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What is LegalShield: Affordable Legal Help Plans for All Your Needs


Finding a good lawyer is perhaps one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do. This is especially the case if you need one on short notice. Most people spend months or even years finding the right lawyer, but many of us just don’t have that kind of time to address pressing legal issues.

This is where LegalShield comes in, a prepaid legal service designed for people who need legal counsel and other tailored legal services in one convenient place.

For a small monthly fee, you’ll have 24/7 immediate access to the country’s best legal minds. Today, we’re doing an in-depth LegalShield prepaid legal services review to determine whether or not it’s the right option for you. So, what is LegalShield?

Key Takeaways

  • LegalShield offers prepaid legal services for both businesses and individuals.
  • All members have access to a large network of dedicated lawyers for representation and legal advice.
  • LegalShield plans are affordable and provide customers with coverage for various legal issues.
  • There are many positive customer reviews that highlight the convenience, efficiency, and efficacy of LegalShield services.
  • Comparisons with various other legal services illustrate how LegalShield is simply one of the best in its class.


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Introduction to LegalShield

Details of LegalShield
Service Overview LegalShield offers prepaid legal services for individuals, families, and businesses.
Key Services Access to a network of lawyers, legal advice, representation, and various legal services.
Plans Available Personal Legal Plan, Small Business Legal Plans (Essentials, Plus, Pro), Commercial Driver’s Legal Plan.
Personal Legal Plan Starts at $29.95/month. Includes speeding ticket assistance, unlimited consulting, will preparation, trial defense, and more.
Small Business Legal Plans Three tiers offering various levels of service starting from $49/month. Includes consultations, document reviews, and trial defense hours.
Commercial Driver’s Legal Plan $32.95/month. Covers issues like traffic accident representation, moving violation defense, and collecting property damage claims.
Unique Features Affordable plans, comprehensive coverage, and a wide range of legal services.
Company Background Founded as Sportsman’s Motor Club in 1972, evolved into Pre-Paid Legal Services, and rebranded as LegalShield in 2011.
Customer Reviews Generally positive, highlighting the convenience, efficiency, and comprehensive coverage of LegalShield services.
Comparison with Others Offers more affordable and diverse services compared to competitors like LegalZoom, IncFile, and UpCounsel.


What is LegalShield?

LegalShield is a prepaid legal service. This means it’s a service that provides access to lawyers and legal counsel in exchange for a small fee. In the case of LegalShield, there are various types of coverage and plans available for both individuals and businesses.

The coverage offered by LegalShield is diverse and ideal for a wide range of legal needs, and all of the plans are priced extremely affordably. In fact, the plans from LegalShield are generally more affordable than virtually all other prepaid legal services out there.

For as low as $29.95, you have instant access to lawyers and legal counsel for any legal issue that may arise.

Instead of having to go online and spend countless hours searching for a lawyer who might not be able to help you in your situation, all you have to do is log into your LegalShield account and use the dedicated platform to find a lawyer or get advice that could address your legal concerns within minutes.

The prepaid legal service plans offered by LegalShield are provided by nearly 7,000 independent attorneys across both Canada and the USA.


LegalShield Prepaid Legal Plans & Legal Services

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History and Background of LegalShield

LegalShield was founded as the Sportsman’s Motor Club in 1972, which was then incorporated as “Pre-Paid Legal Services,” with its first public offering in 1984.

MidOcean Partners purchased “Pre-Paid Legal Services” in 2011, at which point it was renamed LegalShield, taken off of the New York Stock Exchange, and turned back into a private company.

Understanding LegalShield Services

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what LegalShield does and what kind of coverage and plans it offers.

Legal Services Provided by LegalShield

Individual and Family Legal Services: LegalShield provides a number of services designed for families and individuals. Just some of the services available for individual needs include the following:

    • Estate planning
    • Family law
    • Trial defense
    • Traffic tickets
    • IRS audits
    • Renters
    • Residential loan services
    • Landlords
    • And additional benefits


Small Business Legal Services: LegalShield also provides several legal services to small businesses, including the following:

    • Debt collection
    • Civil litigation
    • Intellectual property
    • Contracts and agreements
    • Employment issues


Starting a Business Legal Services: LegalShield also provides services for businesses that are just starting out and require legal assistance. Services provided include the following:

    • Choosing the structure of the business
    • Checking for the availability of business names
    • Getting permits and business licenses
    • Creating and filing articles of organization


Additional LegalShield Services: There are also some other LegalShield services provided, including the following:

    • Home business supplement
    • Trial defense supplement
    • Gun owners supplement
    • Rideshare and delivery supplement
    • Trial defense business supplement
    • Business plus supplement


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LegalShield Coverage and Plans

Now that we know what types of services LegalShield offers, let’s take a closer look at their plans and the coverage that comes with them.

The Personal Legal Plan

The personal legal plan starts at just $29.95 per month, and this is designed for families and individuals who need legal advice. The personal legal plan includes the following benefits:.

  • Speeding ticket assistance
  • Unlimited consulting
  • Will preparation
  • Living will preparation
  • Unlimited contract reviews of up to 15 pages each
  • Uncontested adoption representation
  • Durable power of attorney preparation
  • Uncontested divorce or separation representation
  • Trial defense in civil lawsuits
  • Uncontested name change assistance
  • IRS audit services
  • Consumer law matter protection
  • Residential loan document assistance.

There are also several add-ons that you can purchase along with the personal legal plan, including a home business supplement, a trial defense supplement, a gun owner supplement, and a rideshare and delivery driver supplement.

Each of these supplements provides additional legal services for the category as indicated.

In terms of costs, keep in mind that in Massachusetts, the price is $24.95 per month. In general, any of those add-ons or supplements start at $14.95 per month.

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Small Business Legal Plans

There are three different legal plans available for small businesses. These include Small Business Legal Essentials, Small Business Legal Plus, and Small Business Legal Pro.

 Small Business Legal Essentials: $49/Month
  • Unlimited phone consultations (one hour of legal work)
  • Three half-hour phone consultations per year on special legal issues
  • Up to 10 letters or calls per year, or up to six in a single month
  • Up to 10 documents reviewed in a year, as long as they are under 15 pages, and up to six in one month.
  • Up to five debt collection letters in a month
  • Up to two designated users.
  • 25% off attorneys hourly rate for any additional work.


Small Business Legal Plus: $99/Month
  • Unlimited phone consultations (one hour of legal work)
  • Five half-hour phone consultations per year on special legal issues
  • Up to 20 letters or calls per year, or up to six in a single month
  • Up to 20 documents reviewed in a year, as long as they are under 20 pages, and up to six in one month.
  • Up to 10 debt collection letters in a month
  • Up to three designated users.
  • 25% off attorneys hourly rate for any additional work.
  • 15 hours of pre-trial work and up to 75 total trial defense hours per year.


Small Business Legal Pro: $169/Month
  • Unlimited phone consultations (one hour of legal work)
  • Five half-hour phone consultations per year on special legal issues
  • Up to 40 letters or calls per year, or up to six in a single month
  • Up to 20 documents reviewed in a year, as long as they are under 20 pages, and up to six in one month.
  • Up to 15 debt collection letters in a month
  • Up to five designated users.
  • 25% off attorneys hourly rate for any additional work.
  • 25 hours of pre-trial work and up to 75 total trial defense hours per year.


Commercial Driver’s Legal Plan: $32.95/Month
  • Assistance with loss of driving privileges and licensing
  • Traffic accident representation
  • Moving violation defense
  • Spousal coverage
  • Nonmoving violations and Department of Transportation violations
  • Collecting property damage and injury claims

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How to Use LegalShield Services

Using LegalShield is easy. Once you’ve signed up for your LegalShield plan, you’ll get a welcome e-mail. This welcome e-mail comes complete with instructions where you’ll find out how to log in to your account which can be found at

You can also download the LegalShield mobile app. It is also possible to call LegalShield and sign up for a plan by calling 1-855-254-5852. If you have specific questions about your legal needs, your best bet is to simply call LegalShield to ask about which plan is right for you.

Be aware that according to the type of coverage and plan you have, the phone number you’ll have to call may be different.


Here’s an in-depth video explanation of how to use LegalShield


LegalShield Reviews and Testimonials

Now, let’s take a look at a few different customer experiences with LegalShield.

Customer Experiences

LegalShield customer reviews such as the following can provide us with great insights. Check out this video of LegalShield testimonials from satisfied customers

Paul from Sacramento says:

“I’ve had the LegalShield membership since 1998. It helps me make better wiser decisions when it comes to my family and Home-based business.I’ve saved thousands in consulting, document reviews, and letters made on my behalf.

When the ID THEFT Service came on board, we’ve had several breaches and peace of mind that they would handle it for us.

What we love most is that sometimes the law is not on our side, and that’s okay; we didn’t have to pay $250 an hour to get the same answer.”

Patrick from Leavenworth says:

“I can’t speak highly enough about my experiences with Legal Shield.

1) I had a Home Warranty issue, and the company did not want to reimburse me for repairs they authorized. I contacted my lawyers, they wrote a letter, and within 30 days I had my refund.
2) I had a Tenant issue that failed to follow the court order to reimburse me fees. Unfortunately, the Tenants moved states. Legal Shield referred me to a lawyer in the other state. The situation would have cost me additional fees, to enforce the court order, so it wasn’t cost-effective, but the two law firms were great.
3) My lawyers have given me great advice for my business.

They have reviewed contracts with other companies and even corrected some documents from the other company.Oh, don’t forget about writing your last will and testament, at NO ADDITIONAL COST.”

Andrea from Fairfield says:

I’ve sincerely had the best experience with LegalShield. I was connected with the most caring lawyers that really helped my family and I.

This really gives me a peace and protection to know that I get the help that I need by just the press of an app/button.They’re also just a phone call away!

This is worth having for such a small amount monthly for my personal and business needs. Thanks LegalShield for making this available!!”

These are just three out of hundreds and hundreds of positive reviews that people have left about LegalShield. It’s quite clear that people are exceedingly happy with this service. But also check out this video testimonial below, from real customers.


Comparing LegalShield with Other Legal Services

Of course, LegalShield is not the only prepaid legal service out there, so let’s take a quick look at some of the others and how they compare.

LegalShield vs LegalZoom

One competitor in the industry is LegalZoom, which also provides you with access to lawyers online.

Although this is a good option for those who are starting or running a small business, or looking for tax advice, it’s not ideal for personal protection.

LegalShield has far better options as far as personal protection is concerned, especially for people starting a home business.

Furthermore, LegalZoom is also the more expensive option, and instead of customers paying for monthly plans, payment is on a per-service basis.

Although paying on a per-service basis may be more affordable for single legal issues, it could be more expensive over the long term.

LegalShield vs IncFile

IncFile is a great prepaid legal service to go with if you are managing and forming a business. It even allows you to register a business for free.

The issue with this service is, unlike LegalShield which provides a multitude of legal services, IncFile focuses heavily on business formation.

However, if you are looking to form a business, the most affordable option from IncFile is more affordable.

LegalShield vs UpCounsel

UpCounsel is yet another competitor in this field, although it works in a very different way.

Here, instead of paying a monthly membership fee, there is a platform where you post legal jobs and issues, get proposals from lawyers, and then hire a lawyer of your choosing.

There aren’t any set fees and negotiations with lawyers are necessary. This means that this service could get quite expensive, although the lawyers tend to be good.

For instance, with UpCounsel, you can expect to pay up to $350 and upwards per hour depending on the service. It’s an ideal service if you need help with very specific legal issues.

LegalShield vs. Traditional Legal Services

What it comes down to is cost and convenience. With a traditional legal service, you’ll pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for every hour that you employ legal services.

For the average individual or business owner, it can be difficult to find legal assistance that they can afford.

Furthermore, with traditional legal services, you’re left searching for a lawyer on your own, and if you don’t know what to look for, you might not find the one that’s right for you.

With LegalShield, you’ll always be paired with the best possible lawyer for your situation.

LegalShield vs. Other Prepaid Legal Services

As far as comparing LegalShield with the competition is concerned, this table illustrates the main differences between them.

Service LegalShield IncFile UpCounsel LegalZoom
Pricing Subscription model, from $24.95/month Free business formation, other services priced individually No standard pricing, rates depend on attorney Varies, offers one-time and subscription plans
Plans Personal, Business, specialized plans (e.g., for small businesses, commercial drivers) Business formation, additional features at higher tiers, compliance services Project-based engagement, custom legal service quotes Wide range, for personal and business needs, pre-paid plans and individual services
Services Legal consultation, document review, representation, letters/phone calls Business formation (LLC, S-Corp, etc.), compliance, business-related services Wide range of business legal services, access to experienced attorneys Legal forms/documents, attorney advice, business formation/compliance, IP services


The services offered by LegalShield are diverse and able to cover a wide range of legal needs for individuals, families, and businesses alike.

When compared to other notable prepaid legal services, LegalShield offers affordable monthly plans that don’t cost potentially hundreds of dollars per hour.

For a low monthly fee, clients get access to the country’s best legal services in a timely manner, so that legal issues can be resolved promptly, efficiently, and affordably.

LegalShield Business Plans Coverage & Pricing

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Conclusion: Is LegalShield Right for You?

The bottom line is that LegalShield is a fantastic service to consider if you need immediate access to legal help and consultations whenever a situation arises. Whether you’re an individual or a small business, LegalShield has affordable plans designed just for you.

What is LegalShield: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s quickly answer some of the frequently asked questions about LegalShield.

How Does LegalShield Work?

LegalShield works through a paid membership system. Depending on the plan you have, you pay a monthly fee, and in exchange, receive access to legal advice and representation.

What Services are Included in LegalShield Plans?

LegalShield plans typically include consultations, document reviews, legal representation, and more, depending on the level of coverage.

They generally include virtually every type of lawyer service you could imagine, from phone consultations and reviewing letters to reviewing documents, dealing with tax issues, personal property issues, debt issues, and so much more.

Does LegalShield Cover Canada?

Yes, LegalShield also covers Canada.

What is PPL Legal Care?

PPL stands for pre-paid legal services.

What is LegalShield All About?

The main premise of LegalShield is to provide legal counsel services based on a monthly membership plan.

What is IDShield and LegalShield?

IDShield is a service offered by LegalShield that aims to keep identities protected.

What is LegalShield Good for?

LegalShield is great for individuals and businesses alike who need immediate access to legal counsel without having to pay exorbitant fees.

Looking for identity theft protection? Check out this review of the best identity theft options.

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