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How to Use Two-Factor Authentication To Protect Yourself Online

You probably already know that a strong password is the first step you can take for more protection online. A strong password is a simple change that can make a big difference. But you can take that protection one step further by using two-factor authentication in your other cybersecurity solutions logins

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires two methods to verify your identity when signing into an account. It’s just one type of multi-factor authentication (MFA), which can require even more steps to access an account. 

Two-factor identification typically uses the usual method for account access, a username, and a password. Once those have been provided, another method is required, like receiving a text. 

While receiving a text is a common way to utilize two-factor authentication, it’s not one we recommend because of SIM-swap fraud. The best and most secure secondary method is a smartphone app to approve any sign-in requests. 

In general, people keep more and more sensitive information in accounts so keeping those accounts secure is more important than ever. 2FA, especially when an app is used, maintains an extra line of defense for your information. 

Do I Really Need 2FA?

You only need to start using two-factor identification if you want to decrease the risk of unauthorized access to your accounts. And everyone should want to decrease that risk. 2FA protects you from password brute-force attacks and phishing and keeps your account secure even if your credentials have been stolen.

Companies and individuals alike have started to integrate 2FA into their systems. Unsecured data is at risk of being accessed by fraudsters and scammers. Even password databases are at risk of being compromised, but 2FA protects your data even if that happens. 

Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication

  • Extra steps to verify identity equals a decreased risk of unauthorized access. Many hackers are looking for an easy win, so don’t give them one!
  • Simplify resetting your password. You should reset your password regularly, and using 2FA makes the process faster and easier. 
  • More secure data. The more secure your data is, the more secure you are. Two-factor identification is easy to set up, and simple to use, but it makes a big difference in your online security. 

Best 2FA Apps on the Market

You should be using a two-factor verification method for all your accounts. Using an app is a more secure and effective way than just a text. We’ve identified the best 2FA apps on the market for you to choose from.


  • Works on iOS and Android devices
  • Includes a free model as well as options to upgrade as needs change
  • Paid versions include monitoring and insights into mobile device security levels

What Makes Duo Stand Out

Duo is a great introductory two-factor authentication app. You have the option to try it out for free, and then upgrade later. 

Who is Duo Best For

Duo is the best 2FA for beginners to multi-factor authentication. If you want to start securing your logins but aren’t ready to make a financial investment, Duo is perfect. 

Google Authenticator 

  • Free to use
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
  • Provides extra layer of security specifically for Google accounts

What Makes it Stand Out

Google accounts get an extra boost in their overall security with Google Authenticator. 

Who is Google Authenticator Best For

If you primarily use Google accounts and applications, Google Authenticator is a great choice. 

Dashlane Password Manager

  • App and desktop extension available
  • Creates one strong password for all of your accounts in addition to 2FA security
  • Local only encryption. Data is encrypted on your device, so data is hidden even from Dashlane

Who is Dashlane Best For

Dashlane is the best choice for anyone looking for simplicity above all else in their cybersecurity. 


  • Free mobile app
  • Multi-device support
  • Secure cloud backup

What Makes Authy Stand Out

The free mobile app and cloud backup make Authy a uniquely good choice for 2FA. 

Who is Authy Best For

Authy is the ideal choice for someone looking for multi-factor authentication across multiple devices. 

Level Up Your Data Protection with 2FA

Keep attackers at bay by adding a 2FA system to your cybersecurity toolkit. Two-factor authentication is becoming more and more common, as we all want to make it harder for scammers to get into our online accounts. 

Prove you’re really you with a two-factor verification app and keep your identity secure. Listen to the full episode of Batten Down Dialogues to learn more about two-factor authentication, how companies are using it, and how you can use one to protect your data.