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Top 3 Use Cases for a Video Doorbell

Is it children selling cheese and sausage or Girl Scout cookies? Is your neighbor looking for a cup of sugar? It’s not always necessary to see who’s at the front door, even with a smart doorbell camera.

So what’s the use of a video doorbell camera? Doorbell cameras monitor the activity happening outside your front doors and start recording a video when they detect motion or when the doorbell is pressed. They offer app notifications so we can check on our visitors wherever we are, even if we’re away from home. Sometimes, we can even respond via a two-way speaker with whoever’s at the door.

As we utilize our porches for more enticing deliveries and live with more crime in our neighborhoods, video doorbell cams have become a must-have

Considering a doorbell camera? In this article, we’re looking at:

  • Best use cases where a video doorbell camera comes in handy
  • Some of Batten’s top video doorbell camera picks  

Three Video Doorbell Use Cases

📦 Prevent Package Theft 

While 23% of us have had a package stolen, 60% of Americans know someone who has. That makes the issue hit home. And in the shadow of COVID-19, many more of us started shopping online and taking advantage of home delivery. More Americans are buying online than ever before, and many aren’t going back to doing all their shopping in stores. 

That means the opportunity for package thieves is also high. A simple doorbell camera like Kangaroo is one way you’ll know to retrieve important packages before they can be stolen. We’ve also compiled some other ways to protect your packages.

Kangaroo Doorbell Camera
Kangaroo Doorbell Camera
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👀 Keep an Eye On Any Visitors That Come While You’re Not Home

From the tree-trimmer that checks on you every fall to the possible (friend? prankster?) who left that mysterious bundt cake, you’ll be able to see who came to your door while you were away through the live feed on your app. You’ll be able to make that appointment for tree work you’d forgotten about and properly thank your aunt for the cake. 

Keep an eye on:

  • When your children come and go
  • Uber Eats dropping off your food delivery 
  • Whether you’ve missed the plumber as you race home to meet them
  • Who’s there right now since you’re upstairs feeding the baby

If you’re busy or away from home, use the speaker to talk to your visitors. You can tell friends when to check back. Some video doorbell owners have even used the speaker to chat with police after their cameras have caught package thieves!

🎥 Act as a Simple Security Camera

A video doorbell acts as a supplement to your home security system, giving you more insight into the perimeter of your home. It can’t replace a security system, but it can offer you more peace of mind for the front of your home. Is someone in the front yard right now? Has someone been returning repeatedly while you’re at work?

You’ll also want to look at the differences between smart doorbell cameras from a security perspective, as not all models offer the same features:

Arlo: Wireless HD Video Doorbell
Arlo: Wireless HD Video Doorbell
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Eufy: Wireless 2k Video Doorbell
Eufy: Wireless 2k Video Doorbell
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Conclusion: There are Several Uses for a Video Doorbell

Installing a video doorbell gives you peace of mind in multiple situations. If these cases ring true, a smart video doorbell may be the ticket to getting the insight and security you need around your home. Visit the Batten Marketplace for top video doorbell camera picks.