swift accessibility, the labeled design of this kit certainly delivers.

Durability and Portability

In our hands-on experience with the Surviveware kit, we immediately noticed its robust construction. Crafted from 600D Polyester, it proved resistant to both water and rip, giving us confidence that it won’t easily deteriorate under harsh conditions. Even when exposed to elements during a sudden downpour on a hike, the internal supplies remained dry, thanks to the durable laminate pouches. It’s clear this kit is built to last.

A notable feature is its mobility; with the removable MOLLE system, the kit easily attaches to various gear. We found carrying it on a backpack effortless, added to which, when in use, the Velcro held its weight securely. It fits snugly in our car trunk and can be carried vertically without slippage, a relief when traversing uneven terrain. However, for those who prefer something lighter to carry for quick trips, you might find another kit more suitable.

Expert Design

We’ve had the chance to explore the Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit, and its design clearly shows a focus on practicality and durability for outdoor activities. The kit includes a well-selected variety of medical supplies and survival tools that aptly cater to emergencies. Unpacking it during a recent camping trip, we were impressed by the labeled compartments which made for quick and stress-free access; there’s no need to frantically search during a critical moment.

The rip-resistant 600D Polyester material gives a reassuring toughness to the kit, and despite a sudden downpour, everything inside remained dry thanks to the water-resistant quality. Moreover, the MOLLE compatibility is a brilliant touch – it allowed us to easily attach the kit to our gear, keeping it handy at all times.

What sets this kit apart is not just the careful curation of its contents by people who genuinely understand adventure needs, but also its portability. Strapped to a backpack or nestled in your car, its intelligent design shines through whether you’re dealing with minor cuts or gearing up against more severe elements. For anyone seeking an approach to emergency preparedness, the Surviveware kit competently balances the ease of use with the assurance of having essential tools within reach.

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Pros and Cons


After recently testing out the Surviveware kit on a weekend camping trip, we can confidently say it stands out in its category. There are several points that make this kit more than just a collection of medical supplies:

  • Organization: With labeled compartments, finding exactly what you need in a pinch is simple. No wasted time digging through to locate an item.
  • Quality of Tools: The inclusion of a premium knife and a multi-function paracord bracelet adds significant value, ensuring that the kit serves beyond basic first aid needs.
  • Durability: Its 600D Polyester construction renders the kit both water-resistant and rip-resistant – a true companion for the rugged outdoors.
  • Portability: We appreciate the removable MOLLE system, which gives the flexibility to attach the kit to various equipment, from backpacks to ATVs.
  • Designed for Real Scenarios: It’s palpable that this kit is designed by experienced adventurers. The thought given to the survival essentials offers peace of mind during emergency situations.

Overall, the level of preparedness this kit provides made us feel secure and well-equipped.


No product is without flaws, and through our experience, we’ve noted a couple of points worth considering:

  • Size and Weight: Despite its portability, the kit is on the bulkier side. It’s a trade-off for the comprehensive supplies, but if you’re looking to travel light, this could be a factor.
  • Price Point: The kit comes with a higher price tag compared to basic first aid kits on the market. However, considering the quality and additional survival tools, it’s an investment in safety and reliability.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a reliable and robust survival first aid kit, the Surviveware kit is a strong contender, particularly if you value organization and comprehensive coverage over compactness and budget. Whether for camping, hiking, or emergency preparedness, it’s a versatile addition to your gear.

Customer Reviews

Our experience with the Surviveware Survival First Aid Kit reflects the high praise it receives from numerous users. At a stellar 4.8-star rating across over 2,000 reviews, it’s clear we’re not alone in our trust of this kit for emergency preparedness. Buyers consistently mention the kit’s thoughtful organization and the clear labeling of compartments, which certainly acts as a time-saver during stressful situations. The durability and the convenience of the MOLLE system for attaching to other gear also come up often in discussions—a boon for outdoor enthusiasts like us.

However, no product is without critique. Some users have pointed out that while the spread of medical supplies is comprehensive, there may be moments when it doesn’t cater to every possible emergency scenario—something to consider for those looking to be prepared for any incident.

For individuals assembling a safety arsenal, this kit adds formidable value. It fits seamlessly into a preparedness strategy alongside other essentials, a topic we cover extensively in our best emergency preparation products guide.

Final Thoughts

Throughout our usage of the Surviveware kit, we’ve been impressed by its comprehensive nature and smart organization. The emergency preparedness it offers is superior to many other kits we’ve tried, ideal for various scenarios from home safety to outdoor adventures. We appreciated the labeled compartments, which made it easy for us to locate items quickly during stress-filled moments. Its durability and thoughtful inclusion of a MOLLE system enhance its versatility, making it a reliable companion for any preparedness situation.

However, we must mention that a kit like this might be a bit more comprehensive than what a casual user might need. It’s a substantial investment, but for those who take emergency preparedness seriously, it’s a worthwhile one.

For further insights into emergency kits, consider taking a look at our review of MyMedic’s MyFAK kit, which may serve as a comparison. If you seek a more compact option, our findings regarding MyMedic’s Sidekick Pro are worth reading.

Overall, for those committed to safety and preparedness, this Surviveware kit stands out for its quality and organization, demonstrating its value in our hands-on experience. We view it as an asset for any emergency kit collection.