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Wyze Mesh Router Review

We rely on the internet for a lot in our lives, and we use it for everything from work to communication and entertainment. Getting good access to those sweet internet signals can be a hassle with the wrong equipment, so it’s important to make sure you have the correct hardware.

In this review, we will be looking at the Wyze Mesh router; a router that allows you to have strong internet access even throughout larger homes and properties. We will look at everything you need to know and will help you decide whether this is the right router for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Mesh routers can help to maintain connection and speed in larger areas and properties.
  • Wyze aims to make high-quality connectivity tech that is still accessible to everyday people.
  • We will provide an overview of the specifications, benefits, drawbacks, and other interesting points to know about this router.
  • The mesh router Pro model features faster speeds and wider coverage at a slightly higher price.

Overview of Wyze Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

Throughout this review, we will be taking a look primarily at the Wyze Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router. This high-speed router can be expanded with other points to spread a stronger signal throughout multiple rooms and sections of a building.

Wyze Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router - 1 Pack

$93.99  in stock
as of October 16, 2023 5:17 pm

Wyze Mesh Router makes every room the fastest room in your house. Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology,with 50+ devices and 1500 square feet per router for customizable coverage that puts dead spots in their graves.Simple setup, wired backhaul, top-of-the-line...

As we move through this review, we will be taking a closer look at the specifics and smaller details you need to be aware of.

Wyze has also created this quick and informative video overview on their mesh routers that is well worth a watch.

Importance of Having a Mesh Router for Improved Connectivity and Security

If you have a smaller area in which a router will be needed, then a regular one should be fine. A smaller space means that the signal needs to cover a smaller area, but what about larger spaces with more people needing access?

Mesh routers will have a central router, and then various other routers and devices can be placed around the property in order to distribute the signal. This results in higher speeds and increased connectivity, even over a wider area.

This can make internet access faster, more reliable, and even safer for a larger group of people. In the past, we have looked at the best routers for small businesses, and mesh routers are great for this purpose as they can cover a whole work area.

Wyze Mesh Router Review

About the Wyze Brand

Wyze was founded by several ex-Amazon employees. The founders saw potential in smart home products that they felt weren’t being met. Since they founded the company they’ve aimed to make quality products that are easier for everyday people to adopt. In that time, their products have gained a positive reputation for high levels of quality and convenience.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Wifi
    The router features up to 3Gbps speeds, and this can be over up to 50 devices for ultimate convenience.
  • Fewer Dead Spots and Buffering
    One of the main benefits of mesh routers is that the signal is distributed reliably over a larger area, and this means that dead spots and outages will be a lot less common.
  • Wyze App Control Center
    The app can be controlled and managed via the Wyze app, making it easier and more convenient to operate and monitor your connection.
  • Top Security
    Security is handled by Firedome, a strong security software that protects you against various malicious internet threats.
  • Easy Setup
    The router and network have been designed to be easy to set up and use, eliminating much of the hassle.


The design of the router is sleek and attractive with a white color scheme. The look of the router makes it fit into the decor without drawing much attention to itself. If you want to extend the mesh network, you can get bundles with more than one router, and each one shares the same design.

The ports, inputs, and other features are easily accessible and convenient as well.

Ease of Use

One of the key aspects Wyze seems to prioritize is that its products should be easy and convenient to use. This is the case with the Wyze mesh router, as it is easy to set up and get started. Additionally, you have a lot more control if you decide to connect it to the Wyze mobile app.

Overall, we really appreciate the effort that was put into making this router so easy and convenient to use.

Security Benefits

As we touched on earlier, the router utilizes strong security to keep your connection and everyone using it safer and more secure. This comes in the form of Firedome, and advanced security software that helps to keep your router safe from threats. This will be spread across the entire mesh network as well.

This way, your connection can not only cover a wider area but will remain secure across that wider area.

If you’re interested in making your connection more secure in general, we have a guide on how to make your Wi-Fi hack-proof that you can read.

Of course, even with the best security features, there are steps you can take to make yourself even more secure, such as using a VPN. we have a handy guide on how to get started with VPNs you can check out if you would like more info on the subject.

Tech Specs

The product page has a very detailed look at all of the technical specifications of the router. However, we would like to go over some of the most important specs here. First of all, each router can cover an area of up to 1,500 square feet.

Wyze Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router - 1 Pack

$93.99  in stock
as of October 16, 2023 5:17 pm

Wyze Mesh Router makes every room the fastest room in your house. Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology,with 50+ devices and 1500 square feet per router for customizable coverage that puts dead spots in their graves.Simple setup, wired backhaul, top-of-the-line...

Dual-band features provide access to both 2.4ghz and 5ghz connections. Additionally, it can support up to 50 devices, so even families that love their tech will have all of their devices supported without slowdowns.

Customer Service

The support page on the Wyze website gives you several different methods for contacting them if you run into any issues. These include a web chat feature, although this is only available at certain times on certain days.

Additionally, you can phone them directly or open up a support ticket. This is a good selection of customer support options, which is always good to see in case there are any unforeseen issues or problems.

Smart Home and App Integrations

When it comes to smart home integrations, the Wyze routers don’t seem to be designed to integrate into other smart home devices and instead seem designed to function as their own smart home base.

However, services like Alexa and Google Assistant can certainly operate on the network and will be supported. Additionally, the Wyze routers can be connected to the proprietary Wyze app in order to manage settings and features easily and conveniently.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast internet speeds
  • A large area of coverage
  • Easy to set up
  • Safe and secure across the network
  • Easy to control over the app


  • You need to have enough outlets and space for multiple routers

How to Set Up Wyze Mesh Router

Setting up your new Wyze Mesh router is simple and straightforward. Wyze created an informative and humorous video overview of the setup process that you can check out to not only get a better idea of the setup process but for how mesh networks work.

To very briefly summarize it, you will need an active internet connection and a smartphone connected to the internet. Then, it’s a matter of placing your routers around the house, downloading the app, and setting everything up from there.

Then the app will be used for the rest of the process, and you will be guided throughout it all. The video we linked also gives some good tips for how to place your routers.

Some of these tips include placing the routers irregularly throughout the house to cover a wider area as well as placing them on flat, non-material surfaces. We highly recommend checking out the video for more information.

Wyze Wi-Fi 6e Mesh Router Pro Model Comparison

When choosing your Wyze Mesh router, you will also have the option of a Wyze Pro Mesh Router. This has many similar features to the regular model, but it does have a few improvements.

Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro - 2 Pack

$283.99  in stock
as of October 16, 2023 5:17 pm

Wyze Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Pro delivers top-of-the-line features and components with class-leading performance.Internet speeds up to 2.5 Gbps with the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, and access to the new, uncongested 6 GHz band.75+ devices and 2000 square feet per router for customizable coverage...

It should be noted that the two models are not compatible with one another. So, you can’t have 3 regular ones and one Pro router and expect them to form the mesh network. They either need to be all regular or all Pro models.

The main difference is that the Pro model is a bit stronger. Firstly, you can connect up to 75 devices to the Pro model, as opposed to 50 for the regular one.

It also covers a wider area of 2,000 square feet instead of 1500. This would be a good option for anyone with a medium-sized home that is not quite big enough to need multiple regular routers, as one of these could possibly do the job.

Wyze Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router Verdict

Overall, mesh technology has certainly become an attractive concept to anyone who has a house filled with devices that need a connection. It can also be good for office spaces and businesses, as it provides a way to broaden the area of connectivity with pretty much no downsides.

We feel that the Wyze Wi-Fi 6 Mesh router, in both the standard and Pro forms, is an excellent choice to get the most out of your internet connection. It’s made by a company that has an eye for convenience and rich feature sets, making them easy to recommend.

If you would like to see more options for home routers, check out this guide on the best secure wireless routers for home use.

Conclusion and Where to Buy

We hope that this review was very helpful in showing you what you can expect from the Wyze mesh routers on display. As we have seen in this overview, they’re easy to recommend to anyone wanting to expand their network and maintain speeds.

If you would like to purchase routers for yourself, you can find the regular model on this product page. Alternatively, you can find the more powerful Pro model on this page.

In both cases, you can buy them individually or in bundles to get your mesh network started. Remember that they will not pair with each other, so you will need to commit to either the regular or Pro model.

Either way, we’re confident you will be happy with the features and the connectivity each brings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mesh Router?

A mesh router uses multiple devices to create a ‘mesh’ of connectivity by spreading the coverage over a wider area.

Do I Need a Mesh Router?

Smaller homes or areas will probably not need a mesh router, but they’re always recommended regardless, especially for larger areas.

Is a Mesh Router Better?

In many cases, a mesh router is certainly a better option, especially when it comes to creating a wider net of connectivity.

Can I Use a Mesh System with my Existing Router?

You should be able to use a mesh system with your existing router, but it’s better to completely upgrade to mesh routers to get all the benefits it entails.