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What Kind Of Home Security Monitoring Is Right For You

The alarm industry has evolved significantly over time and consumers have more optionality in regard to the level of monitoring. The hard part is figuring out what is best for your unique situation.

We broke down each type of monitoring and when they each make the most sense:

  • Self Monitoring: Individuals are responsible for taking action and monitoring the security system, no tie-in to local authorities.
    1. Ideal for people that want total control of their security
    2. Works well for situations when the home is typically occupied
  • On-Demand Monitoring: The ability to self-monitor or have the system professional monitored.
    1. Best for people that are seeking flexibility and the “best of both worlds”
    2. Great for individuals who occasionally travel and want the extra layer of protection while on the road
  • Professional Monitoring: Fully-monitored 24/7 system that is directly tied to local authorities for threat response.
    1. The gold standard of monitoring is if a threat is detected the local police will be at your home in short order
    2. Ideal for people that want high touch high coverage security

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